Moby Condemns Saddam Hanging

Politically-minded musician MOBY has condemned the execution of Iraqi dictator SADDAM HUSSEIN - insisting it was against God's will. The former tyrant was hanged in Baghdad on Saturday (30DEC06) after being convicted of crimes against the Iraqi people. American Moby is saddened by the celebration of his death that has echoed around the world. He writes on his blog, "Saddam Hussein was a bad man, and a tyrant, and a despot. But I don't know that 'celebrating' his death speaks so highly of the celebrants. I'm anti-death penalty. Our culture of punishing death with death and punishing violence with violence seems beneath us. "It does genuinely make me sad when I hear of people celebrating the death of another human being, regardless of what that human being might have done. "I find it especially odd when Christians are pro-death and when Christians celebrate an execution. Jesus did kind of say: 'Love your enemies', and 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice'. "Executing the guilty might satisfy some violent blood-lust within us, but as everyone learns in the First grade, two wrongs don't make a right."


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There are going to be some people who believe ,like Moby, the death penality should not have been used in Irag against Saddam Hussien.I am all for the death penality.I think he deserved it.And i think we should rejoice in the death of a cruel man.The United Kingdom is too soft with punishing murderers. They should all be hung. It gives a warning message out that murder, violence will not be tolerated.It frees the overcrowded prisons and free millions of pounds spent on keeping people in prison. You never understood why the vote for hanging has never gone to the public? The government knows the voice of the people will bring back hanging.
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