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The only thing that makes Guy Ritchie 'poor Guy' is having a friend in Piers Morgan!!! Madonna and Guy used to laugh a lot - sharing a real chemistry (if you've seen the featurette on the Swept Away DVD you will know what I'm talking about)!I believe Madonna has tried hard to become the woman Guy wanted her to be but...... she was never gonna be a stay at home mum who sat down to Sunday lunch and then watched TV!!! she's not that boring!!! neither was Guy ever gonna be a disco dancer. Yes I agree - they are too different, but many people love their partner to be an individual. However to make it work there has to be compromise. If this transformation had taken place (thank God it didn't) then Madonna would not be the person he fell in love with. They will both be happier with new partners who are more spiritually in tune with them. Then of course the children will not suffer so much. In time let us hope Madonna and Guy can become good friends as Trudy Styler believes they will - if only for the sake of the children.
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5 years 10 months ago
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