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Lemmy Directors' Concerned About Emotion 2545251 6th December 2010

The directors of 'Lemmy' were nervous about how its more poignant moments would be received.

The film, made by directors Wes Orshoski and Greg Olliver, follows the everyday life of the titular hard drinking, hard living Motorhead rocker, but were initially worried about how both he and his son, Paul, would react to a scene where they open up about their relationship.

Director Greg Olliver said: "They just sat down and started talking and all that stuff came out so for sure, that's a touching beautiful moment."

His co-director Wes Orshoski added: "We weren't sure if Paul would go for it or Lemmy would go for it, obviously there is some stuff that can make you wince in that scene, because Lemmy just makes no apologies and just says what he wants to say.

"And I was really nervous about how Paul was going to react to the film and one of the things that meant the most to me was after the film premiered in march Paul came up and gave me a really tight, long hug and there were tears in his eyes and that was amazing."

Although they eventually triumphed in making the film, Wes said because they did it themselves with little outside backing, it was a difficult experience, and took them around three years.

He added: "It was definitely very hard man, from financing to scheduling, to getting Lemmy in the right mood or whatever, it was not an easy film."

'Lemmy' is released in UK cinemas from December 3 and will be out on DVD from January 24.

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Bookworm Lemmy 2545254 6th December 2010

Motorhead singer Lemmy is more likely to be spotted reading than taking groupies backstage on tour.

The heavy metal bass player and vocalist is renowned as a hard living, hard drinking rocker, but despite his lifestyle, filmmakers Wes Orshoski and Greg Olliver - who have produced a documentary about his life, called 'Lemmy' - said they were surprised at how much time he spends playing computer games and reading.

Greg told BANG Showbiz: "Anybody might think there'd be five girls backstage, busty girls, but there's more likely to be five open books backstage."

Wes added: "He's very human, he's not like the kind of guy who's getting picked up in limos and Lear jets or hanging out in five star hotels.

"He's at home playing video games and making French fries. And he's really smart - I had no idea that he would be that funny, that sharp or that smart."

When asked about his reading habits Wes said the 'Killed By Death' singer is very varied in his choices and goes from airport romance models.

He added: "He mostly reads war history. You hear that he's a war buff, and you don't realise how deep it is man. It's either music or war. And novels too.

"I remember in Russia he was buying cheesy romance novels, 'Danielle Steel' or something like that. He has a penchant for trashy novels."

'Lemmy' is released in UK cinemas from December 3 and will be out on DVD from January 24th.

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Lemmy Kilimister Hated Basic Movie Shots 2545281 3rd December 2010

Making a film about Motorhead singer Lemmy Kilimister was difficult because he was conscious of "not looking like an a*shole".

The 65-year-old frontman with the heavy metal group is notoriously set in his ways, and filmmakers Wes Orshoski and Greg Olliver said that while he was an incredible subject for them to make a documentary about - he could be hard to persuade to do even basic shots.

Greg told BANG Showbiz: "He was very conscious the whole time of not looking like an asshole. Not looking like a reality TV star."

Wes added: "One of the funny fights we had with him for a long time was we needed a shot of him walking down the sidewalk from his apartment.

"He was like, 'You gotta call the BBC, they already filmed that'. We were like 'ha ha ha, sure' but he was like, 'No, seriously - I already did that'.

We were like, 'Well we need it for our movie', he was like, 'Well, I'm not doing it'.

"He'd never do anything at all even as simple as that for us. Then one day he was like, 'Guys I'm going to walk out of the apartment in a second'.

"We jumped up and ran to the car to get our equipment, we were there fighting over it and us tripping over each other on the sidewalk like paparazzi to get the shot.

"But it looks great in the movie - he's smoking in slow motion."

The pair of directors added they had little plan when they started to plan the film the bass player's everyday life, other than they wanted to create an "honest portrait" of the 'Overkill' rocker.

Wes added: "We certainly wanted to make an honest portrait of him, we didn't have an agenda or an angle, we just wanted to follow him around and let him tell his story as he is and show him as he is. And I think he could see the sincerity in us doing that too."

'Lemmy' is released in UK cinemas from December 3 and will be out on DVD from January 24.

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Lemmy Gets His Warts Licked 2545344 2nd December 2010

Motorhead singer Lemmy has groupies who want to suck his warts

The 65-year-old heavy metal frontman famously has two large warts on his left cheek - which some crazed fans are desperate to touch.

