Mumford & Sons feel ''pressure'' to deliver a good performance at Glastonbury.

The 'I Will Wait' band are set to headline at the festival in Somerset, south west England - which runs from June 26 to 30 - and feel a weight on their shoulders knowing their headlining slot is the night after music legends The Rolling Stones take to the stage.

Talking to Absolute Radio's Pete Donaldson, frontman Marcus Mumford said: ''Glastonbury is this big old juggernaut and its legacy is huge. We're playing the night after the Stones and of course it comes with a different kind of pressure.

''One that we're up for I think, otherwise we wouldn't have said yes. It's such a big deal for any English band, it is just kind of the biggest deal.''

The band - also including Ben Lovett, 'Country' Winston Marshall and Ted Dwayne - also have the biggest show of their careers so far at London's Queen Elizabeth Park on July 6 and are happy to be back home in the UK after breaking America.

Marcus added: ''It's funny being a musician, because if you're not doing gigs then you're generally sitting at home and none of us are really sit at home kind of people, so we're quite enjoying busying ourselves this summer.

''We wanted to focus on England a bit more, we'd been in America a lot the last year or two. The summer's all about the UK, so we're really excited.''

Highlights of the Mumford & Sons session and interview can be heard on Thursday 25th April from 9pm on Absolute Radio.