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Calvin Harris Among Performers At Mtv's Ema Awards Next Month

By Ed Biggs | 17th October 2014

Globe-conquering DJ Calvin Harris is among the host of stars booked to play MTV’s Europe Music Awards ceremony in Glasgow next month. It’s set to be something of a homecoming for the 30 year old...

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Nicki Minaj Announced As Host For 2014 Mtv Europe Music Awards In Glasgow

By Stephanie Chase | 30th September 2014

Fresh off hitting the UK number one spot this past weekend, Nicki Minaj has been unveiled as the host for this year’s MTV Europe Music Awards. The ceremony, which will take place in Glasgow on...

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The Mtv Video Music Awards Line-up Has Been Announced

By Stephen Caswell | 21st August 2014

The line-up for MTV's VMAs has been announced, and now it's time to take bets as to whether this year will serve as any less controversial than last year, following the infamous 'Miley-gate' incident. The...

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Childish Gambino Plays Coolest Set Of The Year At Mtvu Woodie Awards 2014

By Michael West | 17th March 2014

Childish Gambino took to the stage at the mtvU Woodie Awards on Sunday night, singing the hook to his song '3005' while surrounding by color-shifting Christmas lights. Childish Gambino Performed at the Woodies"Girl why is...

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Miley Cyrus Goes 'Unplugged' For Mtv (And 5 Other Memorable Performances)

By Stephanie Chase | 30th January 2014

Last night, Miley Cyrus took to the stage for her MTV Unplugged performance featuring Madonna, a pantomime horse, plenty of sequins and of course, twerking. Miley told the audience she wanted to 'bring Nashville here...

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Miley Cyrus Intended To "Make History" At Vmas

By Elinor Cosgrave | 3rd September 2013

Miley Cyrus offered her opinion on her performance and the reaction to her twerking at the MTV VMAs on Sunday 25th August. In an interview with MTV, the 20-year-old singer claimed anyone who's anyone has...

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Gia Allemand's Funeral Will Mark Third Memorial To 'The Bachelor' Contestant

By Elinor Cosgrave | 22nd August 2013

Gia Allemand's funeral will be held today (22nd August) in the midst of the investigation into her death. It will be the third memorial service for the late reality television contestant, this week.Gia Allemand in...

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Gia Allemand's Mother Will Speak At Daughter's Funeral On Thursday

By Elinor Cosgrave | 19th August 2013

Everyone seems to have something to say on the death of Gia Allemand. Her mother has issued a statement warning against false sources, whilst The Bachelor's representatives have claimed that support is in place for...

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Gia Allemand's Friends Suggest Depression And Relationship Worries Led To Suicide

By Elinor Cosgrave | 16th August 2013

Gia Allemand's friends have come forward to tell a New York newspaper The Bachelor star suffered from depression and was concerned at the state of her relationship with her boyfriend Ryan Anderson.Gia Allemand at a...

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Gia Allemand, Former 'The Bachelor' Contestant, Dies In Hospital Aged 29

By Elinor Cosgrave | 14th August 2013

Gia Allemand, a model and former The Bachelor contestant, died today (14th August 2013) peacefully in a New Orleans hospital.Gia Allemand at the Melanie Segal Celebrity Retreat in honour of the 2010 MTV Music Awards,...

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Gia Allemand, Model And 'The Bachelor' Contestant, Hospitalised In Critical Condition

By Elinor Cosgrave | 14th August 2013

Gia Allemand, who starred in The Bachelor, is in a critical condition at New Orleans University hospital. According to a statement made to ABC by her publicist, Allemand was admitted into hospital on Monday (12th...

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Real World Star Dies; Sean Sasser Dies Aged 44

By Joe Wilde | 10th August 2013

Real World Star Dies. Sean Sasser, the gay rights activist and star of MTV's The Real World: San Francisco, has passed away following a long battle with HIV. Sasser, whose relationship with fellow Real World...

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Flock Of Seagulls Van Found Empty (It Was Parked In Disabled Bay, Just Saying)

By Michael West | 24th July 2013

A van belonging to the Liverpool band A Flock of Seagulls which was stolen from a Comfort Inn on Sunday (July 28, 2013) has been recovered, minus the $70,000 of musical equipment inside. The vehicle...

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Whoever Stole 'A Flock Of Seagulls' Tour Van. You're On Tape [Video]

By Michael West | 24th July 2013

1980s band A Flock of Seagulls were catching some well-earned shuteye at the Comfort Inn hotel in Downey when their tour van was stolen from the parking lot.Thieves took off with $70,000 of musical equipment...

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How Mtv, Snooki And A Rented House Brought Legal Chaos To Pelican Island

By Michael West | 23rd July 2013

A battle between entertainment network MTV and residents of Pelican Island, New Jersey, is beginning to turn ugly after land use lawyer Ronald Gasiorowski was hired to fight the townspeople's battle in court.If you're unfamiliar...

