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Michael Jackson 'Bulimic' Claims

17th July 2009

Michael Jackson reportedly gorged on family-size buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken before making himself sick.The pop legend - who died of a suspected cardiac arrest last month - allegedly suffered from eating disorder bulimia for...

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Michael Jackson 'Insatiable' For Gay Sex

13th July 2009

Michael Jackson had an "insatiable" appetite for gay sex, it has been claimed.The late 'Beat It' singer's unofficial biographer Ian Halperin claims to have spoken to two of the star's male lovers, including an actor...

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Bodyguard: 'Jackson Had Secret Girlfriend'

2nd July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON had a secret long-term girlfriend he kept hidden from the world, according to the star's bodyguard.Matt Fiddes, the Thriller legend's former head of security, insists only close members of the Jackson family were...

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Quincy Jones: 'Jackson Didn't Want To Be Black'

1st July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's longtime producer pal QUINCY JONES will go to his grave failing to understand the King of Pop's need to be as white as possible.Jones, who worked with the late pop superstar on epic...

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Michael Jackson Recorded 'Secret' Album

30th June 2009

Michael Jackson had recorded a secret dance music album before his death. The 'Thriller' singer spent nearly a year working on demos for his comeback album with Black Eyed Peas frontman in Ireland before...

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Jackson Worked On New Music With Children

29th June 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON was working on new music with his three children shortly before his death - dubbing the new group THE JACKSON 4.The King Of Pop passed away on Thursday (25Jun09) following a cardiac arrest...

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Debbie Rowe: Jackson Not Father Of My Kids

29th June 2009

Debbie Rowe has claimed Michael Jackson wasn't the biological father of their two children.The former nurse - who was married to the 'Thriller' singer from 1996 to 1999 - has alleged Prince Michael, 12, and...

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Michael Jackson's Neverland Shrine

29th June 2009

Michael Jackson's former home could be turned into a shrine to the late star.The 'Thriller' singer - who died of a suspected cardiac arrest on Thursday (25.06.09) - reportedly told friends he wanted to be...

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Campbell Remembers Idol Jackson

27th June 2009

British supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has paid tribute to MICHAEL JACKSON, branding him the "first global superstar".Campbell starred in the video promo of the singer's 1991 track In The Closet, and struck up a firm friendship...

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50 Facts That Made Jackson A Legend

26th June 2009

Last August (08), to celebrate MICHAEL JACKSON's 50th birthday, WENN compiled a definitive list of fascinating facts about the Thriller legend - one to commemorate each year of the King Of Pop's prolific life. As...

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Jay-z Is Sinatra

21st May 2009

Jay-Z is like Frank Sinatra, says Kanye West.The 'Love Lockdown' star insists many of today's pop stars are "the champions" and show similar characteristic to classic musical icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and...

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Astaire Stunned By Jackson's Moonwalk

15th November 2007

Late dancing icon FRED ASTAIRE was so stunned by MICHAEL JACKSON's famous `moonwalk' at the Motown 25 concert in 1983 he called the pop superstar to congratulate him - and then stole one of his...

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Jackson Earned 'Smelly' Tag Because He Couldn't Curse

8th November 2007

Producer QUINCY JONES and STEVEN SPIELBERG nicknamed MICHAEL JACKSON 'Smelly' - because the pop superstar once used the word instead of swearing. Jackson admits he uses more curse words now, but while he was recording...

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Banksy Pokes Fun At Jackson

1st December 2006

Controversial British graffiti artist BANKSY has made fun of MICHAEL JACKSON in a new drawing which goes on exhibition in London today (01DEC06). Banksy's drawing is inspired by classic children's tale HANSEL AND GRETEL and...

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Jackson Disappoints At World Music Awards

16th November 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON returned to the stage at a starstudded World Music Awards in London last night (15NOV06), but only managed to sing a few lines of his hit WE ARE THE WORLD. Jackson was at...

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Jackson Snapped Wearing Women's Clothing

12th October 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON has been photographed wearing what appears to be women's clothing during a day out with a companion in St Tropez, France. The THRILLER singer is seen wearing figure-hugging jeans, stiletto shoes and a...

