The Miss USA pageant came and went on Sunday without much fuss. Without even a mild degree of scandal, the show went by without much media buzz. The new Miss USA is Miss Nevada – Nia Sanchez, a 24-year-old with a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Reuters report.

Nia Nevada
Nia Sanchez addressed the pressing problem of sexual assault on college campuses.

Miss Sanchez’s win was partly due to the great job she did in the Q&A session. As one of six finalists, she addressed the issue of rape and sexual assault on college campuses.

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She pointed out a frequent problem with reporting and lack of persecution for perpetrators, explaining that some colleges, fearing a bad reputation, might sweep the problem under the rug, and that "More awareness (of the issue) is very important so that women can learn to protect themselves." Her answer didn't really address the issue of victim blaming, that is placing the responsibility on potential victims, instead of the perpetrators.

Giuliana Rancic
The E! network's Giuliana Rancic co-hosted the show.

In fact, as a black belt, the beauty queen says that women need to have the confidence to defend themselves. “That's something we need to start to implement for a lot of women.”

The pageant, co-hosted by Giuliana Rancic of "E! News" and MSNBC's morning news show "Way Too Early" host Thomas Roberts, was broadcast live on NBC from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.