Miley Cyrus - Once Again, Miley Cyrus Has Gossip Bloggers Asking, Was That Pot?

She’s just being Miley... is the pun you’d expect us to make about Miley Cyrus’s recent incident involving “possible pot smoking”. The singer, who recently released the very appropriately titled Ashtrays and Heartbreaks with notorious marijuana advocate Snoop Dogg, has had a number of instances, involving elicit substances. This Friday, Miley was photographed on her balcony, smoking a suspicious-looking rolled cigarette and a media frenzy of sorts began.

It’s strange that there is such a big buzz around this though, since it’s hardly the first time Miley has been suspected of indulging in some MJ. In fact, the singer is notorious in that respect. Just two years ago, Miley’s friends gave her a Bob Marley birthday cake, of which she commented, “You know you’re a stoner when your friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f**king weed!”

She later backed off of her comments, saying she was just joking. And anyway, who’s to say that the rolled cigarette didn’t just contain some innocuous tobacco (in which case Cyrus should probably be more careful with her health)? Well, whatever was in that cigarette, one thing’s for certain – she can’t be tamed! Yes, you can breathe easy, this is the end of the cheesy references.

Miley Cyrus, Twitter Photo
According to her Twitter, Miley just wants people to focus on her music.





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