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Cloudy Win Wasn't In Forecast

29th September 2009

The success of Sony/Columbia's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs left box-office forecasters feeling like meatheads over the weekend as it took in $25.04 million to beat Disney's Surrogates , the movie that had been...

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Three New Films Arrive D.o.d. At Box Office

28th September 2009

Three films making their debut at the box office this weekend all flopped, while last week's winner held on to its crown. The three films were Disney's Surrogates , which earned just $15 million; MGM's...

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Michael Moore Claims Cbs Canceled Him

28th September 2009

Michael Moore claimed on Sunday that CBS had canceled his appearance on The Early Show scheduled for this morning (Monday). In a posting on Twitter, Moore said "Backlash Begins CBS has cancelled [sic] me on...

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Movie Reviews Capitalism A Love Story

24th September 2009

With Capitalism A Love Story, Michael Moore is receiving --as usual -- props for his skill as a propagandist filmmaker and -- also as usual -- he is being criticized for failing to offer workable...

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Moore Wants Movie Screening For Madoff

23rd September 2009

Moviemaker MICHAEL MOORE is aiming to screen his new documentary CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY in a bizarre place - Wall Street fraudster BERNARD MADOFF's prison.The controversial documentary maker is launching his latest venture - a...

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Precious Becomes Oscar Contender After Toronto Win

21st September 2009

Lee Daniels' drama Precious, which had already been showered with awards at the Sundance Film Festival added the top People's Choice prize from the Toronto Film Festival to its collection on Saturday. The award immediately...

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Moore Sheds The Pounds

16th September 2009

Oscar winner MICHAEL MOORE has lost almost 70 pounds (30 kilograms) in weight.The acclaimed documentary maker claims old age inspired him to shed the pounds - and he's only half-way through an epic weightloss regime....

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Moore Says He May Stop Producing Documentaries

16th September 2009

Michael Moore has indicated that his latest theatrical documentary, Capitalism A Love Story , may be his last. Appearing at a news conference at the Toronto Film Festival, Moore seemed to acknowledge that he feels...

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Stossel Jumps From Abc To Fox Business News

11th September 2009

John Stossel, one of the few broadcast network newsmen who wear their off-center politics on their sleeves, is leaving ABC, where he has worked for nearly 30 years, and heading to the fledgling Fox Business...

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Moore Fears Capitalism Movie Will Be His Last

6th September 2009

Moviemaker MICHAEL MOORE fears his new documentary CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY will be his last - because the footage will grossly offend the financiers who back his projects.The director's latest venture is a scathing critique...

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Italian Drama Opens Venice Film Festival

2nd September 2009

The Venice Film Festival -- "il nonno" of all film festivals -- opens late today (Wednesday) with the screening of Giuseppe Tornatore's Baaria , the first Italian film to open the festival in 20 years....

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U.s. Films To Take Prominent Position At Venice

31st July 2009

U.S.-produced films, which got short shrift from the Berlin Film Festival in February Cannes Film Festival in May, have been given a prominent place at the Venice Film Festival, which is scheduled for Sept. 2-12....

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Moore Needs Wall Street Informants

10th July 2009

MICHAEL MOORE is urging Wall Street workers to divulge the dirty details of economic corruption for his upcoming documentary CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY.The controversial filmmaker, who won a best documentary Oscar for his 2002 film...

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Moore Pokes Fun At U.s. Fat Cat Bosses In New Film Trailer

15th June 2009

BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE poked fun at America's economic crisis at the weekend (13-14Jun09) by asking moviegoers to give generously to struggling big businessmen as part of a cinema collection skit.Moore appeared...

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Moore Tackles The Economy

24th May 2009

Oscar-winning documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE is working on his next expose - about the global economic meltdown. After attacking gun users in Bowling for Columbine, George W. Bush in Fahrenheit 9/11, and the U.S. healthcare system...

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Moore Faces Legal Battle With Award-winning Journalist

15th January 2009

Documentary filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE is under threat of legal action in a row over a controversial photograph. Moore used a picture of an American soldier carrying the bloodied body of an Iraqi girl wounded by...

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Moore To Release New Film Online For Free

5th September 2008

Moviemaker MICHAEL MOORE has decided to post his new political documentary online so fans can download it for free. Slacker Uprising, which chronicles Moore's attempts to fire up the youth of America to vote during...

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Moore Outraged By Madonna Critics

26th May 2008

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE is "outraged" by the widespread criticism MADONNA has received for adopting a baby from Africa. The Material Girl hitmaker produced and narrated documentary I am Because We Are after recently travelling to...

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Madonna To Headline Michael Moore Film Festival

24th May 2008

Documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE has landed a big boost for his Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan - MADONNA's coming home for it. The pop superstar's I am Because We Are documentary, about Aids orphans...

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Moore: 'I Shouldn't Make Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel'

17th May 2008

Controversial filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE confesses he shouldn't be allowed to make a sequel to his controversial documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 - because its plot is "toxic". The Oscar winner has signed a deal to begin work...

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Weinstein Slams Rumours Of Feud With Moore

16th May 2008

HARVEY WEINSTEIN has hit back at reports MICHAEL MOORE is releasing a FAHRENHEIT 9/11 sequel through another production company because of an ongoing feud with the filmmaker. Rumours of a rift between the pair surfaced...

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Moore Making Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel

15th May 2008

Michael Moore is at work on a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11, his hit documentary about the Iraq war, with plans to release it next spring when a new administration is installed in the White House....

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Moore Makes Fahrenheit 9/11 Follow-up

15th May 2008

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE is planning a second attack on U.S. President GEORGE W. BUSH in a sequel to his controversial documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11. The Oscar winner has signed a deal to begin work on the...

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Michael Moore Making Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel

14th May 2008

Michael Moore is taking on the Bush administration again with a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11, producers said at the Cannes Film Festival.Overture Films and Paramount Vantage are financing and producing the film, and are at...

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Moore Slams Clinton

22nd April 2008

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has launched a scathing attack on U.S. presidential hopeful HILLARY CLINTON - calling the politician a "bigot stoking the fires of stupidity". The Oscar-nominated director's latest movie Captain Mike Across America, follows...

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Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Did Not Defame War Veteran

28th March 2008

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has been cleared over allegations of defamation relating to TV interview footage he used in his documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 - without asking the respondent's permission. U.S. Army Sergeant Peter Damon, an Iraq...

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Oscar Goes To War

21st February 2008

Oscar voters on Sunday will have a chance to attend screenings of all five nominated films in the documentary category. Three are anti-war films. Michael Moore, who is among the nominees for his film Sicko...

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Moore: 'I Want Castro At The Oscars'

21st February 2008

SICKO director MICHAEL MOORE wants FIDEL CASTRO to be his special guest at the Oscars on Sunday (24Feb08) - insisting he would be a great "ratings grabber". Moore's Oscar nominated documentary on the health-care industry...

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No Country Receives Another Top Award

4th February 2008

The Coen Brothers' No Country for Old Men raised its Oscar odds over the weekend by winning the Producers Guild of America's best feature film award. Scott Rudin and Ethan and Joel Coen added the...

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No Country On Oscar March

3rd February 2008

No Country For Old Men has become the clear frontrunner for this year's Oscars after success at the 2008 Producers' Guild awards.The Coen brothers' crime epic - an adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's novel of the...

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