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The Things They Say: 3727863

20th June 2013

"James Gandolfini was larger than life. I directed an episode of The Sopranos and got to know him a little... I feel honoured that I got to direct him in such an iconic series. He...

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Celebrities Speak Out Against Gaza War Crimes

13th February 2009

A group of British celebrities has spoken out against the "conspiracy of silence" over the alleged war crimes still taking place in the Gaza Strip.More than 1,300 Palestinians died during the 22-day Israeli military offensive...

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Major Defection At Top Talent Agency

4th January 2007

Representing a big boost to the relatively young Endeavor talent agency, Robert Newman, head of rival ICM's motion picture group, said Wednesday that he and Matt Solo, former head of ICM's television literary department, will...

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Figgis Unveils Portrait Of London

28th October 2006

LEAVING LAS VEGAS director MIKE FIGGIS wowed crowds in London's Trafalgar Square last night (27OCT06) with a free outdoor screening of his film tribute to the British capital. The audiovisual event saw Figgis mix sound...

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Moss Strips For Sexy Film

5th September 2006

British director MIKE FIGGIS has praised supermodel KATE MOSS for her acting prowess in a sexy series of short films commissioned for lingerie giant AGENT PROVOCATEUR. The films, titled THE DREAMS OF MISS X, feature...

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Downey Jr Still Surprised By One Night Stand

11th July 2006

ROBERT DOWNEY JR is still amazed movie-maker MIKE FIGGIS hired him to star in ONE NIGHT STAND - because when they met, the actor was high, shoeless and carrying a gun. The GOTHIKA star was...

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Figgis Joins Paparazzi At Cannes

20th May 2006

Director MIKE FIGGIS is so keen to see the other side of the Cannes Film Festival in France, he is joining the paparazzi to snap the good, bad and the ugly at the event. The...

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Figgis' Sexy Ad

2nd February 2006

Director MIKE FIGGIS has shot a sexy eight-minute advertisement for lingerie label Agent Provocateur - but insists pornography revolts him. The LEAVING LAS VEGAS film-maker, whose ad TIED UP AT THE OFFICE will hit...

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Stone Tempted Back Into Movies

19th September 2003

Movie sex bomb SHARON STONE broke her three year absence from Hollywood to star in COLD CREEK MANOR, because she wanted to work with director MIKE FIGGIS so much. The BASIC INSTINCT star, 45,...

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Nicolas Cage Got Drunk For Oscar Win

1st April 2003

NICOLAS CAGE was so determined to play a believable drunk is his OSCAR-winning role in LEAVING LAS VEGAS he hired a booze coach. The actor refuses to drink alcohol when he's working but he...

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