Mills Blasted By Former Sister-in-law

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY's estranged wife HEATHER MILLS ate meat and wore fur before marrying the BEATLE, according to her former sister-in-law DIANNA KARMAL. Mills married millionaire businessman ALFIE KARMAL in May 1989, but they divorced two years later. Alfie's sister, who was best pals with Mills, says she was stunned to read the anti-landmine campaigner had become a vegetarian when she started dating MCCartney in 1999, because she enjoyed eating meat so much. Dianna says, "She only became vegetarian after meeting Paul. She loved meat. "And her anti-fur stance is laughable. She used to wear her mum's fur coat. She creates a persona for herself to fit the situation. "Heather also morphed into LINDA MCCARTNEY to hook Paul in. She wore less make-up, increased her charity work and idolised him. "But now she has what she always set out to get. Money, fame and VIP status. "Paul obviously fell in love for a caring, gentle woman she pretends to be. She'll move on from Paul quite easily. But I imagine he will hurt and hollow like my brother."


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"THANK YOU" For Coming forward that takes nerve...She is a piece of Work...and daily more is coming out about Heather, and it is not "NICE" to bad for our Super BOY "PAUL"!!!! To bad that it did not surface early on it would of saved a lot of heart ache and not to mention Millions! Money can be regained but the Pain...I think she lives for "IT" the world is at here beckon call...I would make a stipulation to the settlement that she undergo extensive Psychoannalysis by an very trained professional>>> before the Big Divorce is ever and "Finaized" because once finaized she will not be willing to bargain! And from the sounds of it YOUR Child is at stake here think of her...for Gods sake she can't voice here concerns...if Heather took advantage of you just think what does she do to that poor child when no one is around!!!, and your older Daughter has gone public to voice how she treated her also !! She would not lie to you her own Father! This woman needs help...for your childs sake...You own her that...I kown you Love your children and you are a very warm and caring person, and like me a very trusting soul that has gotten me in how shall I say {I am on my second marriagae and [Damn I am in a tight Spot]} so who am I to be giving advice to the love-lorn...just because you are my brighter days when things were rough when things were down while growning up, and you and Ringo are all that are left...PS was that you in Vienna,VA {RS} at the Pete Best concert if so you made an Southern Bell The Happiest Lady in the Whole World...I can Die Happy now well when I Meet "PAUL" Too! till then Peace and Love from a True BELIVER IN THE "BeaTles" Lol in all you do ;+) Angie in Lexington, VA {USA}
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8 years 2 months ago
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The undersigned persons object to Heather Mills being permitted to move to the United States. Her inappropriate behavior, nasty disposition, and raunchy actions, are not those we want our children exposed to. She represents all horrendous actions, not to be permitted in the usasign below and forward to your representative in congress and the house of representitaves. Or to someone in power who are able to implement actions to prevent mill$$ from coming to the usa where the detrimental actions of mill$$$ will serve to cause unnessary harm.
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6 years 6 months ago
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