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Garofalo Sobbed Through Smile Audition

16th July 2007

Comedienne JANEANE GAROFALO lost the chance to star alongside JULIA ROBERTS in MONA LISA SMILE when she burst into tears during the audition read through with the PRETTY WOMAN star. The Truth About Cats +...

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Lansbury Commits To First Broadway Run In 23 Years

24th October 2006

American actress ANGELA LANSBURY will return to Broadway after 23 years away from the New York stage when she stars in the new TERRENCE MCNALLY play DEUCE next year (07) Co-starring with MONA LISA...

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Stiles To Direct Elle Film

15th September 2006

Actress JULIA STILES is set to make her directorial debut after editors at style magazine Elle gave her the OK to shoot a short film she's written. The MONA LISA SMILE star, a Columbia University...

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Witherspoon Beats Roberts' Record

27th February 2006

Actress REESE WITHERSPOON has surpassed Hollywood superstar JULIA ROBERTS to become the highest paid actress of all time. The WALK THE LINE star, will earn $29 million (GBP17 million) for upcoming horror film OUR...

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Roberts' Female Movie Musicians Win Discrimination Case

10th August 2005

Nineteen female musicians who played on the MONA LISA SMILE movie score have won $3,500 (GBP1,955) each in a legal settlement, after proving they were paid less than their male counterparts. The US Equal...

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Grace Ignores Teen Offers

20th January 2005

Rising actor TOPHER GRACE snubbed a stream of offers to star in "teen movies" - because he was determined to score fame and acclaim in credible films. The THAT '70S SHOW star showed early...

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Stiles Slams Unfaithful Stars

3rd September 2004

JULIA STILES has launched a scathing attack on her fellow movie stars who cheat on their partners on film sets. The MONA LISA SMILE actress is horrified so many married actors and actresses treat...

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Roberts Promises To Stay Away From Clooney

14th May 2004

Hollywood superstar JULIA ROBERTS has been warned to keep her distance from hunky co-star GEORGE CLOONEY on the set of OCEAN'S TWELVE - by her jealous husband. The MONA LISA SMILE beauty, who has...

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Stiles To Appear On London Stage

29th March 2004

MONA LISA SMILE actress JULIA STILES will make her London, West End debut in a controversial sexual harassment play. The actress, 23, will co-star with another Hollywood star - AARON ECKHART - in the...

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Secretary Made Gyllenhaal Grow Up

24th March 2004

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL credits her breakthrough role in raunchy drama SECRETARY with making her grow up and broaden her sexual awareness. Gyllenhaal claims starring in the dark love story opposite JAMES SPADER tarnished her naive...

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Julia Roberts' Most Treasured Possession

26th January 2004

Movie superstar JULIA ROBERTS may have a fortune of millions, but her most treasure possession is a letter written by her late father. The MONA LISA SMILE beauty was just four when her dad...

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Harry Potter Film To Be The Costliest Ever

18th January 2004

The next HARRY POTTER film is set to break records and become the most expensive film ever made. The fourth film in the Potter series, GOBLET OF FIRE, will cost $289 million (GBP170 million)...

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Julia Roberts: Danny Keeps Me In Hollywood

17th January 2004

Hollywood superstar JULIA ROBERTS credits her husband DANNY MODER with keeping her in Los Angeles. The MONA LISA SMILE actress - originally from Smyrna, Georgia - insists she would leave the "narcissism, gossip and...

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Lord Of The Rings Reigns At Box Office

22nd December 2003

LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING has hauled in a massive $246 million (GBP144.7 million) in worldwide ticket sales in its first five days of release. The fantasy finale sold $125.1...

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Studio Row Over Mona Lisa Smile

19th December 2003

New JULIA ROBERTS film MONA LISA SMILE had to undergo a drastic rework after director MIKE NEWELL handed in his finished edit - to make it more commercial. According to American gossip site THE...

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Dunst Not Sure About Her New Hair

12th December 2003

KIRSTEN DUNST is far from convinced that hacking off her long hair was such a great idea - because it highlights her round face. The young actress cut off her locks three hours before...

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West Left Unimpressed By Julia Kiss

9th December 2003

British actor DOMINIC WEST has given PRETTY WOMAN JULIA ROBERTS a poor six-out-of-10 score for kissing, because his smooching scenes with the actress in MONA LISA SMILE were far from romantic. West, who romanced...

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Julia Roberts Snaps Back At Pregnancy Questions

8th December 2003

JULIA ROBERTS flew into a rage at a press conference promoting her new movie, MONA LISA SMILE, at the weekend (07DEC03) - when she was quizzed about a possible pregnancy. Fired up by the...

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Roberts: I Clear Up My Own Mess

5th December 2003

Leading lady JULIA ROBERTS may be the highest paid woman in Hollywood, but she refuses to lead a pampered celebrity lifestyle. Roberts reportedly earned $25 million (GBP14.7 million) for her latest role in MONA...

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Kirsten Thinks 'Smile' Is 'Safe'

26th November 2003

KIRSTEN DUNST has hit out at her new movie MONA LISA SMILE, accusing it of being too "safe". The SPIDER-MAN actress stars alongside JULIA ROBERTS and MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL in the 1950's-set story of Massachusetts,...

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Julia Roberts Uses Her Smarts To Nix Show

10th October 2003

JULIA ROBERTS managed to defuse a potentially embarassing celebrity show - by trading the programme for exclusive coverage of her new movie. When she found out celebrity-themed TV channel E! was planning to do...

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Julia Roberts Puts Motherhood On Hold

10th October 2003

OSCAR-winning actress JULIA ROBERTS has abandoned her plans to become a parent so she can concentrate on her acting career once again. The 35-year-old ERIN BROCKOVICH star - who wed cameraman DANNY MODER, 34,...

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Roberts Closer To Blanchett Role

22nd September 2003

Superstar JULIA ROBERTS is in talks to play the lead in new film CLOSER after CATE BLANCHETT dropped out from the role. Blanchett last week (ends19SEP03) quit the film after announcing she's pregnant with...

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Mike Newell To Direct Fourth Potter Movie

11th August 2003

British director MIKE NEWELL has been confirmed as the director of the fourth HARRY POTTER movie. The FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL director will commence work on HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE...

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Julia To Divorce.

3rd April 2003

Hollywood superstar JULIA ROBERTS is reportedly in divorce talks after her marriage to cameraman DANNY MODER fell apart. The MONA LISA SMILE actress has only been married to Moder for nine months but reports...

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