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Beefheart's Bizarre Best Tops 'Out There' Poll

8th February 2005

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART's 1969 oddity album TROUT MASK REPLICA has been handed the dubious honour of being the Most Out There Album of All Time in a new magazine poll. The 28-track double album, produced...

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Cave's Internet Album

16th December 2004

NICK CAVE used the internet to research his new album, and downloaded inspirations as diverse as MILES DAVIS and COCKNEY REBEL. Despite claiming to be a technophobe, Cave claims the world wide web helped...

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Phil Collins Clams Music Magazines' Lacking Diversity

24th August 2004

British rocker PHIL COLLINS has shunned reading the majority of music magazines on today's market, because he finds they lack diversity. The TWO HEARTS singer believes the market has become far too fragmented over...

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Davis Book Reveals Dark Side

24th August 2004

Legendary jazz star MILES DAVIS is the subject of a forthcoming biography penned by his son - which shows his "brilliant DOCTOR JEKYLL and dark MR HYDE personality". GREGORY DAVIS JR believes the book...

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Jazz Legend Illinois Jacquet Dies

23rd July 2004

Legendary jazz saxophonist ILLINOIS JACQUET has died at his New York home at the age of 81. According to Jacquet's longtime friend DAN FRANK, he suffered a heart attack yesterday (22JUL04). Jacquet was...

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Knowles Turns To Art To Gain Perspective

5th July 2004

Pop beauty BEYONCE KNOWLES has discovered a means of keeping check on her state of mind - she paints portraits of women. The sexy CRAZY IN LOVE star has developed a passion for art...

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Davis And Bruce Changed Pryor's Life

21st May 2004

Veteran comic RICHARD PRYOR's life was dramatically changed by iconic satirist LENNY BRUCE and jazz musician MILES DAVIS. The LOST HIGHWAY star compares his devotion to Davis' album BITCHES BREW to his cocaine addiction...

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Jazz Drummer Jones Dies

20th May 2004

Legendary American jazz drummer ELVIN RAY JONES has died from heart failure, aged 76. Jones, who passed away in a New Jersey hospital, is best known for his work with jazz greats including MILES...

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Dogg Loves Cats

11th May 2004

Badboy rapper SNOOP DOGG has a new love in his life - two Siamese cats called FRANK SINATRA and MILES DAVIS. The GIN + JUICE singer, who has a well-known love of dogs, has...

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Cruz Finally Finds Resting Place

23rd April 2004

Late music legend CELIA CRUZ is finally in her resting place - after being interred in a upscale mausoleum in The Bronx, New York. The QUEEN OF SALSA - who died on 16...

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Herbie Hancock Receives Jazz Award

2nd April 2004

Jazz legend HERBIE HANCOCK has been honoured with the JAZZ MASTERS FELLOWSHIP AWARD from the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT OF THE ARTS. Hancock received the award - the American government's most prestigious honour for jazz musicians...

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Snoop Dogg Wants To Play Miles Davis

9th March 2004

Rapper-turned-actor SNOOP DOGG has announced plans to play late jazz legend MILES DAVIS in a biopic. The hip-hop star, real name CALVIN BROADUS, is hoping movie bosses in Hollywood will get on board and...

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Bottom Line Closes

26th January 2004

The New York City music venue which once hosted gigs by BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, MILES DAVIS and NEIL YOUNG has been forced to close its doors for the last time - a month shy of its...

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All That Jazz Causes Illness

2nd September 2003

Medical researchers claim many jazz greats like MILES DAVIS were vulnerable to mental illness, abuse and drugs - as a result of the creativity associated with the type of music. British psychologist DR GEOFFREY...

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Jazz Star Carter Dies

14th July 2003

Veteran jazz star BENNY CARTER has died at the age of 95 - after a life spent helping break down the restrictions imposed on black performers. The big band leader - who played with...

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