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50 Cent Eager To Tour With Eminem

11th June 2014

50 Cent is keen to join his mentor Eminem on stage as the opening act for the 8 Mile star's upcoming London gigs.The In Da Club hitmaker released his new album, Animal Ambition, last week...

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Eminem Bailed 8 Mile Rapper Out Of Jail Before Shoot

17th April 2014

Eminem had to use to his own money to bail his 8 Mile co-star Gerald L. Sanders out of jail after the battle rapper was arrested by police shortly before filming a scene for the...

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Music Boss Urged 50 Cent Not To Sign With 'White Boy' Eminem

19th March 2014

Record executive Steve Stoute urged rapper 50 Cent not to sign with "white boy" Eminem's record label because he believed the 8 Mile star was a "joke".The In Da Club hitmaker has had a storied...

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Eminem Reunites 8 Mile Cast, Pays Tribute To Brittany Murphy

11th October 2012

The cast of 8 Mile has paid tribute to Brittany Murphy after reuniting to mark the 10th anniversary of Eminem's acclaimed hip-hop movie.The rapper rounded up former co-stars Mekhi Phifer, Anthony MACkie, Evan Jones and...

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Mekhi Phifer Initially Rejected 8 Mile Role

10th October 2012

Mekhi Phifer initially turned down Eminem's movie 8 Mile because he was offered the role two days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and was too terrified to fly to the set.The actor was invited to...

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Eminem Making Movie Comeback

13th June 2006

EMINEM is forging ahead with a Hollywood career and has signed up to star in a movie remake of the 1950s TV drama HAVE GUN - WILL TRAVEL. The STAN hitmaker will leave behind the...

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Grazer Splits From Wife

19th April 2006

Hollywood film-maker BRIAN GRAZER has split from his wife, novelist GIGI LEVANGIE-GRAZER after eight years of marriage. The producer, 54, filed for legal separation from Levangie-Grazer in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday (17APR06), citing...

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D-12 Rapper Proof Shot Dead

11th April 2006

EMINEM ally and D-12 member PROOF was shot dead in Detroit, Michigan, this morning (11APR06). Proof - real name DESHAUN HOLTON - was declared dead on arrival at the Conner Creek Medical Center in Detroit...

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50 Cent Film Has Made Him Stronger Than Ever

20th January 2006

Movie star 50 CENT insists the stark revelations in the semi-biopic movie GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN' have set him free from the demons of his past. The G-UNIT rapper, real name CURTIS JACKSON,...

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Murphy Denies Surgery

17th January 2006

BRITTANY MURPHY has denied rumours she has had cosmetic surgery, but confesses she'd consider it. A British magazine this week claims Murphy may have had lip implants to boost her pout, following previous rumours...

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Eminem Helps 50 Cent Stay Grounded

10th November 2005

Hip-hop star 50 CENT sought the advice of his mentor EMINEM ahead of filming his autobiographical movie GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN. The movie's plot covers similar ground to the rapper's acclaimed screen...

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Moore And Kutcher Wed

26th September 2005

Hollywood couple DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER were married in a secret ceremony in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday (24SEP05). After initial reports of the marriage by American magazines Us Weekly and People, TV...

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Phifer To Make Al Green Biopic

11th August 2005

Actor MEKHI PHIFER will star as AL GREEN in a new biopic of the R+B legend. The movie will chart Green's plunge into drink and drugs before he rehabilitated himself and became a reverend....

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Taryn Lands New Role Because She Looked Like Fictitious Hooker

24th July 2005

Director CRAIG BREWER knew he'd found the perfect actress to play prostitute NOLA in new movie HUSTLE + FLOW when he cut TARYN MANNING's picture out of a book without realising she was a star....

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Ti To Tell His Life Story Onscreen

18th June 2005

Rapper TI has announced plans to star in a movie based on his life - and he promises it will be grittier than EMINEM's 8 MILE. The BRING EM OUT rapper, real name CLIFFORD...