Filmmaker Wes Orshoski - who has made a documentary, titled 'Lemmy' about the star - told BANG Showbiz: "We met this girl, this groupie in Philadelphia on the Metal Masters tour, she was showing her boobs to everyone, and she told me, she sucked on his warts. She was very pleased about it.

"I've never touched his warts, at least with any intention of doing so."

The co-director, who made the film alongside Greg Olliver, also told how despite being an older gentleman, the 'Overkill' rocker still doesn't have any trouble getting young groupies.

Greg said: "Many, many times did he disappear with women. There was something we wanted to film with him on our last day in Moscow.

"In the crowd there's always like one beautiful girl in the crowd vying for Lemmy's attention. This one was deadly gorgeous, super hot. We just wanted to film one little thing backstage with him after, and his assistant came out, and he was like, 'oh, no - no, no, no boys; that girl's in there now and you are not going in there!

"Three hours later they left and she had a weird look on her face and so did he. He still gets the girls."

Wes added: "I think when he wants to he takes a girl home, he's a 65 year old guy, some nights he just wants to read his book, but he still gets loads of girls."

'Lemmy' is released in UK cinemas from December 3 and will be out on DVD from January 24th.

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Ozzy Osbourne Has Best Rockstar Home In Hollywood 2545451 29th November 2010

Ozzy Osbourne has the best house of any rockstar in Los Angeles.

The ageing rocker was one of a series interviewed for documentary film 'Lemmy' - about the titular Motorhead frontman - and the film's directors said Ozzy's house, which he lives in with his wife and manager Sharon, was hands down the best.

Co-director Greg Olliver told BANG Showbiz: "Ozzy had the nicest house, no doubt about it. He had the red phantom parked out front, Sharon had just come home in a stretched limo from shopping and there were bags and piles of new clothes and shoes all over the foyer, with a marble table.

"We were then led down to Ozzy's recording studio, which is at the bottom of the house, and it had the most beautiful wood for the stairs, and at the bottom, there's these two black leather doors with black crosses sewn in.

"You could just tell, some people find a way to do it right in the world of music and then there's others who live in like apartments in east Hollywood in some slum apartment building."

The film's co-director, Wes Orshoski, said Ozzy's living circumstances were a world away from the situation of their film's subject.

He added: "Lemmy's apartment is kind of like the exact opposite of Ozzy's. It's like a cave. Like Nosferatu's coffin. He lives in a one bedroom apartment, that he's been in so long, like 15 years, that there's half the square footage now, because he's filled it with so much stuff - piles of books, magazines, war relics, guitars, T-shirts, road cases, amps, boots everywhere.

"It looks like you're in an army navy store, he has wardrobe racks in his living room, full of military jackets. He's kind of like a college kid that moved into an apartment and never left."

'Lemmy' is released in UK cinemas from December 3 and will be out on DVD from January 24th.

