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Steven Spielberg Developing Minority Report Tv Series

22nd August 2014

Steven Spielberg is developing a Tv series based on his 2002 blockbuster Minority Report.The acclaimed director's sci-fi thriller, loosely based on the short story of the same name by author Philip K. DICk, starred Tom...

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Colin Farrell Surprised He Has A Job

31st July 2012

Colin Farrell is surprised he still gets acting jobs.The 'Total Recall' star, who got his break with sci-fi hit 'Minority Report' in 2002, later spiralled out of control and ended up having to go into...

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Connor Cruise Loves Crimson Tide

19th March 2012

Connor Cruise's favourite action movie does not star his father Tom. The 17-year-old aspiring actor - the adopted son of the 49-year-old Hollywood star and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman - admits he would rather watch...

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Steven Spielberg's Darker Movies

14th January 2012

Steven Spielberg admits his films became "darker" after September 11.The 'War House' director says he was changed by the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington in 2001 and that has come across in his...

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Taylor Lautner: 'Stretch Armstrong Movie Still Being Written'

6th September 2011

Taylor Lautner admits a 'Stretch Armstrong' film won't be out for some time.The 'Twilight Saga' actor has long been rumoured to play the toy-character in a forthcoming big-screen story, but he admits other projects are...

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Taylor Lautner Admires Tom Cruise

4th September 2011

Taylor Lautner would "kill" to have a career like Tom Cruise.The 19-year-old hunk studied the 'Mission Impossible' actor and other action stars to prepare for his role in 'Abduction' and admits he would love to...

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Moviegoers On Other Side Of Tracks

2nd August 2011

Forget all those expensive tracking studies and the forecasts of those know-it-all box-office gurus. Moviegoers simply didn't behave the way they were supposed to over the weekend. Cowboys & Aliens , which was expected to...

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Movie Reviews Cars 2

24th June 2011

For the first time, most of the major critics have taken the wrecking hammer to a Pixar movie. The movie in question is Cars 2. And several critics do give it the kind of review...

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Ne-yo Regrets Giving Track To Beyonce

10th March 2011

Ne-Yo regrets giving Beyonce Knowles 'Irreplaceable'.The singer/songwriter penned the female empowerment song - about a woman who dumps her cheating boyfriend - but let Beyonce record it and says he wishes he'd kept for himself,...

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Ne-yo Planning Third Jay-z Collaboration

2nd March 2011

Ne-Yo wants to make a "classic" track with Jay-Z.The two stars have collaborated twice before - on Ne Yo's 'Call Me Crazy' and Jay's 'Minority Report' - but the 'Beautiful Monster' hitmaker believes they have...

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Fascinating Fact 9637

12th July 2010

MINORITY REPORT actress KATHRYN MORRIS has signed on to play BRAD PITT's wife in baseball movie Moneyball.

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Leigh Smitten With Morton

20th November 2007

Actress JENNIFER JASON LEIGH has confessed to a lesbian crush on British actress SAMANTHA MORTON, revealing she's desperate to work with the MINORITY REPORT star. Asked by gay magazine The Advocate who she'd court if...

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Jay-z Attacks Himself In Hurricane Katrina Rap

16th November 2006

JAY-Z is starting a series of subtle rap feuds on his comeback album KINGDOM COME - and he's hurling the biggest at himself. The rap mogul is leaving fans to read between the lines and...

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Morton: 'Paedophiles Are Treated Better Than Children In Care'

12th October 2006

Actress SAMANTHA MORTON has slammed the luxurious conditions in which paedophiles are kept in British prisons, claiming sex offenders enjoy a better standard of living than children who grow up in care homes. The MINORITY...

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Morton To Hold Monroe Auction

10th October 2006

Actress SAMANTHA MORTON is to hold an auction in celebration of what would have been MARILYN MONROE's 80th birthday - because she feels a strong link with the screen legend. The MINORITY REPORT star is...

