Miuccia Prada loves aprons.

The Italian fashion designer says she gets a lot of her inspiration from the lives of everyday women and uses the tradition kitchen attire for her collections because it symbolises the tough lives some females have to lead.

She said: ''I'm interested in the lives of women in general, which is why I love aprons. The apron is a recurring theme in my work because it is symbolic of women's sufferance. It's an emblem of women's despair, their poverty, their passions. I love drama and romance. It's one of the reasons why I love antique jewellery - I like to live the lives of other women.

Miuccia - who works for Prada and heads her fashion forward sister company Miu Miu - has previously said she often wears clothes she thinks are ''appalling'' and sometimes hates her own signature style.

She said: ''I get passions, I have to wear something even if I know it's really appalling. It's all about the fantasy of the moment and for about 20 days it's all I want.''