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Blockbuster Movie Props On Sale

22nd August 2013

Rare Hollywood memorabilia including props from blockbusters Mr. & MrS. Smith and Mission: Impossible Iii are to go up for auction next month (Sep13).Bosses at Premier Props are opening up their vaults for a high-profile...

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J.j. Abrams Asked Cameron Crowe For Tom Cruise Directing Advice

23rd April 2013

J.J. Abrams turned to Cameron Crowe for advice on working with Tom Cruise before they began filming Mission: Impossible Iii in a bid to calm his nerves about directing the acting icon.The 2006 action epic...

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Actress Kathryn Fiore Is Pregnant

4th February 2013

Mission: Impossible Iii star Kathryn Fiore and her actor husband Gabriel Tigerman are expecting their first child.The 33 year old is pregnant and due to give birth to a daughter in May (13). Sharing...

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Maggie Q Turns Her Naked Body Into A Canvas For New Peta Ad

24th January 2013

Mission: Impossible Iii star Maggie Q has stripped off for a stunning new People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals campaign poster aimed at convincing New Year dieters to give up meat.The vegan actress agreed...

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Simon Pegg Wants Happy Set

11th June 2012

Simon Pegg likes working on a happy set.The 'A Fantastic Fear of Everything' actor says he's learnt over the years not to be a diva when it comes to work because it ruins the atmosphere...

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Simon Pegg Surprised At 'Normal' Tom Cruise

1st May 2012

Simon Pegg was surprised at how ''normal'' Tom Cruise was.The 'Star Trek' actor starred alongside Tom in 'Mission: Impossible 3' and 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' and he says despite his A-list status he was...

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Lawsuit Films Made $7 Billion; Investors Earned $0

30th November 2011

In the latest lawsuit to accuse a Hollywood studio of cooking the books, a group of investors is claiming that it invested $375 million in 29 Paramount films that together grossed nearly $7 billion but...

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Philip Seymour Hoffman: 'Acting Isn't Mystical'

27th October 2011

Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't think acting is "mystical"The 44-year-old actor and director - who has over 50 film titles to his name, including 'Twister', 'Along Came Polly' and 'Mission Impossible III' - described how he...

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Simon Pegg Discusses Mission Impossible 'Evolution'

21st June 2011

'Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol' is an "evolution" of the series. The fourth film in the action movie series again stars Tom Cruise as action man Ethan Hunt and although the introduction of Jeremy Renner's...

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The Things They Say 9644

25th September 2008

"We got married and I started on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III right after... and, literally, three days after our wedding I was in bed with TOM CRUISE... When I got home... he (husband) said, 'I can't...

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Russell To Play Animated Wonder Woman

9th July 2008

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III star KERI RUSSELL has signed up to play WONDER WOMAN in a new animated superhero movie. The actress will join Alfred Molina, Rosario Dawson and Virginia Madsen among the unseen stars of...

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Fascinating Fact 5257

30th April 2008

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 star MICHELLE MONAGHAN was given an oil painting of the Australian church where she married husband PETER WHITE in 2005 as a wedding giftt....

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Fascinating Fact 5254

30th April 2008

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 star MICHELLE MONAGHAN was given an oil painting of the Australian church where she married husband PETER WHITE in 2005 as a wedding giftt....

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Monaghan Can't Understand Cruise Criticism

25th April 2008

Actress MICHELLE MONAGHAN is baffled by critics who deem her MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III co-star TOM CRUISE uptight - insisting the actor is actually very easygoing. Cruise has a reputation for being a controlling perfectionist while...

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Rhys Meyers Wants To Play Young Brit's Father Again

29th November 2007

Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS wants to play young star FREDDIE HIGHMORE's father again - when he's in his 60s. The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 star played the 15-year-old's dad in acclaimed new movie August Rush, and...

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Russell Vows To Keep Up Cello Practice

19th November 2007

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 star KERI RUSSELL is determined not to let her cello lessons go to waste after taking a crash 12-week course to master the fingering of the instrument for her new film. The...

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Pegg Defends 'Strange' Cruise

6th September 2007

British actor SIMON PEGG has laughed off speculation TOM CRUISE tried to convert him to Scientology when they filmed MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III last year (06). The Shaun Of The Dead funnyman admits he found Cruise...

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Rhys Meyers Gives Up On Hollywood Romance

5th July 2007

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III star JOHANTHAN RHYS MEYERS insists his days of romancing Hollywood stars are over - because he hates dating "drama queens". The Irish actor, who has been romantically linked to stars including Scarlett...

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Paramount Pay Out Over Mi:3 Stunt

17th April 2007

Movie giant Paramount has agreed to pay $75,000 (GBP38,460) to the US Attorney's office after a marketing stunt for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III prompted a series of bomb scares. Plastic devices were fitted to 4,500 newspaper...

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Rhys-meyers' Monarch Makeover

9th April 2007

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 star JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS has defended his casting as famously overweight English king HENRY VIII, insisting US audiences don't want to watch an obese royal. The Irish heart-throb is playing the 16th century...

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Carnahan Feared Career Was Over After Quitting Cruise Movie

5th April 2007

NARC director JOE CARNAHAN feared he would never work again after quitting TOM CRUISE action epic MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III. The filmmaker spent 15 months working on the sequel before leaving over creative differences with studio...

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Carnahan: 'My Mission Impossible Was Better'

4th April 2007

Director JOE CARNAHAN is still bitter he didn't get to finish his work on Hollywood blockbuster MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III, because he believes his version would have been far superior. The SMOKIN' ACES filmmaker spent 15...

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Casino Royale Triumphs At Empire Film Awards

28th March 2007

CASINO ROYALE has emerged the big winner at the Empire Film Awards in London, winning three trophies including Best Film and Best Actor for new 007 DANIEL CRAIG. Bond girl EVA GREEN completed the hatrick...

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Fascinating Fact 2956

6th March 2007

RACHEL MCADAMS has turned down a variety of roles including the romantic leads in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III and CASINO ROYALE and ANNE HATHAWAY's parts in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and the upcoming GET SMART....

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Fascinating Fact 2933

27th February 2007

LATEST: Horror writer STEPHEN KING was so thrilled with the idea of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III director J.J. ABRAMS making the movie adaptation of his latest work THE DARK TOWER he sold him an option on...

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Abrams Set For Next Star Trek Film

26th February 2007

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III director J.J. ABRAMS has signed on to direct the next installment of the STAR TREK feature franchise after months of speculation. STAR TREK XI will focus on a young JAMES T. KIRK...

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Keri Russell Marries In New York

15th February 2007

Former FELICITY star KERI RUSSELL tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend SHANE DEARY in New York City on Valentine's Day (14FEB07). Russell and Deary, both 30, recently announced they were expecting their first child...

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Keri Russell Pregnant

20th January 2007

Former FELICITY star KERI RUSSELL is expecting her first child this summer (07). Russell, 30, and fiance SHANE DEARY, 30, a contractor, have been dating for several years and became engaged last year (06). The...

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Stiller Defends Cruise After Paramount Furore

3rd January 2007

BEN STILLER has spoken out in defence of TOM CRUISE, insisting it was "wrong" for Paramount Studios to axe its deal with the superstar last year (06). MEET THE PARENTS star Stiller insists Paramount boss...

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The Departed Tops Another 2006 Critic List

29th December 2006

MARTIN SCORSESE's star-studded mob drama THE DEPARTED has been named the best film of 2006 by website The Departed topped LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and CHILDREN OF MEN, which came second and third respectively in...

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