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Murder Probe Launched After Motorhead Fan's Hair Is Set Alight 1675413 26th November 2010 Police in Yorkshire, England have launched a murder investigation after a MOTORHEAD fan's hair was set alight at a show in Leeds.
Cops are linking the bizarre incident to the death of a builder, who was fatally bludgeoned following the band's concert at the O2 Academy on Thursday night (25Nov10).
Two men were seen running off after attacking Andrew Crawford, who later died of head wounds.
Earlier in the evening a friend of Crawford's had his hair set alight by a fellow concertgoer.
Det. Supt. Paul Taylor tells the Yorkshire Post newspaper, "There will have been around 2,000 people in the O2 Academy and someone must have seen Mr Crawford's friend's hair being set alight. If you can help identify this person, please get in touch."
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Lemmy 'Met His Match' In Nolan Sisters 1675686 24th November 2010 MOTORHEAD star LEMMY has laughed off rumours he once enjoyed a fling with a member of THE NOLANS - insisting the singing siblings turned down his efforts to bed them.
The rocker was "in awe" of the all-female band after meeting them backstage at U.K. TV show Top of the Pops, and their encounter sparked gossip of an affair.
But Lemmy has confessed he never got to fulfil his wish of romancing one of the sisters - because they were too streetwise to fall for his charms.
He tells Britain's Q magazine, "No (there was no fling), but it wasn't for the want of trying. They are awesome chicks. People forget those girls were onstage with Frank Sinatra at the age of 12. They've seen most things twice.
"We were on Top of the Pops at the same time as them and our manager was trying to chat up Linda: the one with the bouffant hair and the nice boobs. He dropped his lighter and bent down to pick it up. Linda said to him, 'While you're down there, why don't you give me a...' It blew him away. We didn't expect that from a Nolan sister. None of us did.
"We were supposed to be the smelliest, loudest motherf**kers in the building but we more than met our match. We were in awe. You couldn't mess with the Nolan sisters."
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Lemmy Blames Lawyers For Artist Rift 1676209 19th November 2010 MOTORHEAD rocker LEMMY blames lawyers for his falling out with the band's longterm artist JOE PETAGNO - insisting legal teams wrecked their partnership.
Petagno began working with the British group in 1975, and went on to create their famous 'Snaggletooth' logo and design the majority of their album and sleeve covers for the next 30 years.
But the artist quit working with the Ace of Spades hitmakers in 2007 after demanding royalty payments for his work - and Lemmy insists Petagno's lawyer destroyed their long working relationship by encouraging the artist to pursue the claim.
Lemmy tells Metal Hammer magazine, "Somebody got in his ear about how he should be getting royalties for stuff we bought outright. You could tell somebody was in his ear and poor old Joe tried to sue us and s**t, and he didn't have a leg to stand on because we'd bought (the artwork) off him lock, stock and barrel every time for a decent price and he never complained.
"Some lawyer came along and f**ked it for everybody! You don't get royalties for a picture! Rembrandt never got that!"
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Lemmy's Legendary Excesses 2545849 16th November 2010

Lemmy Kilmister will be a "legendary" musician no matter how much he drinks.

The Motorhead frontman - who has battled drug addiction in the past - revealed while he doesn't promote heavy drinking, his life is full of excesses, of which alcohol is just one.

He said: "All kinds of things about me are legendary, not just the excesses. And, for me, they're not excesses anyway. What you do every day is normal, right? Who cares if I drink? So what?

"I'm not going to promote it as a lifestyle. I don't want some kids dying because they drunk because of me. If you say this guy drinks like a fish after 35 years in Motorhead, they'll think, 'Oh, I can do that too.'"

The 64-year-old heavy metal star also admitted his vocals sound better when he smokes, and he wouldn't be able to perform without the aid of cigarettes and alcohol.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "This voice does good on cigarettes. That's part of the training. I have to keep smoking. If I stopped smoking, my voice would suffer. I couldn't possibly do my job if I didn't smoke and drink."

"My elders and betters told me it was a good thing to smoke. One advert said that it helps you to breathe because it clears your passages."

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Fox Wants Lemmy At Her Wedding 1679515 20th October 2010 Busty British model and singer SAMANTHA FOX has asked MOTORHEAD rocker LEMMY to walk her down the aisle when she weds longtime manager/girlfriend MYRA STRATTON.
Fox announced plans to stage a civil partnership ceremony with Stratton last year (09) and she dreams that when the big day comes, her unlikely pal will give her away in the absence of her late father.
The Touch Me (I Want Your Body) singer tells, "Unfortunately, my dad passed away 11 years ago and so I thought Lemmy would be great to give me away. It would be fantastic! He's such a nice fella. He's got a lot of character and lot of wisdom."
But she knows nailing down Lemmy to a time and a place is going to be difficult: "This guy tours constantly... He's never home. I think he's one of the hardest-working people in the business."
For those who might be surprised by Fox's choice of wedding guest, she insists she's been friends with the Motorhead frontman for years and they once recorded a song together.
She explains, "We met when I was 17... He was a fan of my (topless modelling) pictures.
"We started talking and he said we should do a song together... I went to his house and walked into his living room. I couldn't believe that his back wall was full of my pictures from newspapers and magazines... We wrote a song and called it Beauty and the Beast. It was fantastic. Unfortunately, Lemmy and Motorhead got involved in litigation with their record label and wasn't able to release new music for about three or four years. We couldn't release that track, which was a shame.
"We became friends over the years. We always meet up for dinner if we pass while gigging around. He's always been a mentor of mine... Lemmy is one of the gods of rock music. He knows the ins and outs of the business and if I ever needed advice he's always been there for me."
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Lemmy, Snider, Scorpions & Hughes Big Winners At Vegas Awards 1684845 23rd August 2010 MOTORHEAD star LEMMY, DEE SNIDER, GLENN HUGHES and the SCORPIONS were among the rockers celebrated at the Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards at the weekend (22Aug10).
The trio were presented with achievement honours at the inaugural prizegiving, held at the Elvis Showroom inside the Las Vegas Hilton hotel.
The event, held to mark the publication's sixth anniversary, featured a show-stopping finale as Twisted Sister star Snider and Lita Ford took the stage together for a duet performance.
Snider received the Rock n' Roll Savior Award; Lemmy accepted the Vegas Rocks! Lifetime Legend Award; the Scorpions were honoured with the Rock Group Lifetime Achievement prize and Hughes accepted the Inspirational Icon Award.
The oddest prize of the night went to Public Enemy star Flavor Flav, who picked up the Best Rock Clock in the Universe Award.
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Lemmy, Snider And Scorpions To Be Honoured In Las Vegas 1687531 22nd July 2010 Stars including MOTORHEAD frontman LEMMY, TWISTED SISTER singer DEE SNIDER and the SCORPIONS are set to be honoured at a one-off awards show in Las Vegas.
The rockers will all receive prizes at the Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards, which will be held next month (Aug10) to celebrate the publication's sixth anniversary.
The event will see Lemmy pick up the Vegas Rocks! Lifetime Legend Award, while the Scorpions will be handed the Rock Group Lifetime Achievement honour. Snider, who is slated to perform at the show, will receive the Rock n' Roll Savior Award.
The prize-giving will take place at the Elvis Showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton resort on 22 August (10), according to
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Ozzy Osbourne Wants To Play Mother 2549917 11th July 2010

