Mumford & Sons never fly with British Airways or Virgin airlines as they serve peanuts on board.

'The Cave' band refuse to fly with either airline due to band member, Ben Lovett's extreme peanut allergy.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Mumford & Sons aren't big on demands. They have the most basic rider and never get funny about what hotel they are staying in.

''But they've become really particular about flying because of Ben's allergy. The last thing they want is for him to go into anaphylactic shock while flying. And they're in the position now where they can be picky.''

Both British Airways and Virgin say they don't operate peanut free flights as they cannot guarantee passengers will not bring them on board themselves, and don't feel they should ban them on account of allergy sufferers

Mumford & Sons - which also includes Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane - are jetting off to the US this week to continue their tour in support of second album 'Babel' and will be flying with United Airlines as they have a no peanut policy.