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The Things They Say: 3892197

4th October 2013

"We were having a hard time figuring out who can play Patti Smith, because it's a very specific look and a very iconic person. It turns out Mickey is a tremendous Patti Smith fan, loves...

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A Week In Movies: Gravity Bows In Venice, One Direction Takes To Cinemas, All-star Film Explores Jfk's Death

By Rich Cline | 30th August 2013

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock brought their star power to opening night at the 70th Venice Film Festival on Wednesday. The event launched with the world premiere of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, and the critical buzz...

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Sting's Daughter: 'I Told Classmates My Father Was A Lawyer'

24th July 2013

Sting's actress daughter Mickey Sumner lied to classmates about her father's profession while growing up so they wouldn't discover he was a famous singer.The Borgias star, 29, attended Britain's prestigious Marlborough College, alongside the likes...

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