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Pneumonia Diagnoses Leads Morrissey To Cancel Entire Tour

By Victoria Pavlova | 16th March 2013

Morissey fans face disappointment once again, after the singer’s continuing health issues have forced him to cancel the remaining dates of his North American tour. This comes after a number of gigs were scrapped in...

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Morrissey Dust-up Helps 'Duck Dynasty' To Record Breaking Audience

By Michael West | 1st March 2013

Nearly 9 million people tuned in to 'Duck Dynasty' for Wednesday evening's third-season premiere, A&E's biggest audience ever. The show - about the Robertson family who make products for duck hunters - is now the...

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Morrissey Slams Jimmy Kimmel Over Duck Dynasty Segment

By Contributor | 28th February 2013

Morrissey’s cancellation of his appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Live! was only going to end badly, with a highly principled artist and a chat show host desperate to get a laugh out of anything, clashing...

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No Need To Get In A Flap! Morrissey Refuses To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Due To Duck Dynasty

By Lorna Greville  | 27th February 2013

These days, most of what Morrissey does is a bit laughable. His music is no where near as good as his Smiths hey-day and his political actions and comments, which are abundant, seem in many...

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Morrissey Cancels Jimmy Kimmel Live Tv Appearance In Protest

By Contributor | 26th February 2013

Morrissey has been forced to pull out of yet another scheduled appearance, with his jaunt to the US increasingly looking to be in tatters. However, it’s not illness that’s forced him to drop out of...

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Morrissey Tour Show To Serve Vegetarian Food Only In Los Angeles

By Contributor | 19th February 2013

Morrissey’s sold out concert in Los Angeles on March 1st will be strictly vegetarian, according to a report.The former Smiths man is of course known for his strong vegetarian stance, which has long worked its...

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Nme Awards Johnny Marr 'Godlike Genius' Title, 2013

By Hayley Avron | 11th February 2013

Johnny Marr will be crowned Godlike Genius of the Year at this year’s NME Awards. Marr, whose distinctive guitar licks were combined with Morrissey’s song-writing skills to make The Smiths the legendary band that they...

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David Bowie Really Didn't Want To Be Photographed With Morrissey

By Michael West | 7th February 2013

We are joking, of course, but David Bowie clearlty doesn't want any confusion surrounding his forthcoming album 'The Next Day', so much so that he's slapped down Manchester misanthrope Morrissey following a request for a...

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Morrissey's Bleeding Ulcer Forces Him To Cancel 6 Shows

By Lorna Greville  | 29th January 2013

Morrissey, ex-frontman of '80s band The Smiths, has been diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and may need surgery. His ill-health renders him unable to continue with his US tour currently, but is expected to return...

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Bleeding Ulcer Causes Morrissey To Cancel Yet More Us Tour Dates

By Contributor | 28th January 2013

Morrissey has been forced to postpone six live dates after it was revealed that the former front man of The Smiths was suffering from a bleeding ulcer.The outspoken performer is just getting going on a...

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Unexpected Illness Cuts Morrissey Tour Short

By Victoria Pavlova | 27th January 2013

After Morrissey cancelled a concert scheduled for this past Thursday in Flint, Michigan, it has been revealed by Billboard that the reason behind the cancelation was because the singer has been admitted to the Beaumont...

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Morrissey On The 'Insufferable' Beckhams: "I'd Have Them Flogged"

By Michael West | 9th January 2013

Morrissey Arrives For The Late Show With David Letterman This Week Wearing Fetching White Nail PolishNever one to mince his words, Morrissey has taken aim at the Beckhams in his latest rant, labelling David and...

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Morrissey Blames Royal Family And Kate Middleton For Nurse Jacintha Saldanha's Death In An Ignorant Declamation

By Lorna Greville  | 12th December 2012

While certainly there are an increasing number of anti-royalists, The Smiths' Morrissey is leading the pack by blaming the Royal Family, and particularly Kate Middleton, for the tragic death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha. Jacintha Saldanha...

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Controversial Smiths Star Morrissey Cancels Us Tour

By Joe Wilde | 26th October 2012

Morrissey has pulled out of his upcoming tour dates across America after his mother was rushed to hospital for unknown reasons.The former Smiths frontman has pulled out of all forthcoming US shows, including one at...

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Morrissey Calls Prince Harry An 'Absolute Idiot' Over Vegas Pictures

By Contributor | 28th September 2012

Morrissey combined his two favourite bugbears - the British royal family and meat-eaters - into one long grumble to the Australian press recently, calling Prince Harry an "idiot" in reaction to recent nude images of...

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Meat-free Festival Promised If The Smiths Reform For Coachella Festival

By Contributor | 27th September 2012

Coachella Music Festival are still a while away from announcing their headliners for their 2013 event, but if reports are to believed there is one act they're absolutely desperate to get back together for the...

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Morrissey Turns Good Samaritan And Helps Ill Lady In Bookstore

By Contributor | 27th September 2012

Morrissey took time out from rallying against the British royal family and meat eaters and turned into a Good Samaritan at the weekend, with it being reported that the outspoken musician tended to an elderly...

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