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Moby Lusts For Taken Arquette

11th May 2005

Dance star MOBY has revealed his secret celebrity crush - PATRICIA ARQUETTE. The GO hitmaker fell for Arquette when he saw her in 1993 movie TRUE ROMANCE - but concedes his love is destined...

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Moby: 'I'm A Terrible Rock Star'

14th April 2005

MOBY is considering hiring a "rock-star consultant" - because he makes a terrible rock star. The dance star is currently performing to promote his new album HOTEL, but is depressed his band's backstage antics...

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Moby Can't Forget Poverty-stricken Childhood

10th April 2005

Dance star MOBY's poverty-stricken childhood turned him into a workaholic. The HOTEL star was brought up by his mother on welfare in a poor area of Connecticut, America, and found the predicament embarrassing and...

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Moby's Tribute To Bowie

8th April 2005

MOBY has dedicated a track from his new album to DAVID BOWIE, for helping him through childhood. The singer claims Bowie's music gave him "great comfort" and eased his angst ridden teenage years....

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Mylo Turns Down U2

8th April 2005

Up-and-coming dance maestro MYLO turned down a money-spinning offer to remix U2's new single, because he didn't have time. The 25-year-old English DJ has gained a growing reputation in the music industry after remixing...

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Moby Shows Off His Nerdy Retreat

7th April 2005

MOBY has created his own nerdy getaway in upstate New York with his own observatory and Scrabble room. The dance music superstar splashed out on the six bedroom home and recently renovated it, so...

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Moby: 'Stop Giving Me Tea!'

6th April 2005

Dance star MOBY has a huge problem with owning a tea shop - it's now the only beverage he's ever offered when he goes out. Moby has been enjoying success with his vegan restaurant...

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Moby Reeling From Scathing Review

6th April 2005

MOBY fears is so stunned by a scathing review his new album HOTEL has received, he's wondering what he's done to personally upset the author. As the GO musician's latest project hits shelves,...

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Moby Vows To Pick Smaller Opponents After Eminem Feud

5th April 2005

Dance superstar MOBY is so relieved his long running feud with rapper EMINEM has fizzled out, he's vowed to pick his battles more cautiously in the future. The PLAY hitmaker had been locked...

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Moby Shuns Hotel Parties

1st April 2005

Dance star MOBY refuses to indulge in the popular rock 'n' roll pastime of hosting hotel room parties - because he hates leaving a mess for the "poor migrant" cleaners. The GO musician admits...

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Moby Hits Out At Stefani

23rd March 2005

Dance music pioneer MOBY has blasted pop singer GWEN STEFANI for inviting too many of her famous friends to perform on her latest album LOVE ANGEL MUSIC BABY. Moby, who has worked with Stefani...

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Moby Compares Minogue To Republicans

17th March 2005

Dance star MOBY has attacked the quality of Australian singer KYLIE MINOGUE's pop offerings, by likening her to America's Republican Party. The GO hitmaker claims he stumbled upon the comparison in the build up...

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Moby's Phenomenal Song-writing Approach

11th March 2005

MOBY was spoilt for choice when he decided the track-listing for new album HOTEL because he has a staggering five albums' worth of material leftover. The 39-year-old only allows himself two weeks away from...

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New Moby Record Accidentally Sample-free

11th March 2005

Dance star MOBY insists it is by total accident his new album HOTEL is free of samples, because he never intended to make a purely organic record. The PLAY hitmaker composed a staggering 300...

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Rap And Rock Stars Appear On Trump's Apprentice

11th March 2005

LIL' KIM, FAT JOE, GENE SIMMONS, MOBY and EVE are among a host of stars who put in guest appearances on DONALD TRUMP's reality TV show THE APPRENTICE last night (10MAR05). Ten of the...

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Moby's Low Land Ambitions

8th March 2005

If dance superstar MOBY ever abandoned his beloved New York city, he would want to live in Belgium or the Netherlands. The PLAY hitmaker has fallen in love with the low countries during his...

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Moby To Give French Masterclass

2nd March 2005

Dance music star MOBY will give an invitation-only masterclass in Paris, France to mark the launch of his new album HOTEL. The PLAY star, real name RICHARD MELVILLE HALL, will show how he creates...

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Moby Launches T-shirt Range

28th February 2005

Pop star MOBY is branching out as a designer after becoming a multi-millionaire musician and tea mogul. The PORCELAIN hitmaker, who owns a vegetarian cafe in New York and an iced tea brand, is...

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Moby Adapts Personality To Suit Company

27th February 2005

MOBY's desire to be liked and fit-in is so intense - he has developed a chameleon-like personality to accommodate the company he's in. The 39-year-old PLAY musician believes his strong desire to be accepted...

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Moby Pining For Freezing Storms

24th January 2005

Dance star MOBY is desperate to fly home to New York city from Europe, because he wants to enjoy the blizzard currently hitting the Big Apple. The PLAY singer, 39, arrived in London over...

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Moby Blasts 'Ignorant Orwellian' Us

6th January 2005

Dance star MOBY has lashed out at the American media and public for having "willful ignorance" of the troubled state of their country and the world. The PLAY hitmaker likened modern American society to...

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Moby Wants To Split America

4th November 2004

Democrat-supporter MOBY wants to split America into three nations, following GEORGE W BUSH's victory in the US presidential election. The disappointed dance star concedes Republican Bush received the majority of votes nationwide, after claiming...

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Moby Praises Eminem

28th October 2004

Dance superstar MOBY has extended a hand of friendship to long-time foe EMINEM - by praising the rapper's new video MOSH. The pair have been bickering since 2001 when Moby called Eminem's music misogynist...

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Moby's New Releases

20th October 2004

Dance superstar MOBY will release two new albums together next March (05). The PORCELAIN hitmaker has nearly finished recording the discs - one of which will be "songs" and the other "ambient" music....

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Moby Sells Himself At Political Fundraiser

14th October 2004

Vegan dance icon MOBY has put himself up for sale in a bid to prevent President GEORGE W BUSH returning to office in America. The PORCELAIN star took part in an auction at New...

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Moby Intrigued By Olsen Twins

8th October 2004

Dance music star MOBY is fascinated by the careers of MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN, comparing the twins' lives to a Shakespearean tragedy. The PLAY singer is enthralled by the superstar sisters and, in light...

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Moby's Panic Attack Hell

28th September 2004

Dance music star MOBY has suffered crippling panic attacks since he tried LSD at the age of 19. The 38-year-old - whose real name is RICHARD MELVILLE HALL - only sampled the drug once,...

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Moby Gets His Hands Dirty

1st September 2004

Dance superstar MOBY is so hygiene obsessed, he insists on scrubbing his toilet with his bare hands. The GO hitmaker even claims the strange habit is "a thing of beauty". He says, "I...

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Moby Slams Gossip

18th August 2004

American dance star MOBY has urged fans not to believe everything the read about him, insisting he wishes his life were as interesting as the one he reads about. The superstar also hints the...

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Moby To Market Health Drinks

4th August 2004

Rocker MOBY plans to mass-market the tea and juice drinks he sells at his New York cafe TEANY. The PLAY musician, 38, is desperate to introduce the health beverages from his East Village...

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