Ozzy Osbourne wants to play his mother in the film of his life.

The heavy metal legend's biography 'I Am Ozzy' is being adapted for the big screen, and although he is reluctant to appear in it himself he would like have an unusual cameo.

He told Germany's FHM magazine: "I don't really want to be in it. At least I'm hoping I won't. Although I wouldn't mind a cameo - that would be fun. I could play my mother or Lemmy from Motorhead!"

Ozzy has previously revealed who he wants to play him in the biopic - Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp.

The 61-year-old music star - who is from Birmingham, England - said: "Johnny Depp is much better looking than me, but he was all set to be me in the film. That would be good. But I'd also like an unknown guy from Birmingham to get the part."

Just as Ozzy has definite ideas about the movie, his wife Sharon knows who she wants to portray her - Carey Mulligan.

Referring to Carey's film 'An Education', the 'America's Got Talent' judge said: "That lady from 'An Education' could play me - she's fabulous!"

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Fascinating Fact 9471 1690840 14th June 2010
MOTORHEAD star LEMMY joined guitar great SLASH onstage at the U.K.'s Download festival on Sunday (13Jun10) for a rendition of Doctor Alibi. Slash introduced the Brit to the crowd as "a really good friend of mine".
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Rockers Unite For L.a. Charity Gig 1693634 11th May 2010 Rockers including SLASH, MOTORHEAD frontman LEMMY and former KISS star ACE FREHLEY united in Los Angeles on Friday night (07May10) to honour former First Lady BETTY FORD and raise money for charity.
The stars came together for the sixth annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert held at Club Nokia to honour the widow of former U.S. President Gerald R. Ford.
Ford's personal struggles with addiction led her to set up America's famous Betty Ford Center, and the charity concert helped raise money for the MusiCares MAP Fund, which provides members of the music community access to addiction recovery treatment.
Samantha Ronson also DJed during the event in memory of tragic beatmixer Adam 'DJ AM' Goldstein, who died after suffering an accidental drug overdose last August (09).
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Lemmy Blasts The Boss 2552687 13th April 2010

Motorhead frontman Lemmy reckons Bruce Springsteen is a "poncer".

The outspoken bass player and singer doesn't consider Bruce - known as The Boss - to be a true rock 'n' roll frontman and thinks he doesn't deserve all the accolades - which include 20 Grammy awards - he has received.

Lemmy told website "We're the real rock 'n' roll. Then you get poncers like Bruce Springsteen, you know, gets all the awards.

"I don't hear him as rock 'n' roll. He's been lucky he's had a couple of good songs, that's all.

"You know, I don't think he's good at all. But that's the sort of person that they launch on to. 'Let's give all nine awards to this guy!' That's just f***ing stupid, that's just obvious nepotism."

