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Lemmy Surprised By Law Love

25th March 2009

MOTORHEAD star LEMMY is forever surprised by the group's legions of celebrity fans. The Ace of Spades singer has discovered Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was once the head of California's Motorhead fan club - and his...

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Motorhead Still Upset About Grammy Awards Snub

24th March 2009

Rock star LEMMY is still sore about the fact MOTORHEAD never got to claim their Grammy at the official awards ceremony. The hard rock trio claimed the Best Metal Performance honour for their cover of Metallica's...

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Fascinating Fact 7039

24th March 2009

MOTORHEAD star LEMMY has formed a new rock 'n' roll band with former STRAY CATS drummer SLIM JIM PHANTOM, called the HEAD CAT....

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The Things They Say 11682

24th March 2009

"It's backfired at me ever since because the ace of spades is a bad-luck sign... For two years I've sung 'eight of spades,' and nobody noticed. Not even the rest of the band." MOTORHEAD star...

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The Things They Say 11674

23rd March 2009

"I've always been very wordy; I've got a great vocabulary." MOTORHEAD rocker LEMMY insists he's no idiot when it comes to the English language....

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Lemmy: 'Hendrix Was The King Of Sex, Drugs & Rock 'N' Roll'

23rd March 2009

Hard-living MOTORHEAD star LEMMY insists no one will ever be able to top JIMI HENDRIX's rock star credentials - because he was the best guitarist, drug user, womaniser and sex soldier the world has ever...

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Fascinating Fact 6830

13th February 2009

MOTORHEAD star LEMMY will appear as a playable character in the GUITAR HERO: METALLICA videogame, which is due in stores this spring (09)....

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Research Finds Heavy Beats Make Headbanging Hurt

19th December 2008

Headbanging to every second beat could save music fans from head or neck injuries, a new study has revealed.While heavy metal devotees may rush to concerts to bang their heads in time to riffs from...

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Motorhead Tour Scrapped

9th December 2008

MOTORHEAD's rock and tattoo tour with punk icons SOCIAL DISTORTION has been abandoned due to the economic crisis in America. The two acts were to headline the 2009 MUSINK Tattoo + Music tour, but all...

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Misfits Quit Motorhead Tour

9th September 2008

Punk icons the MISFITS have quit MOTORHEAD's Volcom 2008 tour after falling out with organisers over technical issues. In a statement, band frontman Jerry Only suggests he and his bandmates were asked to "compromise" their...

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Hendrix 'Murdered' By Pals, Says Kilmister

10th August 2008

JIMI HENDRIX was "murdered" by his close friends, according to MOTORHEAD star LEMMY KILMISTER. The rocker has accused the late guitar legend's closest friends of neglecting him - and ultimately contributing to his death. He...

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The Things They Say 9135

9th August 2008

"It's a f**king mess. It's another Vietnam - a war you can't win, because you can't fight an enemy you can't see. Anybody in that country could be the enemy. You can't shoot them all,...

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Lemmy Under Investigation Over Nazi Hat Photo

10th July 2008

MOTORHEAD star LEMMY is at the centre of a German scandal after posing for a national newspaper wearing a Nazi cap. The heavy rocker, who collects Nazi memorabilia, wore the headgear as part of a...

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Fascinating Fact 5400

4th June 2008

MOTORHEAD frontman LEMMY is to be immortalised in plastic form. The singer has had an action figure made in his honour. The doll comes with a guitar, microphone and stand, as well as an Ace...

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Massive Attack Confirmed As Curators Of Meltdown Festival

14th February 2008

Bristolian dance legends Massive Attack have been confirmed as curators of this year's Meltdown festival, to be held at London's Southbank Centre.The Blue Lines stars will be responsible for selecting the acts for this year's...

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Lemmy Blasts 'Blind' Record Companies

17th January 2008

MOTORHEAD frontman LEMMY has hit out at record industry bosses for taking so long to adapt to the idea of selling music online. The Ace Of Spades rocker insists the music business deserves its current...

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Lemmy Flouts U.k. Smoking Ban

19th November 2007

MOTORHEAD frontman LEMMY is facing a $100 (GBP50) fine after openly flouting a smoking ban at a concert in the U.K. The heavy metal legend - real name Ian Fraser Kilmister - was playing a...

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Motorhead Star Joins The Neighbours

10th October 2007

MOTORHEAD star PHIL CAMPBELL thrilled the cast and crew of Aussie soap NEIGHBOURS on Monday (08Oct07) when he dropped by for a visit. The heavy metal guitarist is a longtime fan of the show and...

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Lemmy: 'Rock 'N' Roll Will Never Die'

10th October 2007

MOTORHEAD frontman LEMMY has dismissed speculation rock music is becoming increasingly irrelevant - insisting the genre will never die. The Ace Of Spades veteran admits he gets irritable when people suggest otherwise. He tells website...

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Lemmy Blasts Retirement Suggestions

9th October 2007

Veteran MOTORHEAD rocker LEMMY has slammed suggestions he should retire to make way for younger bands, because he's adamant his group is still at the top of its game. The 61-year-old sees no reason for...

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The Things They Say 5630

17th September 2007

"As much as he looks like a gunslinger that would eat your face off, he is one of the nicest people I've ever met." FOO FIGHTERS star DAVE GROHL on grizzled MOTORHEAD frontman LEMMY....

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Fascinating Fact 3375

11th June 2007

MOTORHEAD rocker LEMMY is being made into a miniature toy, complete with his own trademark boots, skinny jeans and tattoos....

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Jarvis' Meltdown Line-up Revealed

1st May 2007

Jarvis Cocker's Meltdown Festival line-up has been announced, with a host of legendary bands confirmed for the Southbank event.The former Pulp frontman has acted as curator for the festival, which will run from June 16th...

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Lemmy's Musical Genocide

9th April 2007

Metal legend LEMMY has called for the extermination of all show tunes fans. The musical-hating MOTORHEAD founder shared his violent plans with British journalist EMMA BROCKES, who recalls confessing she ranked in their numbers during...

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Fascinating Fact 2524

29th November 2006

RAZORLIGHT frontman JOHNNY BORRELL is putting his trademark skinny white jeans under the hammer for charity tomorrow (30NOV06). The auction will aid British children's cancer charity CLIC Sargent and will also see lots from MOTORHEAD...

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Motorhead Sponsor Soccer Team

15th November 2006

A British under-10s soccer team is terrorising the opposition after signing a sponsorship deal with veteran rockers MOTORHEAD. Greenbank FC, from Lincoln, England, play in an all-black strip which features the band's iconic 'Snaggletooth' skull...

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Motorhead Leader Bounces Back From Health Scare With Two Albums

5th September 2006

MOTORHEAD frontman IAN 'LEMMY' KILMISTER is set to prove to fans he's healthy after beating an infection that prompted doctors in Los Angeles to advise foot amputation by releasing two albums at the same time....

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The Things They Say 2754

28th August 2006

"I got checked out in Berlin... The guy said I had the liver of a newborn baby and my lungs are OK, my kidneys are fine. (It'll) drive all these joggers f**king crazy." MOTORHEAD star...

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The Things They Say 2751

26th August 2006

"I'm not God, man. God's taller. I'm just walking around." MOTORHEAD star LEMMY KILMISTER insists he's just a mere mortal, despite what heavy rock fans might think.

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The Things They Say 2715

22nd August 2006

"I believe it's officially MANOWAR now, but they achieved it by playing in a small room, which I don't think is really fair." MOTORHEAD rocker LEMMY admits his band are no longer classed as the...

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