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Geordie Shore Returns To Take Australia By Storm

By Joe Wilde | 9th July 2013

MTV have decided to ship the Geordie Shore lot to the other side of the world (thank you MTV) for the all new, sixth season of the hit reality series. The show will air tonight...

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Beer Pop-stars Hanson To Play 24-Hour 'Live Music Day Festival'

By Michael West | 5th June 2013

Hanson - the 90s pop group who recently released their own brand of beer - are among the acts confirmed the Live Music Day Festival - an online/mobile music festival featuring over 50 musical acts....

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Could This Get Weirder? Farrah Abraham Might Now Be Pregnant

By Michael West | 16th May 2013

Weeks after finalizing a sex-tape deal worth a reported $1 million, Farrah Abraham is worried that she may be pregnant to porn-star James Deen. Sources close to the reality star tell that the...

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Vivid Pays $14,000 A Minute For Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape

By Michael West | 1st May 2013

Vivid Entertainment and porn mogul Steve Hirsch has stumped up somewhere in the region of $14,000 a minute for Farrah Abraham's sex-tape. The Teen Mom star had shopped the video around after it was reported...

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Farrah Abraham Signs $1 Million Deal To Release 'Backdoor Teen Mom'

By Michael West | 29th April 2013

Farrah Abraham, the star of MTV's Teen Mom series, has inked a deal worth almost $1 million to release her sex-tape with James Deen via Vivid Entertainment. It's the end of a long road for...

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Rebel Wilson’S Best Mtv Movie Award Jokes – They’Re Not For The Faint Hearted

By Jack de Aguilar | 15th April 2013

Rebel Wilson’s MTV Movie Awards were very, well, ‘Rebel Wilson’. She’s dedicated to her shtick: the no-frills, unflinching style of comedy that has lead her to be one of the most popular comediennes today. Here...

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Farrah Abraham Tells Dad She Isn't Shopping Around For Sex-tape Deals. Err...

By Michael West | 11th April 2013

Farrah Abraham's father Mike Abraham says his 21-year-old daughter told him her sex-tape was a "private matter" and insisted she is not shopping around for deals. This is slightly at odds with what Farrah told...

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Remember When Farrah Abraham Denied Doing Porn? Yeah, About That...

By Michael West | 11th April 2013

Former star of MTV series 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham has admitted making a pornographic movie with adult-film star James Deen, who stars alongside Lindsay Lohan in new movie The Canyons. Abraham initially denied the whole...

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Buckwild's Shae Bradley Sparring With Teen Mom Jenelle Evans On Twitter

By Hayley Avron | 11th April 2013

Shae Bradley, one of the cast members of the ill-fated MTV show Buckwild has managed to get herself into a public argument on Twitter, with Jenelle Evans, of another MTV series Teen Mom 2. The...

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Buckwild Canceled By Mtv, Following Shain Gandee's Death

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th April 2013

MTV has announced the cancellation of its latest reality program, Buckwild, one week after the tragic death of one of the show’s stars, Shain Gandee.21-year-old Gandee died in a tragic incident last week. The reality...

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Mtv Taking Buckwild Off The Air, Following Shain Gandee's Death

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th April 2013

MTV execs have decided to cancel the channel’s newest reality programme, Buckwild, after the death of one of the show’s stars.Last week, 21-year-old Shain Gandee was found dead in his vehicle, along with his uncle...

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Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Being Shopped Around, Teen Mum’S Mother Refuses To Believe It Exists

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th April 2013

Even after giving birth at 16, lesbian photos, partying in her underwear and a boob job, Farrah Abraham’s mum refuses to believe her daughter has been involved in a sex tape.The general consensus, though,...

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Why Would Farrah Abraham Take Legal Action If Sex Tape 'Doesn't Exist?'

By Michael West | 8th April 2013

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has vehemently denied she features in a sex tape currently being shopped around Hollywood, though has also threatened legal action against those in the possession of the alleged clip. 21-year-old...

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Family Rally Round To Raise Funds For Shain Gandee, Buckwild Star's Funeral

By Hayley Avron | 2nd April 2013

Following the tragic news of Buckwild star Shain Gandee’s death, TMZ reports that Gandee’s family have appealed to the local community to help pay for his funeral costs. It appears that Shain had not made...

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Teen Mom Star Dui - Farrah Abraham Caught Drunk At The Wheel

By Hayley Avron | 21st March 2013

The Teen Mom star’s DUI won’t do her public image any good. Farrah Abraham, now aged 21, was pulled over by cops in Omaha just after 1am on Tuesday morning and was determined to be...

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