Folk singer Michelle Shocked has released an album of silent songs which are named after music executives.

The Anchorage hitmaker's new record, Inaudible Women, consists of 11 tracks named after music industry players, and Shocked has encouraged fans to stream the silent songs on services such as Spotify so she can make money for her tour.

Journalist Chris Willman was named on the album, and he writes on, "Michelle Shocked has released a new 'song' named after me. No, I'm not making this up. For better or worse, the track 'Chris Willman' consists entirely of silence, just like the other 10 tracks on the album, the rest of which are named after people in the music community (mostly folks on the forefront of digital music and streaming) whom she considers the enemy..."

Shocked claims dogs can enjoy the tracks, adding, "I decided that I was going to make a high album, in fact, the highest album ever made, just so that my friends (dogs) Spot and Rex can hear it, not audible to human ears... and to raise money for my fall tour."