Australian rockers Midnight Oil are contemplating a reunion on the back of a new hits compilation.

The band's frontman Peter Garrett, who quit the group in the late 1990s to focus on a political career, admits he hasn't closed the door on a get together, and admits he likes the idea of working on new material with his "mates".

Now Garrett, Australia's minister for school education, early childhood and youth, tells a reunion is "not out of the question," adding, "I think that sometimes you've just got to provide a bit of breathing space in what you're doing. The boys are off doing interesting things; they've made music, put bands together. It looks like a fair bit of fun.

"I can't imagine stopping singing - so who knows? I don't miss the road live, I did that for nearly 30 years. But the business of being creative with your mates and working something up that really shakes the walls, that's a wonderful experience that I would perhaps like to have again at some point."

Midnight Oil have regrouped for one-off benefits and performed at the closing ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, but the group hasn't released new music since 2002's Capricornia.