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Eminem Seeks The Right Script

6th May 2005

Hip-hop star EMINEM is desperate to hit the big screen again after his successful appearance in 8 MILE. The 32-year-old rapper admits he has been searching for a suitable screenplay to work on since...

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Elliott Snubs Role In Life Story

20th April 2005

MISSY ELLIOTT's life story is to be transformed to the big screen - but the rapper is refusing to play herself in the movie. The WORK IT star - who is onboard as the...

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Eminem Taught Murphy To Give The Finger

20th April 2005

EMINEM left BRITTANY MURPHY with a new skill by the time he ended their brief affair - he taught her how to give the finger. Murphy, who dated the rapper as they filmed the...

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Wahlberg Slams Eminem, Affleck And Damon

18th April 2005

Hollywood hunk MARK WAHLBERG has slammed EMINEM, MATT DAMON and BEN AFFLECK for giving a false impression of tough, impoverished childhoods in their music and films. The PLANET OF THE APES star has lambasted...

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Taryn's Tattoo Removal

18th April 2005

BRITNEY SPEARS' CROSSROADS co-star TARYN MANNING is undergoing painful laser treatment to have her tattoos removed. Manning, who also starred in 8 MILE, insists she has "grown out" of her love for skin art...

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Murphy Poses For Us Troops

14th April 2005

Hollywood beauty BRITTANY MURPHY agreed to pose for a sexy photoshoot for American men's magazine MAXIM after the editor promised to send 40,000 copies bearing a personal message from the 8 MILE actress to US...

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Down Pillows Give Murphy Nightmares

11th April 2005

Actress BRITTANY MURPHY has such strong allergic reactions to down pillows, she suffers nightmares whenever she sleeps on them. The 8 MILE beauty travels with her own pillows so she can sleep in peace....

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Big's Life Set For Big Screen Treatment

2nd April 2005

SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS is teaming up with film-maker ANTOINE FUQUA and the NOTORIOUS BIG's mother VOLETTA WALLACE to make a film about the late rapper's life. WAYNE BARROW, who still handles BIG's affairs...

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Murphy Slams Drug Diet Rumours

17th March 2005

Actress BRITTANY MURPHY has hit out at rumours she took cocaine to help her lose weight. The 8 MILE actress has recently shown off a slimmer, more svelte physique, but she is horrified by...

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Missy Making Movie About Her Life

22nd February 2005

Hip-hop star MISSY ELLIOTT will tell all about her struggle to rise to fame in a new movie about her life. The WORK IT rapper, who has often told how her childhood home was...

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Eminem's Humble Ambitions

1st November 2004

EMINEM is genuinely shocked by the level of fame he has achieved - because he never planned to be a superstar. The STAN hitmaker has fast become one of the biggest names in hip-hop...

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Aguilera Stays Away From Singer Film Roles

27th October 2004

Sexy star CHRISTINA AGUILERA has made a pop at her rivals BRITNEY SPEARS and EMINEM, by saying she would never play a singer in a movie. The FIGHTER hitmaker is planning her Hollywood career...

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Eminem To Play Sexy Spy

8th October 2004

Rapper EMINEM will wow fans by starring as a suave spy in a movie inspired by the JAMES BOND classics. The STAN star has spent a massive $5.4 million (GBP3 million) on a luxury...

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Eminem Throws Up On Jackson And Sets Fire To Madonna's Bra

5th October 2004

EMINEM's hilarious new video features the rapper poking fun at MADONNA, MICHAEL JACKSON, PEE WEE HERMAN and MC HAMMER. The fun-loving rapper's new video JUST LOSE IT features PARIS HILTON, Eminem's 8 MILE co-star...

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Eminem Moves To Hollywood To Pursue Acting

4th October 2004

Rapper EMINEM has spent a massive $5.4 million (GBP3 million) on a luxury Hollywood mansion - so he can concentrate on his film career. The STAN star has turned his back on his...

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