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Led Zeppelin To Play Two-hour Set

4th December 2007

LED ZEPPELIN have promise to treat fans to a two hour long set at their reunion show.NME has reported that guitarist JIMMY PAGE revealed that those lucky enough to have tickets for the sold out...

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Moby Misses Thanksgiving Charity Job

24th November 2007

Dance star MOBY failed to turn up for charity work feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving (22Nov07), after getting the time wrong. The singer promised to help out at a New York soup kitchen, but mistook...

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Moby Angry After Penthouse Offer Rejected

12th November 2007

Musician MOBY is furious after an offer on his Spanish penthouse in California was rejected for "no reason". The dance star hit out at the co-op board for rejecting the sale of his four-level $7.5...

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The Things They Say 6111

9th November 2007

"The first time I played in Italy. In Milan I believe. It was in a club that held 1,000 people and eight people showed up. Yup. Eight people." Dance music star MOBY recalls the most...

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Moby Offers Music To Moviemakers For Nothing

7th November 2007

Dance music star MOBY is offering independent filmmakers the opportunity to use his music for free in their movies. The Porcelain hitmaker, a one-time film student, has placed music on website for independent, non-profit...

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Amy And Joss Lend An Ear

5th November 2007

AMY WINEHOUSE and JOSS STONE have taken time out from their headline-grabbing music careers to help launch a new campaign aiming to raising awareness of hearing loss.The two singers are amongst a host of high-profile...

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Moby's Fears For Panic Attack Epidemic

25th October 2007

Dance star MOBY has undergone medical tests to determine what causes him to suffer panic attacks. The Porcelain hitmaker volunteered for the U.S. study, which sought to determine if carbon dioxide causes attacks. A link...

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Moby Slams Madonna Deal

16th October 2007

Dance star MOBY has hit out at MADONNA's "obscene" $120 million (GBP60 million) record deal, insisting too much money is thrown at artists. The Material girl agreed the deal with tour promoters Live Nation after...

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Moby Launches Club Night

9th October 2007

Dance music superstar MOBY is to launch a new club night at New York's Hiro Ballroom. The Degenerates night will launch on Thursday (11Oct07) - and Moby will perform at every event. DJs Juan MACLean,...

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Moby's Impromptu Tribute Gig

2nd October 2007

Music stars PATTI SMITH and MOBY shocked fans at a T-REX tribute event in New York on Saturday (29Sep07), by jumping onstage for impromptu performances. The dance star claims he only attended the bash as...

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Moby Has A Laugh As Porn-loving Creep In Goldblum Film

27th August 2007

Pop star MOBY is showing off his comedy skills in a quirky new JEFF GOLDBLUM mockumentary. The We Are All Made of Stars hitmaker plays the amateur pornloving partner of actress Illeana Douglas in The...

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Frank Oz Wins Over Locarno

12th August 2007

Franz Oz's Death at a Funeral took the Public Prize at this year's Locarno Film Festival to keep the British cinema flag flying.The comedy picture, starring Matthew Macfayden, centres on the dark secrets of a...

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Moby Hits Out At Live Earth Hamburgers

9th July 2007

Eco-friendly pop star MOBY has hit out at the organisers of the LIVE EARTH concerts for selling meat at the events. The vegan musician's complaint echoes that of animals rights group People for the Ethical...

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Moby Wants To Punish Paedophiles

22nd June 2007

Dance star MOBY wants to "encase paedophiles in concrete" and throw them into the sea. The performer, a self-proclaimed pacifist, has spoken out after the recent (Jun07) arrest of a British man responsible for an...

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Moby Signs New Record Deal

15th June 2007

Dance star MOBY has signed a new deal with Mute Records - a year after he was left stranded by the dissolution of his old label, V2 Records. The Porcelain hitmaker has been working with...

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Moby: 'I Want To Be A Vampire'

11th June 2007

Dance star MOBY has confessed to fans he would like to be a vampire, if it means he could be immortal. The Porcelain hitmaker offered the bizarre choice to readers of his website blog, and...

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The Things They Say 4789

31st May 2007

"Why do 90 per cent of tornadoes and the majority of hurricanes in America tend to strike Republican states?" MOBY wonders whether God has any political preferences....

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Moby's Naked Mistake

22nd May 2007

Dance star MOBY accidentally exposed his naked form to hundreds of starspotters at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday (18May07). The DJ, who performed at a Cannes Party on Thursday (17May07), stumbled onto the balcony...

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Moby Forms Rock Group

4th May 2007

MOBY has formed an unnamed rock band, which made a low-key live debut in New York earlier this week (beg30Apr07). The benefit show went so well, Moby is now trying to find a name for...

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The Things They Say 4256

12th March 2007

"I hope (those) who've financially benefited from her can put aside their mercenary self-interest and take care of her as a person." MOBY urges record company executives to put BRITNEY SPEARS' health before their profits....

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Swain Reveals Meaty Secret

23rd January 2007

LOLITA star DOMINIQUE SWAIN is keen to distance herself from a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) anti-fur campaign, which she posed naked for - because she doesn't want people to think she's...

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Moby Condemns Saddam Hanging

4th January 2007

Politically-minded musician MOBY has condemned the execution of Iraqi dictator SADDAM HUSSEIN - insisting it was against God's will. The former tyrant was hanged in Baghdad on Saturday (30DEC06) after being convicted of crimes against...

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The Things They Say 3681

3rd January 2007

"If I were your grandmother, I'd say, 'Spend time with people you care about, eat well and get some exercise, do good work and don't worry so much. And have a happy new year.' And...

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Moby Calls For Peace At Christmas

22nd December 2006

Dance superstar MOBY has urged fans to remember the real meaning of Christmas and not get wrapped up in the commercialisation of the festive period. In a seasonal message on his website, the PORCELAIN hitmaker...

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Moby's Dining Failure

14th December 2006

Dance star MOBY's ill-fated attempt at launching a restaurant flopped because he charged less for a dish that it cost to prepare. The PLAY mastermind's culinary faux pas happened at his vegan restaurant in New...

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Moby's Seven Thousand Unreleased Songs

13th December 2006

Dance star MOBY has plenty of songs to choose from when making his next album - he has written seven thousand tracks since he was a youngster. The PLAY hitmaker's has amassed such a huge...

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Moby Lusts After Arquette

11th December 2006

Dance star MOBY is crazy about PATRICIA ARQUETTE, hailing the actress as "sexy, smart and damaged". The PLAY hitmaker has long harboured a crush on the MEDIUM beauty, who married THOMAS JANE in Venice, Italy,...

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Love Takes Over Radio Show

28th November 2006

Rocker COURTNEY LOVE is taking over digital radio station BBC 6 Music for a day next month (DEC06). Love will pick her favourite songs, openly discuss her tragic relationship with late husband KURT COBAIN, and...

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Moby Slams Fox Newsman

22nd November 2006

Dance star MOBY has branded Fox newsman BILL O'REILLY "a very lonely man" following his outburst at "computer geeks". The journalist and TV personality recently hit out at people who use iPods, suggesting the popular...

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Moby "I Don't Know Why Everyone Hates Me"

3rd November 2006

Dance star MOBY is still bemused by the flack he receives from the media and celebrities, and doesn't know what he did to incite it. The PLAY hitmaker, who was involved in a lengthy and...

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