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Wire's Rock Cards Collection

4th October 2010

MANIC STREET PREACHERS rocker NICKY WIRE has a valuable collection of postcards featuring personal notes from stars including JOHN LYDON and MORRISSEY.The bassist was a music-mad child and constantly begged his parents to take him...

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Russell Brand's Week-long Wedding

4th October 2010

Russell Brand and Katy Perry's wedding will last a week.The couple - who have been dating since September 2009 - have sent out invitations to their friends and family for the ceremony, which will take...

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Morrissey Axes Promo Trip

30th September 2010

Sickly singer MORRISSEY is at the centre of another health riddle after mysteriously axing a promotional tour of the U.K.The former The Smiths frontman was due to undertake a series of TV and radio interviews...

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Ronson Not Bothered By Death Threats Over Smiths Cover

30th September 2010

Superproducer MARK RONSON was unfazed by the barrage of death threats he received after covering a song by British band THE SMITHS - because songwriters MORRISSEY and JOHNNY MARR sanctioned the track.The DJ re-recorded the...

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Campaign Group Severs Ties With Morrissey Over China Comments

22nd September 2010

Executives at an anti-racism campaign group have officially axed ties with MORRISSEY and urged him to "grow up" after he branded the Chinese a "subspecies".The former The Smiths frontman provoked a storm earlier this month...

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Foals Fine With Morrissey Snub

16th September 2010

British rockers FOALS were delighted when their hero MORRISSEY arrived unannounced at one of their gigs - but the singer was unimpressed and walked out after three tracks.The band was told the former The Smiths...

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Morrissey At The Centre Of Another Racism Controversy After Chinese Remarks

7th September 2010

Outspoken rocker MORRISSEY is at the centre of another racism controversy following remarks he made about the Chinese in a recent interview.The former The Smiths star called the Chinese a "subspecies" in a recent interview...

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Morrissey Won't Retract 'Subspecies' Remark

6th September 2010

Morrissey has refused to retract a statement referring to Chinese people as a "subspecies". The 'How Soon Is Now' singer - who is a vegetarian and an animal rights campaigner - reignited racist claims against...

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Morrissey Blasts Chinese Over Animal Welfare

5th September 2010

Singer MORRISSEY has caused outrage by branding the Chinese a "sub-species" for their "horrific" treatment of animals.The animal rights campaigner and strict vegetarian has slammed the country for its bad track history of cruelty towards...

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Morrissey Blasts Guards' Fur Hats

3rd August 2010

Animal-loving singer MORRISSEY has blasted Britain's Queen's Guard soldiers - for wearing bearskin hats.The guardsmen who stand to attention outside Buckingham Palace in London attract millions of tourists every year with their iconic red jackets...

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Morrissey Miserable Over Perry & Brand's Wedding Plans

30th July 2010

KATY PERRY was shocked when she met fiance RUSSELL BRAND's rocker pal MORRISSEY for the first time - because he tried to talk the pair out of walking down the aisle.Brand proposed to the I...

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Elliott Frustrated By Def Leppard's Lack Of Respect

21st July 2010

DEF LEPPARD star JOE ELLIOTT has accused the music press of failing to give rock bands due credit - insisting his group deserves the same respect as stars such as BONO, SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY and...

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Fascinating Fact 9654

14th July 2010

Fans of British singer MORRISSEY are in for a rare treat - six previously unreleased songs are to be included on the remastered version of his 1990 album BONA DRAG, which will hit stores in...

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Blur Are Glastonbury's Best

24th June 2010

Blur's headlining slot at Glastonbury last year has been voted the best performance at the festival in 40 years.BBC 6 Music radio presenter Lauren Laverne revealed the British indie group - which consists of Damon...

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Russell Brand's Love Advisors

22nd June 2010

Russell Brand is seeking love advice from his friends.The 'Get Him to the Greek' star admits his romance with Katy Perry is unfamiliar territory so he has asked close pals David Walliams - who recently...

