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Pudsey: The Movie - Now With Added Simon Cowell, As Producer

By Hayley Avron | 23rd January 2013

It looks as though Simon Cowell is pursuing a new career as a movie producer. The talent show creator has reportedly signed on to co-produce a movie about the dog that won Britain’s Got Talent....

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One Direction Movie To Start Filming

11th January 2013

Filming on One Direction's concert movie will begin this weekend.'Super Size Me' filmmaker Morgan Spurlock will start work on the 3D project in Tokyo, Japan, though he admits the technology isn't popular with everyone.However, he...

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Oscars Voting Deadline Extended After Glitches In New Online Ballot System

By Hayley Avron | 2nd January 2013

The new online voting system for the Oscars has been hampered by reports of difficulties in accessing the online balloting program and fears that the system may have been hacked.Concerns that the turn-out for this...

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One Direction's Movie Is 'For The Fans'

17th November 2012

One Direction's 3D movie will be about their fans.The boy band - Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson - recently announced they will make their big screen debut in August...

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One Direction Boys: Now Available In 3-D

14th November 2012

One Direction will star in a new 3-D movie.The 'Little Things' hitmakers confirmed they will appear in their own blockbuster next summer during an appearance on NBC's 'The Today Show', much to the delight of...

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Morgan Spurlock To Give One Direction In New Documentary

By Contributor | 14th November 2012

Given the huge levels of success that One Direction have achieved over the past year in both the UK and the USA, it was pretty clear that a documentary or live concert DVD was inevitable....

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Morgan Spurlock To Take One Direction Into Three Dimensions

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th November 2012

Morgan Spurlock has been hired to direct the One Direction film, which Sony will release the through its TriStar Pictures banner over Labor Day weekend on Aug. 30, 2013. The concert film, which follows Brit...

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One Direction Announce Their 3d Film

13th November 2012

One Direction are releasing a 3D movie.The 'Live While We're Young' hitmakers are delighted to be making their first big-screen outing in August 2013, which they revealed today (13.11.12) during a special episode of 'The...

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Cnn Hires Morgan Spurlock To Produce "Nonfiction" Show

24th August 2012

CNN has struck a deal with Super Size Me filmmaker Morgan Spurlock to produce a weekly documentary series, Inside Man, that will air on weekends beginning next April as part of the news channel's move...

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Morgan Spurlock Lands New Tv Show About American Subcultures

24th August 2012

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is set to launch his own TV series about the subcultures of American life.The Super Size Me director will follow everyone from marijuana growers to gun lovers as they go about their...

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Larry King's New Show Kicks Off With Seth Macfarlane

17th July 2012

Larry King 's new interview show 'Larry King Now' kicked off on Monday (July 16, 2012), with Seth Macfarlane joining the veteran host in the studio. Matthew Mcconaughey and Betty White are also lined up...

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Robert Pattinson In Cosmopolis: What Will The Twilight Fans Think?

25th May 2012

If you're a fan of Twilight star Robert Pattinson and you have been feeling concerned about how his carer might pan out, now that the Twilight trilogy has ended, you can let go of that...

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Morgan Spurlock's 'Mansome': The Reviews Don't Look Pretty

18th May 2012

Morgan Spurlock 's latest documentary, 'Mansome' has so far received a mixed response from critics. An exploration into the world of male grooming, Spurlock doesn't seem to have delved quite deep enough into his subject...

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Filmmaker Snatches Failure Out Of The Jaws Of Networks

21st November 2011

Having failed to persuade a broadcast or cable network to run his documentary series about overcoming failure, Morgan Spurlock ( Supersize Me, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold ) is taking it to the Web via...

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Morgan Spurlock To Shave Off Moustache For A Cause

15th November 2011

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has pledged to shave off his famous moustache at the end of November to help raise $5,000 (£3,125) for men's health issues.As part of the 'Movember' movement, the Super Size Me star...

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Morgan Spurlock Launches New Online Series

22nd September 2011

Director Morgan Spurlock will real-life New Yorkers as they conquer their fear of failure in a new online series.The Super Size Me filmmaker has signed on to launch a new documentary-style programme for Yahoo! called...

