‘Springwatch’ presenter Michaela Strachan has offered her opinion about the gender pay gap, saying that she “wouldn’t be upset” if it transpired that her colleague Chris Packham was earning more than her.

Strachan and Packham are both long-term co-hosts of the BBC’s ‘Springwatch’, having hosted the show since 2011 and 2009 respectively and also having fronted kids’ TV favourite ‘The Really Wild Show’ back in the Nineties.

They present alongside other colleagues, including Gillian Burke, but speaking to the Mirror this week, 52 year old Michaela said that she’s “absolutely not interested in what anybody else gets paid on ‘Springwatch’.”

Michaela StrachanMichaela Strachan is "not interested" in the gender pay gap

“If Chris was paid more, and I don’t know if he is, I wouldn’t be upset because you cannot pay for his knowledge, it’s an extraordinary knowledge,” she explained. “If I’m honest, what Chris brings to ‘Springwatch’ in terms of knowledge is way more than what I can bring.”

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“Chris is extraordinary and the campaigning that he does is extraordinary and I think he’s everybody’s hero on the team at ‘Springwatch’. So I’m not interested in what he earns from it – it’s none of my business.”

The gender pay gap became a particularly relevant topic at the BBC last summer, when a list of the network’s top earners was published in July. It revealed that two-thirds of the BBC’s highest-paid were men and that very few people on the list were non-white.

Since its publication, ‘The One Show’s Alex Jones has had her pay levelled up with her male co-presenter Matt Baker’s, while BBC bosses have confirmed that new Doctor Who actor Jodie Whittaker will get the same salary as her predecessor Peter Capaldi.

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