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Jackson Was Shocked To Discover Schaffel's Porn Past

11th July 2006

LATEST: Troubled pop star MICHAEL JACKSON had no idea his former associate MARC SCHAFFEL had previously directed gay porn videos when they first started doing business together, according to the THRILLER singer's former lawyer. Yesterday's...

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Wayans: 'Superstars Make Me Nervous'

7th July 2006

Actor DAMON WAYANS feels inadequate when he meets superstars like PRINCE and MICHAEL JACKSON because he worries his achievements pale in comparison to theirs. The BAMBOOZLED star felt especially nervous when he found himself standing...

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Priscilla: 'Elvis Would Have Approved Of Lockwood'

28th March 2006

PRISCILLA PRESLEY is convinced her former wildchild daughter LISA-MARIE's fourth marriage will last forever - because it's one her late husband, ELVIS, would have approved of. The socialite was thrilled when her daughter wed guitarist...

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Jackson Buys Bahrain Island Home

14th November 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON has invested $1.5 million (GBP830,000) in two villas and a plot of land in Bahrain's man-made Amwaj Islands. The THRILLER hitmaker has chosen a secluded quarter-acre site on the exclusive island which...

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Joe Jackson Launched Hip-hop Boot Camp

29th September 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's dad JOE is making a return to the music business, by starting up a hip-hop boot camp. Joe, who oversaw the early careers of his children - including JANET JACKSON - is...

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Movie Maker Keen To Make Michael Jackson Film After Gibson Snub

2nd August 2005

Movie maker BRYAN MICHAEL STOLLER is keen to make a movie based on pal MICHAEL JACKSON's idea after MEL GIBSON turned the project down. Stoller found Jackson's ideas about a movie adaptation of JENNINGS...

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Jackson Comforted By To Kill A Mockingbird Movie

2nd August 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON kept his spirits up during his recent child molestation trial by watching movie classic TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Jackson's movie making pal BRYAN MICHAEL STOLLER insisted the film would help to cheer...

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Jackson Aide Had Affair With Arvizo's Sister

16th May 2005

One of MICHAEL JACKSON's Neverland staff was romantically involved with alleged victim GAVIN ARVIZO's older sister, it has emerged. The THRILLER star's 20-year-old aide ANGEL VIVANCO - who is to appear as a defence...

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Priscilla Gives Lisa Marie's Romance Her Ok

30th March 2005

PRISCILLA PRESLEY has given her blessing to her daughter LISA MARIE's lovematch after years of worrying she'd end up with the wrong man. The actress and socialite is convinced her daughter has been making...

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Presley Faces Tough Questions About Jackson On Oprah

30th March 2005

OPRAH WINFREY had rocker LISA MARIE PRESLEY recoiling in shock on her daytime talk show yesterday (29MAR05) when she asked if she'd ever had sex with MICHAEL JACKSON. The talk show titan asked the...

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Lopez Happy To Clear Up Rumours At Jackson Trial

29th March 2005

Funnyman GEORGE LOPEZ was happy to testify at the MICHAEL JACKSON child molestation trial in Santa Maria, California, yesterday (28MAR05) because he wanted to clear his name. The Latino comedian was called to the...

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Jackson Doppelganger Charged With Sexual Harassment

7th March 2005

The actor who played MICHAEL JACKSON in controversial TV movie MAN IN THE MIRROR is being sued for sexual harassment. FLEX ALEXANDER is now set to face his own sex-related court case as Jackson...

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Jackson Dancer: 'I Was Sacked For Kissing The King Of Pop'

24th February 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's former backing singer and dancer TATIANA THUMBTZEN (corr) lost her job on tour with the King of Pop after she kissed him passionately onstage. Jackson was smitten with Thumbtzen when the two...

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Jackson Aids Roberts' Slimming Efforts

6th January 2005

OSCAR-winning actress JULIA ROBERTS is quickly shedding the weight she gained during her pregnancy - thanks to pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON. The ERIN BROCKOVICH star and her husband DANNY MODER welcomed their twins HAZEL...

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