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Barton - Single And Searching For Love

25th March 2007

Former THE OC star MISCHA BARTON has dismissed reports she's dating KEIRA KNIGHTLEY's ex JAMIE DORNAN, insisting she is single and looking for love. The svelte actress, who recently split from her rocker boyfriend CISCO...

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Fascinating Fact 2999

19th March 2007

Hollywood beauty MISCHA BARTON uses the pseudonym MARIE ANTOINETTE when she books hotel rooms....

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Barton Romanced By Dornan?

18th March 2007

Former THE O.C. star MISCHA BARTON is reportedly romancing KEIRA KNIGHTLEY's ex JAMIE DORNAN, after the pair were spotted together in London earlier this week (14MAR07). The actress was seen leaving an ARCADE FIRE gig...

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Weinsteins Hire Stylist Zoe For Halston

16th March 2007

LATEST: Movie moguls HARVEY and BOB WEINSTEIN have hired celebrity stylist RACHEL ZOE as a creative consultant for their new fashion label Halston. The movie bosses are branching out into the fashion business and recently...

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Barton Parties Until She Vomits In New York City

14th March 2007

Former THE O.C. star MISCHA BARTON showed she can party with the best of them in New York last week (08MAR07) when she refused to let a bout of sickness stop her fun. The actress...

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Barton Would Be A Lawyer If Not For Hollywood

6th March 2007

British-born TV star MISCHA BARTON would be a lawyer working in the UK if she wasn't an actress. Barton was born in London but moved to New York with her family at the age of...

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Barton Prefers A Good Book To Partying

6th March 2007

Former THE O.C. star MISCHA BARTON has laughed off her party girl persona, insisting she prefers to stay at home with a good book over a wild night out. The 21-year-old actress and model explains...

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Barton Bumps Pal Richie's Car?

20th February 2007

Former THE O.C. star MISCHA BARTON has reportedly escaped unscathed from a minor accident in her friend NICOLE RICHIE's Mercedes jeep. The actress was borrowing the vehicle and driving it on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard...

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Barton And Adler Officially Over

8th February 2007

LATEST: MISCHA BARTON has confirmed her relationship with rocker CISCO ADLER is officially over after 18 months. A representative from Adler's record label insisted yesterday (07FEB07) the couple were still together, but Barton claims that...

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Adler Slams Split Reports

8th February 2007

LATEST: Rocker CISCO ADLER has slammed reports he has split with girlfriend MISCHA BARTON. Media reports claimed the actress dumped her boyfriend after a nude photo of him appeared on the Internet last month (JAN07)....

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Barton Breaks Up With Adler

7th February 2007

MISCHA BARTON has ended her relationship with musician CISCO ADLER after nude photos of him appeared on the Internet. THE OC star was reportedly shocked when pictures of her boyfriend turned up among PARIS HILTON's...

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Barton Expected The Oc Cancellation

18th January 2007

MISCHA BARTON was far from surprised when her former series THE OC was cancelled recently - because ratings dropped significantly when she left the show. The 20-year-old star played MARISSA COOPER on the teen...

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Best-dressed Bilson

6th January 2007

THE O.C. star RACHEL BILSON has found something to smile about after the break-up of her romance to co-star ADAM BRODY and the cancellation of her TV show - she has been named Hollywood's best-dressed...

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Longoria Gets Sporty For Bebe

5th January 2007

Newly-engaged DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA will be getting sporty in 2007 - not only will she wed basketball star TONY PARKER, she'll also front fashion house Bebe's new sportswear line. The sexy Latina has...

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The O.c. Cancelled

4th January 2007

Beloved teen soap THE O.C. has been cancelled due to falling ratings following actress MISCHA BARTON's decision to quit the show. The once hit series joins former WILL + GRACE star MEGAN MULLALLY's new chat...

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Beyonce Tops Hollywood's Best Dressed List

19th December 2006

BEYONCE KNOWLES has been crowned Hollywood's style queen in a new Best Dressed poll. Style editors at American publication Life + Style have named the singer/actress as their favourite fashion femme of 2006, ahead of...

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Fergie Gets Styled By Tyra Banks

6th December 2006

British socialite and charity activist SARAH FERGUSON has a top new stylist - retired model TYRA BANKS. The DUCHESS OF YORK recently appeared on Banks' US daytime talk show and confessed she has always dreamed...

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Richie Sacks Celebrity Stylist

22nd November 2006

THE SIMPLE LIFE star NICOLE RICHIE has axed her personal stylist and close confidante RACHEL ZOE after more than two years. Zoe has been accused of promoting unhealthy body images and advises a roster of...

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Roberts Tops Sexy Spectacles Poll

18th November 2006

JULIA ROBERTS is the sexiest bespectacled star, according to a new US magazine poll. Readers of weekly publication In Touch were asked to vote for their favourite four-eyed star and the PRETTY WOMAN actress beat...

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The Things They Say 3309

9th November 2006

"I always begged my parents, when I was growing up, to celebrate Thanksgiving. So we quasi-celebrate it. I just like the tradition. I always just wanted to be able to go to the big meal."...

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Barton Slams Skinny Celebs

6th November 2006

Svelte actress MISCHA BARTON has called on Hollywood to turn its back on extreme dieting and celebrate "womanly curves" instead. The former THE OC beauty worries pictures of skeletal stars in magazines and newspapers is...

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Fascinating Fact 2355

1st November 2006

Former THE OC star MISCHA BARTON's boyfriend CISCO ADLER is getting his own reality show on US network VH1. The show will follow the Malibu, California rocker and his dysfunctional band WHITESTARR.

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Barton Desperate For An Ordinary Man

19th October 2006

Actress MISCHA BARTON is sick of dating actors, as they are more worried about their appearance than she is. The OC beauty is desperate to meet a man with a little more humility than the...

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Keys To Host Aids Fundraiser

16th October 2006

ALICIA KEYS is raising money for Keep A Child Alive - the Grammy Award winner is hosting the annual Black Ball charity event next month (NOV06). Keys will co-present the New York bash with DAVID...

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The Things They Say 3077

11th October 2006

"Oh my God, Cadbury's! It is so much better than Hershey's chocolate. And I love all the mashed potatoes, the mushy peas, the Brussel sprouts." MISCHA BARTON is a huge fan of British cuisine.

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Barton To Appear In Shakespeare Play?

11th October 2006

Former THE OC beauty MISCHA BARTON is desperate to land a leading role in a WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE play after studying the playwright's work in London this summer (06). The 20-year-old enrolled in the British capital's...

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Barton Blasts Richie

4th October 2006

MISCHA BARTON has lashed out at NICOLE RICHIE for severing their friendship, branding THE SIMPLE LIFE star "fickle". THE OC beauty used to be spotted regularly at glamorous parties with the daughter of soul star...

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Barton Admires Blanchett

2nd October 2006

Former THE OC star MISCHA BARTON dreams of being a respected actress like CATE BLANCHETT. Since leaving The OC earlier this year (06), the English-born beauty is desperate to prove her acting abilities on the...

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Fascinating Fact 2193

30th September 2006

JAMES BLUNT has never seen hit TV show THE OC which stars MISCHA BARTON, the star of his video GOODBYE MY LOVER.

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Minnelli To Cameo On Law + Order

29th September 2006

Singing legend LIZA MINNELLI is set to star in an episode of crime series LAW + ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT. The CABARET star, 59, will play a retired beauty queen whose aspiring model daughter is murdered...

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