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Spielberg 'Stunned' By Paramount's Cruise Decision

25th August 2006

Hollywood film-maker STEVEN SPIELBERG insists he had no prior knowledge of Paramount's decision to end their partnership with TOM CRUISE, declaring he was stunned by the news. Spielberg's Dreamworks company is owned by Paramount Pictures...

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Cruise Hits Back At Paramount

23rd August 2006

LATEST: TOM CRUISE and his business partner PAULA WAGNER have hit back at "offensive" Paramount Pictures, after the studio failed to renew its producing contract with the actor, blaming his controversial off-screen behaviour. The TOP...

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Farrell Mocks Cruise

26th July 2006

COLIN FARRELL mocked his MINORITY REPORT co-star TOM CRUISE on US TV shows TODAY and LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY yesterday (25JUL06). The Irish actor is currently promoting his latest movie MIAMI VICE and took...

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Cruise And The Childhood Parachute Fiasco

5th May 2006

TOM CRUISE has always pushed his body to the extreme, and almost killed himself as a child trying to parachute off a garage roof. In adulthood, the actor has pursued daredevil roles in TOP GUN,...

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Has Cruise Converted The Beckhams?

24th October 2005

Former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM has fuelled reports she and husband DAVID BECKHAM are converting to Scientology, after she was spotted reading a book from the controversial religion. The Beckhams struck up an unusual...

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Cruise Slams 'Previous Life' Interview Hoax

25th August 2005

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE has slammed reports he claimed to be a reincarnation of English playwright WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE in a recent interview. A hoax website 'interview' claimed the MINORITY REPORT hunk had said he...

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George Wallace Dies

28th July 2005

Veteran actor GEORGE WALLACE has died in Los Angeles from complications following injuries he sustained after falling in Pisa, Italy while on holiday. He was 88. Wallace, whose half-century career saw him star in...

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Osmond Slams Cruise's 'Harsh' Comments

4th July 2005

Seventies singer MARIE OSMOND is furious about TOM CRUISE's recent comments about BROOKE SHIELDS' battle with post-natal depression, telling the Hollywood star he has no right to judge Shields' recovery from the illness. The...

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Cruise: 'I Don't Want An Oscar'

19th May 2005

Screen hunk TOM CRUISE has never wanted an OSCAR, because winning awards has nothing to do with the serious craft of acting. The MINORITY REPORT actor, 42, has been nominated for three ACADEMY AWARDS...

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Spielberg Honoured For Science Fiction Contribution

8th May 2005

STEVEN SPIELBERG has been honoured by the SCIENCE FICTION HALL OF FAME for his contribution to the cinematic world of fact, fiction and fantasy. The OSCAR-winning film-maker, whose movies include CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF...

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Cruise Battles Journalist Over Scientology Boasts

3rd May 2005

Hollywood hunk TOM CRUISE battled a German journalist over his controversial Scientology religion recently, claiming the faith ran the world's most successful drug rehabilitation program. The actor and director STEVEN SPIELBERG conducted a joint...

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Cruise: 'Spielberg Is Fast'

23rd March 2005

TOM CRUISE has praised legendary director STEVEN SPIELBERG for always knowing exactly what he requires of his actors, so not a second is wasted on set. Cruise, who has teamed up with Spielberg on...

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David Hopes Ex-love Marries Cruise

7th March 2005

British pop sensation CRAIG DAVID has sent his best wishes to ex-girlfriend SOFIA VERGARA and her new boyfriend TOM CRUISE - and hopes the Latina beauty will marry the Hollywood star. The FILL ME...

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Farrell Proud He Can Take Care Of His Family

3rd December 2004

Movie star COLIN FARRELL insists he can retire tomorrow because he has made enough cash to support his family and ensure his son JAMES will never have to work. The Irishman has been careful...

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Farrell Rejects Badboy Reputation

18th November 2004

Hollywood star COLIN FARRELL has blasted the media for portraying him as a hedonistic badboy who spends his life drinking, smoking, swearing and doing drugs. The MINORITY REPORT hunk - who recently hailed his...

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