The 'Stone Dead Forever' rocker said he's not even that interested in awards, in particular the Best Metal Performance Grammy his band received in 2005 for their cover of Metallica's 'Whiplash'.

He added: "They'd never heard a Motorhead song obviously, you know. We've done three consistently really good albums, the last three.

"So that really p***ed me off, you know. I'm standing there with a Grammy, what did I get this for? For a bad cover of 'Whiplash'? And all the s**t we've done over the years, you know, and not a single thing for that. So f**k them."

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Metallica Rock Golden Gods 1696154 9th April 2010 Heavy rockers METALLICA and MOTORHEAD's LEMMY were among the big winners at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in Los Angeles on Thursday night (08Apr10).
The Enter Sandman hitmakers were lauded with the Best Live Band honour, while veteran rocker Lemmy was handed the Lifetime Achievement Award at the ceremony.
Lemmy stole the spotlight again when he took to the stage with Slash and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl to perform Motorhead anthem Ace Of Spades.
Other winners at the show included Judas Priest star Rob Halford, who received the Revolver Golden God Award, and Alice in Chains, who landed the Comeback Of The Year trophy and Album Of The Year for Black Gives Way To Blue.
Cancer-stricken rocker Ronnie James Dio was named Best Vocalist, and Avenged Sevenfold star James Sullivan, who died in December (09), was hailed as Best Drummer.
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Slash Bored By Bureaucracy 2554129 23rd February 2010

Slash spent more time dealing with bureaucracy than recording for his new album.

The former Guns 'N' Roses guitarist assembled an all-star cast for his first solo effort, 'Slash', but says although it meant a lot of hassle from record companies, it was worth it because he got to play with his heroes.

He said: "It took four months to make the record. I had to write all the material then I had to make demos to send to all singers.

"Then the thing that made it take the longest was getting releases from all the different artists' record companies."

He added that he found hanging out with some of his boyhood heroes - such as Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead - was "a trip".

He added: "Sitting next to Ozzy while he's writing lyrics and practicing the vocal is really a f***ing trip. I've been listening to Ozzy since I was like 13 years old."

The album - due for release in April - also features Iggy Pop, Kid Rock, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine and Black Eyed Peas' vocalist Fergie.

Slash added to Rolling Stone magazine: "I think people are gonna trip when they hear the stuff Fergie is capable of.

"I really wanted to do something with her so people could hear what her rock chops are like."