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Morrissey's Fight With Snapper Over Photo Use Explained

9th June 2010

Revered photographer DEREK RIDGERS has broken his silence about his 18-year-old feud with MORRISSEY, insisting he is willing to put the past behind him because he's still a big fan of the former THE SMITHS...

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Katy Perry's Branded Cat

10th May 2010

Katy Perry and Russell Brand have bought a cat together.The animal-loving couple already have two feline pets between them but have added a third to their menagerie, who they have called Krusty, an amalgamation of...

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Morrissey's Fury Over Unheard Demo Tape

6th May 2010

Rocker MORRISSEY has called in his lawyers - to ban the broadcast of a 20-second tape of him singing.The segment of a previously-unheard demo tape recorded early in the star's solo career was set to...

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Morrissey's Tribute To Tragic Fan

4th May 2010

Singer MORRISSEY has told of his sadness after learning a devoted fan he frequently spoke to during concerts has died.The former The Smiths frontman was told by British DJ Janice Long that Melinda Hsu -...

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Morrissey Blasts Damien Hirst

17th March 2010

Morrissey reckons artist Damien Hirst's head should be "kept in a bag" for using dead animals in his artwork. The 'You Have Killed Me' singer and animal rights activist blasted the British artist - who...

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Morrissey Takes Aim At Hirst Over Dead Animal Art

17th March 2010

MORRISSEY has taken aim at controversial artist DAMIEN HIRST for using dead animals in his exhibitions.Hirst, who is famous for his rotting bull and a dead tiger shark set in formaldehyde, has appalled the staunch...

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Protests Widen Over Bbc's Cutback Plans

4th March 2010

Plans announced by the British Broadcasting Corporation this week to shut down two radio outlets, roll back spending on sports telecasts, and cut its online content in half have run into a wall of opposition...

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Morrissey Joins Latino Census Campaign

16th February 2010

British rocker MORRISSEY has joined a campaign to encourage Latin Americans to participate in the country's 2010 census.The former The Smiths frontman follows in the footsteps of rappers Mos Def and Pitbull, as well as...

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Morrissey Not Miserable Now

13th February 2010

Morrissey is "warm and funny".Although the former Smiths singer is famed for his dour persona, outspoken Courteeners frontman Liam Fray was pleasantly surprised when they met recently. Liam said: "I remember the first time he...

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Publishing Bosses Beg Morrissey To Put Pen To Paper

1st February 2010

Publishing bosses have sent pop icon MORRISSEY an open letter, begging him to follow through on his plans to write an autobiography.The former Smiths frontman has contemplated a memoir in the past, but always backed...

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Morrissey Dumps Management Team

8th January 2010

Morose rocker MORRISSEY has cut ties with his management team on the advice of his lawyers.The former The Smiths frontman endured a difficult 2009 filled with tour cancellations and health troubles, in addition to splitting...

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Morrissey: 'Tour Illness Was Flu'

22nd December 2009

Rocker MORRISSEY has finally broken his silence over the mystery illness that repeatedly derailed his 2009 world tour - insisting he suffered "some strain of flu."The former Smiths frontman axed numerous gigs on his global...

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Morrissey Unimpressed With Meat Mistake

17th December 2009

Notoriously strict vegetarian MORRISSEY is fuming after his employees sent out a Thanksgiving email to fans which mentioned eating turkey.The British singer has made his views on meat-eating very clear over the last few years,...

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Morrissey Apologises For 'Disaster' Album

17th December 2009

MORRISSEY has apologised to fans for his latest album, branding the release a "disaster".The former Smiths frontman intended to release Swords, a collection of his B-sides, as a cheap Christmas gift to fans, but record...

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Mccartney Slams Vegan Shoe Range Reports

12th December 2009

Designer STELLA MCCARTNEY has denied reports she's teaming up with pop star MORRISSEY to create a range of leather-free shoes.The vegetarian pair were recently linked by a British tabloid report which suggested they were in...

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