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Spielberg To Go Back To The Future?

5th June 2003

Hollywood heavyweight STEVEN SPIELBERG has reportedly expressed an interest in reviving the beloved BACK TO THE FUTURE franchise. The MINORITY REPORT director has held tentative talks with studio UNIVERSAL about making a fourth film...

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Sci-fi Wins For Rings + Spielberg At The Saturns

21st May 2003

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS and movie mogul STEVEN SPIELBERG were the big winners at the 29th annual SATURN AWARDS - which recognise excellence in science fiction. Spielberg attended the event...

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Farrell Mistaken For Enrique

12th May 2003

Irish actor COLIN FARRELL has found a surprising consequence of his newfound penchant for knitted hats - he keeps being mistaken for Spanish singer ENRIQUE IGLESIAS. But the MINORITY REPORT hunk admits there was...

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Colin Farrell.s Latest Conquest

20th April 2003

Womanising MINORITY REPORT actor COLIN FARRELL just can't keep his hands to himself - the star has been caught locking lips with an unknown Australian actress. This is just the latest in a string...

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Farrell Buys Pregnant Girlfriend A Hollywood Home

17th April 2003

Irish actor COLIN FARRELL has proved just what a gentleman he can be - by buying his pregnant girlfriend a plush Hollywood home. The 26-year-old MINORITY REPORT hunk recently announced he and model KIM...

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Colin Farrell.s Gaelic Uncertainty

4th April 2003

Irish actor COLIN FARRELL wishes he'd paid more attention in class when he was learning Gaelic - because he's a little unsure about what he said when he spoke in the language at the OSCARS....

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Farrell.s Foul Mouth Keeps His Life Private

2nd April 2003

Irish actor COLIN FARRELL likes his reputation as a foul-mouthed drunk - because it gets him out of talking about his private life. The MINORITY REPORT hunk, whose penchant for four-letter words has proved...

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