Australian act Midnight Oil has quashed ongoing rumours of a reunion after the band's longtime manager officially quit to emphasise that the rockers won't be getting back together.

The band officially parted ways in 2002 after three decades, but reformed for a handful of benefit shows in 2009. Speculation that the group would be reunited once again have been rife since frontman Peter Garrett, who quit the group in the 1990s to concentrate on a career in politics, confirmed he would be stepping down from his government duties.

The band has now moved to end the rumours once and for all alongside news that the group's manager Gary Morris has quit his role in a bid to convince fans that Midnight Oil is no more.

A statement from Morris reads, "Midnight Oil's legacy is undeniable, we have achieved great things together, there is much to be proud of in the band's list of achievements, we are brothers in arms and I will always be there for them... However, in light of recent speculation as to whether the band will reconvene now that Peter is quitting the political arena, now is the time to make my own position clear as to my future involvement with Midnight Oil."

Garrett adds, "We truly did accomplish amazing and enduring things working together and we should treasure that, now and in the future."

Referring to Morris' decision to quit, a statement from drummer Rob Hirst reads, "This news comes with mixed emotions: quiet reflection, warm affection and misty nostalgia for our shared history, alongside a real sense of achievement and well-deserved pride."