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Morgan Spurlock Makes Documentary About Comic-con

21st July 2011

Award-winning director Morgan Spurlock has bottled up the essence of Comic-Con for an upcoming documentary on the world-famous pop culture event.The Super Size Me filmmaker followed seven die-hard fantasy fans as they wandered through the...

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Morgan Spurlock Amused By Desperate Dad's Snickers Ruse

18th April 2011

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has commended the enterprising dad who is trying to persuade Mars confectionery bosses to cover his unborn son's education fees - by naming him Snickers.The Super Size Me documentarian is about to...

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Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Lands City Renaming Honour

14th April 2011

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has won the odd honour of renaming a city to promote his new documentary about product placement.On Wednesday night (13Apr11), Altoona City Council officials unanimously voted to sell the naming rights of...

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The Things They Say 18205

29th September 2010

"I was made fun of my whole childhood. Not only was I called Morgasm, but then I was Morgasm Spermc**k. All the way through (high school) - that's like 12 years. I was abused." SUPERSIZE...

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Whedon & Spurlock To Shoot Comic Convention Documentary

19th February 2010

Comic book superfans JOSS WHEDON and MORGAN SPURLOCK are teaming up to chronicle the genre's biggest convention Comic-Con in San Diego, California.The Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator and Super Size Me director/star are planning to...

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Spurlock To Pay Tribute To 20 Years Of The Simpsons

2nd December 2009

Filmmaker and huge THE SIMPSONS fan MORGAN SPURLOCK will host a 20th anniversary special honouring his favourite TV cartoon series in January (10).The Super Size Me star and director will celebrate the show in The...

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Spurlock Investigates 'Ancestry' Of Simpsons Character

28th August 2009

Filmmaker MORGAN SPURLOCK is determined to solve a dispute over THE SIMPSONS character GROUNDSKEEPER WILLIE as two Scottish cities battle to claim the fictional janitor as their own.Officials in Glasgow have posted a picture of...

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Spurlock: `We Didn't Find Osama Bin Laden'

18th April 2008

SUPER SIZE ME filmmaker and star MORGAN SPURLOCK has come clean about his movie hunt to find OSAMA BIN LADEN - on the day of his latest project WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN...

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Spurlock Buys Beers During Power Cut

12th March 2008

Kind-hearted star MORGAN SPURLOCK treated the audience to a free beer during a screening of his latest film - after a power cut threatened to end the show. The Super Size Me star was treating...

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Spurlock Sued By Movie 'Star'

21st January 2008

A former MCDonalds employee who appeared in 2004 movie SUPERSIZE ME is suing filmmaker MORGAN SPURLOCK, claiming the documentary ruined her life. Evelyn Candelaria has filed a lawsuit in New York, alleging she never signed...

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Has Spurlock Found Bin Laden?

6th December 2007

SUPER SIZE ME documentary maker MORGAN SPURLOCK has reportedly done what thousands of U.S. troops have been unable to do - find terrorist leader OSAMA BIN LADEN. According to American news network MSNBC, Spurlock showed...

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Spurlock Apologies For School Speech

28th March 2006

LATEST: Documentary maker MORGAN SPURLOCK has apologised to an American high school after stunning students and teachers with a foul-mouthed politically incorrect speech. During a lecture last week (ends23MAR06) at Hatboro-Horsham High School in Philadelphia,...

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Black Calls In Gourmet Food Firm To Beat The Burgers

22nd December 2005

Larger-than-life funnyman JACK BLACK has signed up for a new delivered gourmet food diet plan in a bid to wean himself off fast food dinners. The SHALLOW HAL star has ordered a "satchel of...

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Spurlock Plans Fiji Nuptials

3rd September 2005

SUPER SIZE ME director MORGAN SPURLOCK has announced plans to jet off to Fiji next year (06), to marry his vegan chef girlfriend ALEX JAMIESON. The couple opted for quiet, romantic nuptials after being...

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