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25th January 2008

"I am a bit of an anti-Michael Moore. For me, the political dimension comes in trying to give something to people to think about. Not, as Michael Moore does, to think for people." ETRE ET...

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Oscar Nominations Announced

22nd January 2008

The nominations for the 80th Academy awards have been announced at a ceremony in Los Angeles.Two films lead the field with eight nominations each – No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood.Daniel...

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Penn Rules At Gotham Awards

28th November 2007

SEAN PENN and MICHAEL MOORE picked up the big prizes at Tuesday's (27Nov07) 17th annual Gotham Awards in New York. Penn's Into The Wild won best feature and Moore's Sicko - an expose of U.S....

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Sicko Leads Oscars Documentary Shortlist

19th November 2007

MICHAEL MOORE's U.S. healthcare film SICKO has been named among the 15 documentaries shortlisted for a 2008 Oscar. Officials at the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences originally considered 70 movies, but they've narrowed...

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Ratatouille Still Delicious

30th October 2007

Disney/Pixar animated comedy Ratatouille has held on to top spot in the UK box office charts for the third week running.The movie saw off the challenge of new horror movie Saw IV - which had...

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London Film Festival Lineup Confirmed

13th September 2007

The Odeon West End played host to a veritable media scrum this morning, as the full lineup of the Times 51st BFI London Film Festival was confirmed.Long-awaited Closing Night Gala Screening of Wes Anderson's The...

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Moore: 'Canada Is Funnier Than America'

10th September 2007

Acclaimed documentary-maker MICHAEL MOORE is more successful in Canada than the U.S. - because Americans don't get his humour. Moore praised Canada's collective sense of humour during an appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival,...

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Moore Defends Sicko's Worldwide Appeal

8th August 2007

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has dismissed criticism his healthcare documentary SICKO is irrelevant to audiences outside the U.S., arguing the movie acts as a warning to other countries. The film chronicles the struggles of everyday Americans...

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Moore Subpoenaed By U.s. Government Over Cuba Trip

1st August 2007

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has been served with a subpoena by the U.S. government over his controversial trip to Cuba for his latest documentary Sicko. Moore brought men and women who had assisted in the clean-up...

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The Things They Say 5284

30th July 2007

"This is how I knew I was out of the loop... I was in Chicago... at the airport... and there was a mother and daughter... and the girl comes over and says, 'Excuse me, are...

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Moore's Laundry Offer

26th July 2007

Controversial filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has offered to do the dirty laundry of a Republican voter if they watch his new movie SICKO. Sicko has infuriated some Republicans because it criticises the government over the U.S....

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The Things They Say 5252

24th July 2007

"I just saw SICKO and it just made me sad. Like I was crying during it as well." PARIS HILTON's was upset by MICHAEL MOORE's new healthcare documentary....

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Moore Settles Cnn Feud

17th July 2007

LATEST: Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has ended his feud with CNN after the U.S. news network admitted making mistakes in their coverage of his latest movie Sicko. Moore launched into an 11-minute rant on CNN show...

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Young Moviegoers Give Harry A Magical Week

16th July 2007

The box office remained under the spell of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix over the weekend as the Warner Bros. film added an estimated $77.4 million to its gross, bringing its total...

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Michael Moore Spars With Sanjay Gupta On Cnn

11th July 2007

Michael Moore, whose documentary Sicko, attacks the U.S. health care and health insurance systems, defended the film against a recent attack by CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta on CNN's Larry King Live Tuesday night. Moore...

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Moore Blasts U.s. Tv Host + Network Live On Air

10th July 2007

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE launched into an 11-minute rant on American TV on Monday (09Jul07), during which he blasted the media for misrepresenting his new healthcare documentary Sicko. The controversial director was appearing on CNN show...

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Transformers Breaks More Us Box-office Records

9th July 2007

Transformers is shaping up to be this year's definitive summer blockbuster after achieving the highest seven-day showing for a non-sequel in US box office history.The Michael Mann movie took $67.6 million (33.7 million) in its...

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Holiday Box-office Battle To Continue

6th July 2007

The same films that have been battling it out at the box office since the holiday week began on Monday will be doing so through the weekend, with DreamWorks/Paramount's Transformers expected to climb well beyond...

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Moore Defends Sicko Disinterest

5th July 2007

Controversial filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has defended his new documentary SICKO from claims foreign distributors aren't interested. The movie, which takes aim at America's healthcare system, has so far failed to attract bids in the U.K....

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Moore Hopes Sicko Will Be Influential

4th July 2007

Controversial filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE hopes his new documentary SICKO will have a greater impact on society than his previous projects. Moore claims the films he made about school shootings and the aftermath of September 11th...

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Live Free And Die Hard Scores With Filmgoers

2nd July 2007

If Ratatouille's box-office receipts were somewhat lower than expected, Live Free and Die Hard's were just the opposite. The fourth Die Hard movie took in $33.2 million to raise its gross (from Wednesday) to $48.2...

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Google Exec Courts Health Insurers To Counter Sicko

2nd July 2007

With Sicko drawing overwhelmingly favorable reviews, most of which can be accessed by using Google, an executive of the Silicon Valley wonder has approached the health-care industry, urging it to buy ads that would appear...

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Moore Defends Sicko Location

2nd July 2007

Director MICHAEL MOORE has defended his decision to take sick 9/11 rescue workers to Cuba because he wanted to prove Al Qaeda detainees were receiving better healthcare. In his new documentary Sicko, Moore chronicles the...

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John Mcclane Beaten By Rat

2nd July 2007

Hard man John McClane did not fare as well at the box office as expected after being beaten by a rodent culinary genius.Die Hard 4.0, starring Bruce Willis as the New York McClane, was pipped...

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Moore Confused By 'Controversial' Label

30th June 2007

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE is confused by critics who label him "controversial", because he doesn't see why people are upset with his documentary making. Moore has made a name for himself with hard-hitting documentaries like 2002's...

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Moore: 'Deaths Made Sicko Hardest Film To Make'

30th June 2007

Director MICHAEL MOORE found making his new documentary SICKO one of the hardest movies to make - because some of the castmembers died before filming on the project wrapped. Sicko chronicles the struggles of everyday...

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Moore Pleased Teenagers Like His Rebel Status

28th June 2007

MICHAEL MOORE believes his movies appeal to teenagers because of his anti-establishment credentials. Moore, whose 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 slammed U.S. President George W. Bush's response to the 11th September terrorist attacks, is proud his...

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The Things They Say 5014

28th June 2007

"I encourage others to take care of themselves, but you will not see the Michael Moore/Jane Fonda Workout Tape anytime soon." Heavyweight director MICHAEL MOORE insists his recent weight loss hasn't inspired him to film...

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Michaels Blasts King For 'Bumping' Moore For Hilton

28th June 2007

Actress TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS has blasted CNN newsman LARRY KING for 'bumping' documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE in favour of a chat with PARIS HILTON. The respected talk show titan admits he took seconds to agree...

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Moore's Health Plea To Arnie

27th June 2007

Michael Moore is trying to recruit the Terminator in his campaign to achieve better health care in the US.At a rally ahead of the release of his new health care documentary the controversial filmmaker urged...

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