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Lemmy & Halford Named Golden Gods Top Honourees 1700264 18th February 2010 MOTORHEAD star LEMMY and JUDAS PRIEST's ROB HALFORD are to be honoured with top prizes at the second annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards in April (10).
Ace of Spades singer Lemmy will be the 2010 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, while fellow Brit Halford will take home the event's Golden God Award.
Rob Zombie, Fear Factory and Zakk Wylde will provide the performances at this year's show, which will be held at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, while Andrew W.K. and professional wrestler-turned-musician Chris Jericho will co-host.
Nominees for awards were announced on Wednesday (17Feb09) and Heaven & Hell lead the pack with four, including a Best Vocalist nod for Ronnie James Dio, who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer, and a Best Guitarist salute for Tony Iommi.
The supergroup also landed nominations for Album of the Year and Comeback of the Year.
Slayer scored three nominations for Album of the Year, Best Live Act and Best Drummer (Dave Lombardo).
Alice In Chains, Fear Factory, Metallica, Megadeth, Mastodon and Them Crooked Vultures scores two nods apiece.
The coveted Album of the Year prize will be fought for by Alice in Chains (Black Gives Way to Blue), Heaven & Hell (The Devil You Know), Mastodon (Crack the Skye), Megadeth (Endgame), Slayer (World Painted Blood) and Them Crooked Vultures (Them Crooked Vultures).
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Lemmy Documentary Set For Festival Premiere 1703962 7th January 2010 MOTORHEAD star LEMMY's much-anticipated documentary will premiere at Texas' South by Southwest festival in March (10).
A film crew spent three years chronicling the hard rocker and Nazi memorabilia collector's life on the road and at home for the new rockumentary, simply entitled Lemmy.
The film features concert and backstage footage and interviews with bandmates and celebrity admirers including Slash, Dave Grohl and Ozzy Osbourne.
Director/producer Wes Orshoski says, "Lemmy never ceases to surprise me. You think you know who Lemmy is, but you have no idea. If you think you have Lemmy all figured out, trust me. You don't!"
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Lemmy: 'I Want To Die Onstage' 1710279 21st October 2009 MOTORHEAD rocker LEMMY wants to die onstage because he can't stand the idea of a drawn-out retirement.
The 63 year old continues to amaze medics and friends, who feared he was close to death when he was diagnosed with diabetes a decade ago - and refused to cut out the alcohol and treats his doctors advised him to.
But he insists he'd rather drop dead than live the life the experts want him to.
The Ace of Spades singer, who reportedly guzzles a bottle of bourbon a day, tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I'd rather die than live the life that would mean completely giving up everything that makes life worth living... (and) I don't want to hang around with tubes up my nose."
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Lemmy Has No Regrets About Missing Son's Upbringing 1710366 20th October 2009 MOTORHEAD star LEMMY has no regrets about missing out on his son's early years - because the kid wasn't "real" until he turned six.
The rocker has been absent for much of his now-40-year-old son Paul's life, but admits his offspring is "all right" and doesn't think Lemmy's a bad dad.
And the unsentimental Ace of Spades hitmaker has no qualms about not meeting his son for the first six years of his life.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "They're not real people before that (six), anyway. I mean, you can form a weird bond with them, but they're babies.
"They all look the same. You could swap them in the night, and no one would know."
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The Things They Say 13614 1711986 29th September 2009
"I do still drink a lot. About a bottle of Jack (Daniel's) a day." MOTORHEAD star LEMMY loves bourbon.
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Fascinating Fact 8061 1712034 28th September 2009
MOTORHEAD star MIKKEY DEE has finished third in the Swedish version of reality TV show I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE! The drummer was forced to sit out most of the band's current North American tour in order to take part in the show, Kandisdjungeln.
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Motorhead Star To Fight For Jungle Survival In Sweden 1714161 1st September 2009 MOTORHEAD drummer MIKKEY DEE has signed up to compete in Sweden's celebrity reality TV contest KANDISDJUNGELN.
Dee will sit out most of the Ace of Spades group's upcoming U.S. your to take part in the show - Sweden's version of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here. His drum seat will be filled by Velvet Revolver star Matt Sorum.
Dee, 45, will compete with wine expert Bengt Frithiofsson and actress Inger Nilsson when Kandisdjungeln debuts on 11 September (09).
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Lemmy Still Looking For Hall Of Fame Jacket 1715431 14th August 2009 MOTORHEAD star LEMMY is still on the hunt for a tour jacket the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame lost.
The Ace of Spades star loaned the museum the leather jacket for an exhibition about rock's ultimate rebels in 2001 - and he hasn't seen it since.
He says, "I'm sure someone's girlfriend is wearing it. Places like that don't lose things, man. Someone steals them."
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Fascinating Fact 7281 1723366 3rd May 2009
MOTORHEAD have invited GIRLSCHOOL and THE DAMNED to join them when they tour Britain later this year (09).
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Lemmy Surprised By Law Love 1726358 25th March 2009 MOTORHEAD star LEMMY is forever surprised by the group's legions of celebrity fans.
The Ace of Spades singer has discovered Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich was once the head of California's Motorhead fan club - and his pal Cliff Burton, Metallica's original bassist, was the only other member.
And he recently learned actor Jude Law is a big fan.
Lemmy tells Spin magazine, "He came to show we did in England at the Royal Festival Hall. He showed up backstage while I was still covered in sweat and told me he loved it.
"He was really nice. I was surprised - you don't think of actors liking music."
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Motorhead Still Upset About Grammy Awards Snub 1726389 24th March 2009 Rock star LEMMY is still sore about the fact MOTORHEAD never got to claim their Grammy at the official awards ceremony.
The hard rock trio claimed the Best Metal Performance honour for their cover of Metallica's Whiplash back in 2005 at the 47th Grammys, but they had to collect their prize the day before the big event.
Lemmy tells America's Spin magazine, "We didn't get to go to the real Grammys 'cause we're distasteful.
"Us and the Mexican jazz bands had to line up and get our stuff the previous afternoon."
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The Things They Say 11682 1726463 24th March 2009
"It's backfired at me ever since because the ace of spades is a bad-luck sign... For two years I've sung 'eight of spades,' and nobody noticed. Not even the rest of the band." MOTORHEAD star LEMMY insists he's cursed by his own hit.
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