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The Things They Say 1688

21st March 2006

"The baby keeps staring at me... I said maybe she remembers I am the reason she came into existence." BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN director ANG LEE believes he has a special connection with HEATH LEDGER and MICHELLE...

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Manson And Reeves Team Up

17th March 2006

Shock rocker MARILYN MASON will team with THE MATRIX star KEANU REEVES for new movie UP TO THE GROUND. Manson is also working on another film, PHANTASMAGORIA: THE VISIONS OF LEWIS CARROLL. Producers are also...

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Fascinating Fact 1231

15th March 2006

HEATH LEDGER asked a tattoo artist to etch around his girlfriend MICHELLE WILLIAMS' handwriting when she scribbled 'Old Man River' on his forearm.

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Destiny's Child Star Buys Basketball Team

10th March 2006

DESTINY'S CHILD star MICHELLE WILLIAMS has joined the likes of USHER, NELLY and JAY-Z by becoming a basketball team owner. The SURVIVOR singer recently became a part-owner of US women's basketball team the Chicago Sky...

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Brokeback Star Slammed By Former School

2nd March 2006

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN actress MICHELLE WILLIAMS has been disowned by her former school because of her role in the controversial gay cowboy romance. Williams, who attended exclusive Santa Fe Christian School in San Diego, California, has...

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Ledger And Williams Look For A European Holiday Home

20th February 2006

Hollywood couple HEATH LEDGER and MICHELLE WILLIAMS are planning to escape to Greece or Amsterdam, Holland, after they attend the Oscars next month (MAR06). The lovebirds, who met and fell in love on the...

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Ledger Takes A Break To Be 'Mr Mum'

20th February 2006

HEATH LEDGER will abandon acting after the Academy Awards next month (MAR06), so he can spend time with baby daughter MATILDA. The Australian actor wants to let his partner MICHELLE WILLIAMS pursue her acting...

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Destiny Duo Set For Sitcoms

14th February 2006

The destinies of former DESTINY'S CHILD members KELLY ROWLAND and MICHELLE WILLIAMS are set - they'll be starring in US TV sitcoms. Williams will appear in three episodes of US network UPN's show HALF...

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Ledger And Williams Bonded After Accident

10th February 2006

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN co-stars HEATH LEDGER and MICHELLE WILLIAMS are grateful for her sledding accident on the set of the movie, because it sparked their romance. The two stars realised they had deep feelings for...

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Curtis Berates Brokeback Mountain

5th February 2006

Movie legend TONY CURTIS is stunned to learn BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has received eight Oscar nominations, insisting there is nothing "unique" about the gay cowboy romance. ANG LEE's tragic epic has received nods for Best...

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Ledger Leaving Australia Permanently

3rd February 2006

Australian actor HEATH LEDGER has decided to leave his homeland for good after paparazzi squirted him with water pistols during BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN's Sydney premiere. The actor has homes in Brooklyn, New York City, and...

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Ledger And Williams Slept Through Oscar Nominations

1st February 2006

Hollywood couple HEATH LEDGER and MICHELLE WILLIAMS were too tired from nursing their baby to celebrate their Oscar nominations yesterday (31JAN06). By the time the nominations were announced at 5.30am (PST) the Australian heart-throb...

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Weisz Unsure About Oscar

1st February 2006

British actress RACHEL WEISZ is lacking confidence about her recent Academy Award nomination for her role in THE CONSTANT GARDENER. The modest star is nominated for the Performance By An Actress In A Supporting...

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Ledger's Casanova Regret

31st January 2006

Hollywood actor HEATH LEDGER spent hours seriously researching his role for new film CASANOVA - before realising it was just a comic period drama. The A KNIGHTS TALE star, who celebrated the birth of...

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The Things They Say 1153

30th January 2006

"We made out and they had a baby." JAKE GYLLENHAAL jokes about BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN gay sex scenes with HEATH LEDGER, who fell for his co-star MICHELLE WILLIAMS during the making of the hit film....

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Ledger Loves Latest Starring Role As Father

19th January 2006

HEATH LEDGER is revelling in his latest role as father to his baby daughter MATILDA. The actor and his girlfriend, BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN co-star MICHELLE WILLIAMS, are adjusting to their new life with their 11-week-old...

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Ledger Laughs Off Faux-pas At Golden Globes

18th January 2006

Actor HEATH LEDGER has laughed off his embarrassment at being caught on camera clapping when his own nomination was announced at the Golden Globe Awards (16JAN06). The BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star's category was awarded late...

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Ledger Soaker Speaks Out

18th January 2006

LATEST: A paparazzo who fired water pistols at Australian actor HEATH LEDGER at the Sydney premiere of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has no regrets about his involvement in the incident on Friday night (13JAN06). PETER CARRETTE,...

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Ledger + Williams Sprayed At Australian Premiere

14th January 2006

Hollywood couple HEATH LEDGER and MICHELLE WILLIAMS were soaked on the red carpet at the Australian premiere of their new film BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN when a cheeky photographer sprayed them with a water pistol. The...

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Ledger Vows Better Media Relations

13th January 2006

Fiery Australian actor HEATH LEDGER has vowed to keep his temper under control around reporters and snappers so he can live "a nice polite life" with his family. The BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star, whose girlfriend...

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Ledger Slams Spitting Claims

12th January 2006

LATEST: Australian hunk HEATH LEDGER has hit out at reports he spat at journalists on the Sydney set of CANDY last year (05). The BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star, widely tipped for an Oscar for his...

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Beyonce Considers Marriage

12th January 2006

BEYONCE KNOWLES is getting closer to marrying longtime boyfriend JAY-Z, after confessing that her sister SOLANGE has made her think seriously about turning her back on single life. The former DESTINY'S CHILD star tells...

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Williams Slams Ledger Hate Campaign

11th January 2006

HEATH LEDGER's actress girlfriend MICHELLE WILLIAMS has hit out at an American newspaper she accuses of starting a hate campaign against the BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star. The former DAWSON'S CREEK actress - who stars alongside...

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Mcadams, Williams And Bernal Nominated For Baftas Rising Stars

10th January 2006

Budding acting talent including former DAWSON'S CREEK actress MICHELLE WILLIAMS and Mexican hunk GAEL GARCIA BERNAL have been tipped for the new Orange Rising Star award at this year's (06) BAFTAs. They are joined...

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Ledger Moves To New York To Avoid The Paparazzi

7th January 2006

Australian movie hunk HEATH LEDGER moved out of Hollywood to start family life in New York because he was sick of being hounded by the paparazzi. The KNIGHT'S TALE star now lives with girlfriend...

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Heath + Michelle Plan A Community Christmas In New York

23rd December 2005

New parents HEATH LEDGER and MICHELLE WILLIAMS are looking forward to Christmas (05) in New York after being adopted by their neighbours. The screen stars are giving their baby MATILDA a taste of a...

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