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Movie Reviews: Riddick

6th September 2013

Nearly ten years have passed since Vin Diesel last appeared in a Riddick movie -- perhaps long enough for most moviegoers to forget the drubbing it took at the time (and the tens of millions...

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Movie Reviews: Jobs

16th August 2013

Most critics are expressing obvious disappointment that Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, didn't turn out better than it did. And they're primarily blaming Kutcher for that. Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune writes,...

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Movie Reviews: We're The Millers

9th August 2013

We're the Millers is another new film getting just-passing grades from most critics. The movie, says Richard Roeper in the Chicago Sun-Times, clicks on just enough cylinders to warrant a recommendation. Steven Rea in the...

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Movie Reviews: The Wolverine

26th July 2013

A lot of critics have their claws out for The Wolverine. Kenneth Turan, like other critics, bestows much praise on the performance of Hugh Jackman in the title role. Unfortunately, he adds, not even Jackman...

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Movie Reviews: The Conjuring

19th July 2013

It's certainly rare when a horror flick is even screened for critics in advance of its opening. It's rarer still when such a movie receives overwhelmingly positive reviews. But such is the case with director...

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Pacific Rim: Another Megamillion-dollar Flop?

10th July 2013

That cloud of dust kicked up last weekend by the great horse Silver may now cloud the opening of another megabudget film, Pacific Rim, which opens on Friday. With several analysts suggesting that audiences are...

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Movie Reviews: The Lone Ranger

3rd July 2013

Well, it wasn't exactly like returning to those thrilling days of yesteryear for most critics viewing the latest version of The Lone Ranger -- this one starring Johnny Depp, not as the legendary masked man...

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Movie Reviews: Man Of Steel

14th June 2013

Man of Steel is another one of those movies that are often described as critic-proof. Good thing, too, because most critics are flinging kryptonite at it. Referring to the opening scenes, which describe the birth...

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Movie Reviews: This Is The End

12th June 2013

With nothing short of kryptonite likely to prevent Man of Steel from overpowering every rival in sight at the box office over the weekend, Sony is opening the apocalyptic comedy This Is the End today...

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Movie Reviews: The Hangover Part Iii

23rd May 2013

The latest Hangover movie is getting a jump on its primary rival -- the latest Fast and Furious movie -- at the Memorial Day weekend box office by opening tonight (Thursday). It may need it....

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Movie Reviews: 42

12th April 2013

Older viewers often complain that they don't make movies like they used to. But judging from the reviews of 42, a biography of Jackie Robinson, who broke the color barrier in baseball, this is a...

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Movie Reviews: Good Day To Die Hard

14th February 2013

Several critics are looking back wistfully at the four previous Die Hard movies and have no yippee ki-yays for this one. In the New York Times, A.O. Scott writes that everything that made the first...

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Movie Reviews: Identity Thief

8th February 2013

Several critics agree that the one-minute pitch for Identity Thief must have been a doozy: a guy (Jason Bateman) discovers that his career is potentially in shambles because of someone (Melissa McCarthy) who has stolen...

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Movie Reviews: Lincoln

9th November 2012

Steven Spielberg's Lincoln opens in just 11 theaters this weekend, testing whether a film so conceived and so dedicated can endure when it opens wide next weekend. If word of mouth is anywhere near as...

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Craig Wants Out Of Bond Role

7th November 2012

Skyfall, the latest James Bond saga, looks set to become the biggest moneymaker of all the Bond flicks, judging by its two-week take overseas, where it has already earned nearly $300 million. But Daniel Craig,...

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Movie Reviews: Trouble With The Curve

21st September 2012

Trouble with the Curve isn't a great Clint Eastwood flick, critics agree, but he certainly gives a more effective performance in it than he did at the Republican National Convention earlier this month. Roger Ebert...

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Movie Reviews Arbitrage

14th September 2012

Although it is opening in fewer than 200 theaters this weekend, critics are suggesting that you pass up the movies playing in thousands of them and take in Nicholas Jarecki's Arbitrage starring Richard Gere. This...

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Movie Reviews Paranorman

17th August 2012

The animated ParaNorman is generally drawing favorable reviews but those critics who dislike it do so intensely. Manohla Dargis, the generally tough critic for the New York Times, calls it "beautiful-looking, charmingly heartfelt." Each scene,...

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Movie Reviews The Bourne Legacy

10th August 2012

OK, let's get the obvious puns over with without further ado Critics are about equally divided over whether The Bourne Legacy is a Bourne winner or was Bourne to lose. In the camp of the...

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Movie Reviews Hope Springs

10th August 2012

Hope Springs is as much about a marriage between two masterful acting talents as it is about the unraveling marriage of the principal characters. "The characters aren't fabulously dimensional, but the actors are," writes Michael...

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Movie Reviews Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog Days

3rd August 2012

The expectations for the third installment of the Wimpy Kid franchise aren't high. But the same could have been said about last year's sequel, Rodrick Rules, which, to everyone's surprise turned up at the top...

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Movie Reviews The Dark Knight Rises

19th July 2012

Rex Reed of the New York Observer and Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune have joined the exclusive clique of critics who have broken ranks with the overwhelming majority who are heaping praise on The...

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Movie Reviews Ice Age Continental Drift

13th July 2012

Critics have given the fourth Ice Age movie, Continental Drift , a mostly cool-to-cold reception. Sean O'Connell in the Washington Post , suggests that viewers are nonetheless likely to overlook its faults. "Logic [in the...

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Movie Reviews (2) The Amazing Spider-man

3rd July 2012

The overwhelming concensus among film critics is that The Amazing Spider-Man is perfectly adequate summertime fare and a clear improvement over Spider-Man 3 , while not measuring up to the first two Spider-Man movies. Several...

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Movie Reviews Brave

22nd June 2012

Pixar's latest entry, Brave, is not receiving the unanimous praise from critics that the studio's early entries did, but it is not receiving the slams that Cars 2 did, and the criticism that it does...

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Movie Reviews That's My Boy

15th June 2012

Critics have never figured out the box-office appeal of Adam Sandler. But if they've been critical of his performances in the past, they are reviling his latest one in That's My Boy . Consider some...

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Brad Pitt Blends Politics Into Crime Drama

22nd May 2012

Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly -- he's both the producer and star -- premiered at the Cannes Film Festival today (Tuesday) and promptly courted controversy from both the right and the left. The film is...

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Rust And Stone Makes Strong Debut At Cannes

17th May 2012

The second day of the Cannes film festival opened with a press screening of yet another strong entry in the 65th annual competition for the top Palme d"Or award, director Jacques Audiard's Rust and Bone...

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Movie Reviews The Dictator

16th May 2012

Sacha Baron Cohen's The Dictator is arriving today (Wednesday), in an apparent effort to avoid the fate of several fellow dictators of late. The relatively low-budget comedy is arriving at a time when the box...

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Movie Reviews The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

4th May 2012

It has been said that older women are more "review sensitive" when it comes to selecting a film than, say, most of the moviegoers who will be massing to see The Avengers this weekend. If...

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