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Food Poisoning Bout Made Michelle Monaghan Rethink Home Birth Plans

13th June 2014

Actress Michelle Monaghan almost changed her home birth plans after she was hospitalised days before going into labour last year (13).The Eagle Eye star came down with a bout of food poisoning three days before...

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Adam Sandler's Pixels For May 2015 Release

29th April 2014

Adam Sandler's 'Pixels' will be released on May 15, 2015.The 47-year-old hunk will star opposite Michelle Monaghan who has been cast as his love interest in the film which follows the characters as they try...

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Michelle Monaghan Welcomes Baby Boy To The Family

By Nick Hill | 2nd November 2013

American actress, Michelle Monaghan has welcomed her second child with husband, Peter White, this past Wednesday (Oct 30th).The baby boy is called Tommy Francis White and joins big sister Willow Katherine, aged 5.People were first...

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Michelle Monaghan Is A Second-time Mum

2nd November 2013

Actress Michelle Monaghan has become a mum for a second time after giving birth to a baby boy.The Source Code star and her husband, graphic artist Peter White, welcomed Tommy Francis on Wednesday (30Oct13)....

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Michelle Monaghan To Play Lesbian In New Tv Drama

11th September 2013

Source Code star Michelle Monaghan is to lock lips with actress Anna Torv in Glee creator Ryan Murphy's new Tv drama Open.Monaghan has been cast as a happily-engaged gynaecologist who falls for Torv's lesbian character....

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Michelle Monaghan Is Pregnant For A Second Time

By Joe Wilde | 15th June 2013

Actress Michelle Monaghan is pregnant once again, with the Source Code actress expecting her second child with husband Peter White. A source close to the pair speaking with US Weekly this Friday (June 14) revealed...

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Michelle Monaghan Pregnant - Report

14th June 2013

Actress Michelle Monaghan is pregnant with her second child, according to a U.S. report.The Source Code star and her husband, graphic artist Peter White, are expecting a sibling for her four-year-old daughter Willow this autumn...

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Jennifer Aniston On Board For Convention

7th February 2013

Jennifer Aniston will star in new romantic comedy 'Convention'.The 'Friends' actress is on board to play the female lead in Justin Reardon's ''mind-bending'' feature film alongside 'Safety Not Guaranteed' star Mark Duplass, which will see...

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Michelle Monaghan Had Skin Cancer

20th October 2011

Michelle Monaghan secretly battled skin cancer.The 'Machine Gun Preacher' actress had a mole on her leg investigated after being urged to by husband Peter White during a vacation in Australia and is "grateful" she sought...

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Michelle Monaghan Reveals She Battled Skin Cancer

20th October 2011

Movie star Michelle Monaghan has revealed she had a secret brush with cancer after spotting a mole on the back of her calf.The actress, who played Tom Cruise's love interest in Mission: Impossible Iii, was...

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The Things They Say 22992

30th September 2011

"I changed it for a role and I like it so much I'm gonna keep it!" Actress Michelle Monaghan, a natural brunette, has fallen in love with her dyed red hair.

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Gerard Butler's Character Advantage

28th September 2011

Gerard Butler found it a "big advantage" playing a real life character in 'Machine Gun Preacher'.The '300' actor got plenty of advice from former drug-dealer Sam Childers before he acted out his life in the...

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Michelle Monaghan Wrestled Hogs In High School

26th September 2011

Actress Michelle Monaghan once brought home a first prize ribbon for wrestling a wild hog at a county fair.The Source Code star grew up in the rural town of Winthrop, Iowa, where she and her...

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Gerard Butler Amazed By Co-star

20th September 2011

Gerard Butler was "blown away" working with Michelle Monaghan.The pair star together in new movie 'Machine Gun Preacher' and the actor was impressed by his co-star's beauty and down-to-earth attitude.He said: "Michelle is incredibly cool...

