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Diaz And Timberlake Turn Out For Shrek

12th June 2007

Cameron Diaz and her former boyfriend Justin Timberlake both attended the UK premiere of Shrek the Third last night in London.The pair both star in the film, with Diaz resuming her speaking role as Princess...

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Fascinating Fact 3378

11th June 2007

SHREK stars CAMERON DIAZ, MIKE MYERS, RUPERT EVERETT and ANTONIO BANDERAS delighted young fans when they took time out from promotions for the latest installment of the green ogre-featuring movie series to visit sick children...

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Myers Credits His Sense Of Humour To His Mother

6th June 2007

Funnyman MIKE MYERS has credited his wacky sense of humour to his mother. The oddball comedian may have made his name from hilarious characters such as Austin Powers, Dr Evil and Shrek, but insists he...

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Borat And Depp Plunder Mtv Awards

4th June 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean stole the show at the MTV Movie Awards last night, taking home the two top gongs.The third installment of the swashbuckling franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, scooped the...

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Myers To Be Honoured By Mtv

1st June 2007

MIKE MYERS is set to be honoured at the MTV Movie Awards for his long-running comedy career. The Austin Powers star will be awarded the coveted MTV Generation Award on Sunday (03Jun07) - following in...

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Myers Overshadowed By French Shrek In Cannes

29th May 2007

Movie star MIKE MYERS was shocked to have been overshadowed by the French voice of SHREK, actor ALAIN CHABAT, when they both appeared at the Cannes Film Festival last week (ends25May07) for the screening of...

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Myers: 'Dieter Lawsuit Was A Misunderstanding'

28th May 2007

U.S. funnyman MIKE MYERS has dismissed a legal wrangle with Universal Studios in 2000 as a simple misunderstanding that was blown out of proportion. The Austin Powers actor was sued by the movie house after...

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Myers Kicked Out Of Yoga Class For Farting Fun

26th May 2007

SHREK star MIKE MYERS was kicked out of his favourite Los Angeles yoga class because he couldn't contain himself when a mat neighbour kept farting. The funnyman admits he couldn't concentrate and everytime his gassy...

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Myers To Star In Walter Mitty Remake

23rd May 2007

Funnyman MIKE MYERS is to star in the remake of the 1947 classic THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY. The Austin Powers star has beaten Owen Wilson, who was once attached to the movie, to...

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Shrek Breaks Us Animated Record

21st May 2007

Shrek the Third took $122 million (61.9 million) in its first weekend, a record for an animated film in the North American box office.The Dreamworks picture easily knocked Spider-man 3 off the top spot; in...

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Myers Struggles With Painkillers

20th May 2007

Funnyman MIKE MYERS wasn't laughing when he had to have four wisdom teeth extracted at the same time recently. The Shrek star is still recovering from the dentistry ordeal, which took place two weeks ago...

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Myers Amazed To Discover School Pal Furnish Dated Elton

15th May 2007

Comedian MIKE MYERS was flabbergasted when he attended a post-Oscars party hosted by SIR ELTON JOHN, and discovered the singer's boyfriend was his childhood friend DAVID FURNISH. Myers, who grew up with Furnish in Canada,...

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Myers' Imaginary Pals

10th May 2007

Funnyman MIKE MYERS used his imaginary eagle friend to keep him entertained during the endless hours in the studio recording the voice for SHREK THE THIRD. Myers voiced the lovable green ogre in the latest...

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Austin Powers To Return In Fourth Movie

8th May 2007

Funnyman MIKE MYERS is set to return as super spy AUSTIN POWERS in a fourth movie in the successful series. The next installment, as yet untitled, will focus on Powers' arch-nemesis Dr Evil, who is...

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Diaz And Timberlake's Shrek Peck

8th May 2007

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake showed there were no hard feelings at yesterday's Los Angeles premiere of Shrek the Third.The a-list stars were together when Diaz, who plays Princess Fiona in the Shrek franchise, worked...

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The Things They Say 4619

8th May 2007

"I hope they would have their father's legs and my sense of humour." CAMERON DIAZ jokes about how her children with comedian MIKE MYERS would turn out. Diaz and Myers voice a pregnant Fiona and...

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The Things They Say 4615

7th May 2007

"Jeffrey's bought a planet somewhere. I'm staying real close to Jeffrey, man. I wanna be on that rocket." MIKE MYERS believes Shrek studio boss Jeffrey Katzenberg has a plan to escape the end of the...

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The Things They Say 4610

7th May 2007

"I would like to come back as ANTONIO BANDERAS in my next life." MIKE MYERS is a big fan of his Spanish SHREK 2 co-star....

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Fascinating Fact 3202

7th May 2007

Funnyman MIKE MYERS is getting serious about his politics - he'll host a Hollywood fundraiser for US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton on 30 May (07)....

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Timberlake To Star In New Shrek

2nd May 2007

Justin Timberlake will star in the third instalment of the Shrek franchise as Princess Fiona's teenage cousin Artie.Shrek the Third is one of the summer's most highly-anticipated films and Timberlake will be a central character...

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Myers To Take Indian Guru From The Stage To The Big Screen

28th March 2007

Funnyman MIKE MYERS is set to turn an Indian guru character he has been trying out on the New York comedy circuit into his latest movie project. The AUSTIN POWERS star has been performing as...

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Myers Picked For Moon Biopic

3rd January 2007

US funnyman MIKE MYERS has been picked to play rock wildman KEITH MOON in a new biopic charting the drummer's turbulent life. The AUSTIN POWERS star was chosen by Moon's former THE WHO bandmate ROGER...

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They Think It's All Ogre It's Not Yet

15th December 2006

As franchises go, the big green one involving a certain ogre and a talking donkey has been particularly successful. And DreamWorks now apparently believes it can stretch out even more from the gags of the...

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Shrek To Transition From Movies To Tv

7th November 2006

In what is likely the first instance of characters created by computer animation for a theatrical motion picture showing up in a television special, ABC plans to air Shrek the Halls from DreamWorks Animation in...

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Single Myers Eyes Big Apple Home

3rd October 2006

Canadian funnyman MIKE MYERS is reportedly in negotiations to buy a 'bachelor pad' in New York City. The AUSTIN POWERS actor, 43, stunned Hollywood when he filed for divorce from his wife ROBIN RUZAN in...

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Fascinating Fact 2123

20th September 2006

Funnyman MIKE MYERS will make his video directing debut after signing up to take charge of the promo for pal MARK MCADAM's new single ALWAYS ALMOST.

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Quincy Jones 'Shagged' By Austin Powers

14th July 2006

Music producer QUINCY JONES is desperate for fans to forget one of his catchiest tunes after the AUSTIN POWERS movies somersaulted the track to enduring international renown. SOUL BOSSA NOVA was used as the theme...

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Idle And Cleese To Reunite In Shrek 3

14th July 2006

Former MONTY PYTHON stars ERIC IDLE and JOHN CLEESE are set for a reunion in SHREK 3. THE LIFE OF BRIAN funnymen will both voice animated characters in the third installment of the animated hit...

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Myers Finds Love With Moby's Ex

30th June 2006

Funnyman MIKE MYERS is recovering from his marriage split by reportedly falling for dance music superstar MOBY's ex. The AUSTIN POWERS star separated from his wife of 12 years, ROBIN RUZAN, last year (05) and...

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Connery Collects Cinema's Top Honour

9th June 2006

Scottish star SIR SEAN CONNERY was thrilled to be honoured with The American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award last night (08JUN06), especially when comedian MIKE MYERS appeared sporting a kilt as a tribute. The legendary...

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