Morgan Slams 'Irritating' Knightley

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT judge PIERS MORGAN has blasted Hollywood actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY for "moaning about being famous" - insisting she indulges in shameless self-promotion. The former newspaper editor is sick of celebrities who complain about unwanted attention from the paparazzi, but quite happily sign up for endless magazine photoshoots. And Morgan insists Knightley is one of the worst offenders. He tells British magazine Closer, "She moans about being famous and then does endless photo sessions. You can't use the media to promote yourself and then attack them! "My message to Keira is: 'If you'd like me to get off your case, stop bleating!' Most people would change their lives in a flash to have a tenth of what people like her have. Being famous is brilliant."


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Yet another oiled toad hops out of the bag.Who the blazes is Piers Morgan? But, I'll give him this: although No. 2, he's a prince compared to No. 1, the fellow who invented the "Razzie Prize". That dubious award-tool allowed Oiled Toad No 1 to sneak into my living room via a one-minute "live" clip, and, so help me, I had to throw up. And go out shopping for a new TV next day, because the old one did not resist a hurled five-pound dumbbell. Pardon the digression.P. Morgan painted a bad picture of talented Keira Knightley, and he will not be forgiven ... EVER! Morgan deftly wove some non-related facts into a poisonous fabric of deception against this amazing actress and , in so doing, elevated his bloated image into public sight, at the expense of an honest, hard-working artist.If Ms Knightley doesn't enjoy being sniped at by packs of paparazzi rats, I take that as showing good common sense. How many photos do those fellows throw away, while looking for that special one that puts a bad light on the famous girl? Very much like the town bully, trying to become "big" by making others "little".Not to worry: lovely Keira cannot be made "little"; after all she has "Pride and Prejudice" in her crown, and of course, "Pirates ...". She pays her press secretary to decide what still-photos are necessary for her professional career interests. Good business sense, that. It is patently unfair of Oiled-Toad Morgan to twist her personal preferences about publicity into the completely unrelated items addressed by her hired, but professional, publicity staff.I admonish O-T #2 to return to editing newspapers. I've worked for a few editors, and predict he could find happiness there ... just needs to take a day or two and find where the hiding places are, of all the "Jack Daniels" bottles. Hear! Hear!
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