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Olivia Wilde To Take Lead In Chemistry

26th August 2011

Olivia Wilde is set to replace Jennifer Garner in 'Better Living Through Chemistry'.The 'Cowboys and Aliens' actress is believed to be in negotiations to star in the dark comedic thriller, which had originally lined up...

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Jake Gyllenhaal Found Body Double Creepy

3rd April 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal was freaked out by his body double in new movie 'Source Code'.The 30-year-old actor plays an injured helicopter pilot, Captain Colter Stevens, who is enabled by scientists to live the last eight minutes...

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Movie Reviews Source Code

1st April 2011

The sci-fi thriller Source Code , starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan, is garnering some enthusiastic reviews. Manohla Dargis in the New York Times begins her review by remarking, "It doesn't take long for "Source...

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Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Duncan Jones Is Amazing'

29th March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal wanted to work with Duncan Jones on 'Source Code' because he thought he was "amazing". The 'Donnie Darko' star plays a soldier who wakes up in another man's body in the movie, and...

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Michelle Monaghan Keen To Renew Her Vows

22nd March 2011

Actress Michelle Monaghan wants to renew her wedding vows - and this time video the nuptials.The Mission: Impossible Iii star wed graphic designer Peter White in 2005 and she regrets not capturing more footage of...

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The Things They Say 20846

19th March 2011

"I'm a fun drunk. I want to get up and have a boogie, like you just lit a fire under me." Actress Michelle Monaghan is a good time girl.

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Jake Gyllenhaal In Toilet Scuffle With Photographer

17th March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal was involved in a "scuffle" on Friday (11th March 2011) after a fan tried to photograph him in a toilet.Jake Gyllenhaal, the American actor and star of the forthcoming flick 'Source Code', confirmed...

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Butler, Moore And Monaghan Sing Karaoke In Michigan

24th July 2010

Partygoers at a karaoke bar in Michigan were treated to a star-studded performance this week (beg19Jul10) when GERARD BUTLER, DEMI MOORE and MICHELLE MONAGHAN all took to the stage to sing.Butler and Monaghan are currently...

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Fascinating Fact 8240

28th October 2009

The lorry-driving license actress MICHELLE MONAGHAN studied for before shooting new movie TRUCKER has expired but she isn't complaining. She explains, "I found out that if I get pulled over or get a ticket for...

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Monaghan's A Real Life Trucker

29th September 2009

Actress MICHELLE MONAGHAN has a second job to fall back on if her acting career flops after learning to be a real-life long distance driver for new movie TRUCKER.Monaghan plays a wild-living haulier forced to...

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Monaghan Welcomes Baby Girl

7th November 2008

Actress MICHELLE MONAGHAN has become a mother for the first time - she's given birth to a baby girl. The Made of Honor star and her husband Peter White welcomed little Willow Katherine on Wednesday...

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Monaghan Goes Unnoticed In New York

25th September 2008

MICHELLE MONAGHAN loves living in New York - because she never gets recognised on public transport. The actress is rarely spotted by movie fans so she often takes advantage by roaming the streets and travelling...

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The Things They Say 9644

25th September 2008

"We got married and I started on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III right after... and, literally, three days after our wedding I was in bed with TOM CRUISE... When I got home... he (husband) said, 'I can't...

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Monaghan Desperate For Fruit

25th September 2008

Pregnant actress MICHELLE MONAGHAN has developed a healthy craving - for fruit. The Mission: Impossible III star admits she suddenly can't get enough pineapples and kiwi fruit as she enters the third trimester of her...

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The Things They Say 9636

24th September 2008

"If you can't have chemistry with PATRICK DEMPSEY you're in a whole lot of trouble!" MICHELLE MONAGHAN didn't struggle in scenes with her MADE OF HONOR co-star....

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Monaghan To Be A Mum

3rd June 2008

Actress MICHELLE MONAGHAN is expecting her first child. The Made of Honor star and husband Peter White will welcome their tot in the autumn (08). Monaghan's rep, Jennifer Allen, tells, "They are very excited."...

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