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Tatum O'neal Contradicts Jackson's Seduction Story

12th October 2004

Hollywood star TATUM O'NEAL has rubbished MICHAEL JACKSON's claims she attempted to lure him to her house and seduce him - because she was just 12 years old. The PAPER MOON actress, 40, writes...

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Eminem Throws Up On Jackson And Sets Fire To Madonna's Bra

5th October 2004

EMINEM's hilarious new video features the rapper poking fun at MADONNA, MICHAEL JACKSON, PEE WEE HERMAN and MC HAMMER. The fun-loving rapper's new video JUST LOSE IT features PARIS HILTON, Eminem's 8 MILE co-star...

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Jackson Denied Child Molestation Under Hypnosis - Says Gellar

19th January 2004

Troubled superstar MICHAEL JACKSON repeatedly denied sexually molesting children during a hypnosis session with pal URI GELLAR three years ago. According to Gellar, the pair embarked on a the spontaneous hypnotism at a recording...

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Michael Jackson Branded A 'Creep' By Journalist

26th November 2003

MICHAEL JACKSON has been branded a "creep" by one of America's top TV journalists, who has decided against covering the troubled star's headline-grabbing child molestation scandal. BOB SCHIEFFER, the chief Washington correspondent for American...

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Michael Jackson's Teenage Trauma Sex Past

7th September 2003

A teenage incident with a prostitute may have scarred MICHAEL JACKSON for life sexually - according to his elder sister REBBIE. The alleged incident when Jackson, now 44, was just 15 and an unnamed...

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Halle Voted Hollywood's Most Accident-prone Celebrity

2nd September 2003

OSCAR-winning actress HALLE BERRY has been handed an unwanted award - Hollywood's most accident-prone celebrity. The MONSTER'S BALL beauty, 37, has incurred a vast array of injuries while making movies and going about her...

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Angry Jackson To Sue Scary Movie Makers

15th August 2003

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON is so upset about a joke made at his expense in upcoming movie SCARY MOVIE 3, he's reportedly suing the makers. DIMENSION FILMS, the studio responsible for the spoof flick,...

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Lisa-marie Talks About Sex And Marriage To Michael Jackson

26th May 2003

Singer LISA-MARIE PRESLEY has opened up about her sex life - admitting she likes steamy, raunchy romps. Speaking to America's PLAYBOY magazine, the 35-year-old daughter of ELVIS says she likes sex to be rough:...

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Jackson Discharged From Hospital

22nd May 2003

LATEST: Troubled superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has been discharged from hospital in his native Indiana, America - after being struck down by a mystery illness. The THRILLER hitmaker, who grew up in nearby Gary, was...

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