Mulberry are determined to find the ''right person'' to appoint as their new Creative Director.

Chairman and acting CEO Godfrey Davis of the luxury fashion brand is finding someone to replace Emma Hill following her departure a year ago and insists they're taking their time since they want the perfect candidate.

Talking to, he said: ''It's an important role and the board is aware that people are frustrated that it is taking time, but we are determined to find the right person. In the mean time we have a strong creative team here doing a great job.''

Although Godfrey - who is credited with helping rejuvenate the company in 2002 - is pleased with current position with the company he hinted it's not a long term option.

He said: ''The board and I are happy with me in the position of ceo for the time being.

''I obviously have the experience but I'm not here forever. Ultimately our choice of ceo will be informed by our choice of creative director, which is what the board is focused on primarily.''