Anti-folk singer and born again Christian Michelle Shocked clearly does take her name too lightly, as the once liberal activist riled up her audience at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in San Francisco on Sunday (March 17) night by denouncing the 'evils' of homosexuality, citing verses from the Old Testament to back up her beliefs.

According to Yahoo! Music, the singer and bigot told the audience that she hopes the government uphold Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage, whilst citing Biblical verses that condemn homosexuality. She went on to tell the remaining audience members (many had walked out of the venue when her triade began) to spread what she had said in the bar online, which most kindly obliged to do so, after she had told the audience, 'I live in fear that the world will be destroyed if gays are allowed to marry.'

The owner of the bar, himself a gay man, tried to end the show prematurely but Shocked kept on going until the electricity was cut and she was escorted from the premise. As a result of her triade, a number of upcoming shows featuring the singer have been cancelled by the venues, who do not wish to be connected with the homophobe. One particular club, Space in Evanston, California, pulled out of the show and posted this explanation on to their Facebook, it’s clear that this is no longer a show we’re willing to put our name on,' with many other promoters holding the same sentiments.