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Bob Hoskins, 72, Retires From 'Acting Lark' After Diagnosis

9th August 2012

Bob Hoskins , one of the best loved British actors of recent times, has announced his retirement after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The cockney-accented star, who often played the menacing hard man, said...

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Kristy Mcnichol Comes Out As Gay, Vows To Help Others

9th January 2012

The actress Kristy MCNichol has revealed that she is gay, in the hope that it may help to combat child bullying. MCNichol, who has been away from the public eye for almost 20 years, has...

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Michael J Fox Rolls Back The Years With 'Jonny B. Goode' Cover

14th November 2011

Michael J Fox rolled back the years at the annual A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Cure Parkinson's benefit show in New York as he took to the stage to recall the classic...

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Michael J Fox Jokes About Charlie Sheen On Letterman

9th September 2011

Michael J Fox appeared on The David Letterman Thursday night (08.09.2011) to talk about the new Nike MAG shoe, which are based on the shoe he wore in the iconic movie Back To The Future...

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Bowling For Soup Played Their Song Wrong

27th May 2011

Bowling for Soup played one of their songs wrong for years. The pop punk group have released 11 albums and frontman Jaret Reddick admitted remembering all the tracks they've written can sometimes cause problems, notably...

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Michael J Fox To Return To The Good Wife

10th February 2011

MICHAEL J FOX is set to reprise his role on the CBS hit legal drama series, 'The Good Wife'.MICHAEL J FOX, the American actor who was recently honoured with the 'Golden Camera' award for his...

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Michael J Fox Wins Golden Camera Lifetime Achievement Award

8th February 2011

MICHAEL J FOX has been honoured with the 'Golden Camera' award at a ceremony in Berlin.MICHAEL J FOX, the American actor and star of 'Back to the Future', has been awarded the 'Golden Camera' prize...

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Eric Stoltz Mcfly Wasn't Funny Enough For Back To The Future

13th October 2010

It has recently been revealed that the actor ERIC STOLTZ was originally cast to play 'Marty MCFly' in the 'Back to the Future' trilogy and filmed five weeks' worth of scenes before he was replaced...

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Lady Gaga's Granddad Dies

27th September 2010

Lady Gaga's grandfather has died.World War II veteran Joseph Germanotta died on Friday (24.09.10) at the age of 88, two days after she had visited him - in a black suit, diamond-studded choker and dominatrix...

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Vanilla Ice: The Tv Show

17th September 2010

Vanilla Ice is to star in his own reality TV show.The 'Ice Ice Baby' hitmaker - real name Robert Van Winkle - is to front 'The Vanilla Ice Project', which follows the 42-year-old rapper as...

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Michael J Fox To Guest Star In The Good Wife

20th August 2010

MICHAEL J FOX, the legendary Hollywood actor, has signed on to guest star in an episode of the drama series The Good Wife, CBS announced today. Fox - best known for his role in the...

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Nielsen Rolls Out Its Ratings Again

8th May 2009

Nielsen's ratings logjam, created by what it described as "server issues," was slowly being cleared away Thursday as the company finally released data for Monday and Tuesday's primetime programming. The company released Wednesday's and Thursday's...

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New Stars Announced For Christmas Movie

3rd December 2007

An all-star cast has been announced for Robert Zemeckis's A CHRISTMAS CAROL.According to, COLIN FIRTH, ROBIN WRIGHT PENN, and GARY OLDMAN are all expected to take roles in the 2009 film, although what parts...

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Fox Looks For A Parkinson's Cure In Israel

18th May 2007

Movie star MICHAEL J FOX is planning a secret trip to Israel in a last-ditch effort to find a cure for the Parkinson's Disease that has ravaged his body. The Back To The Future star's...

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Fox To Attend State Of The Union Address

17th January 2007

Hollywood star MICHAEL J FOX is taking his embryonic stem-cell research campaign straight to the top - he'll be attending US President GEORGE W BUSH's State of the Union address next week (begs22JAN07). The actor,...

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Spears And Hilton Named Worst Role Models

29th December 2006

BRITNEY SPEARS and PARIS HILTON have been voted the Worst Celebrity Role Models of 2006 in a joint poll between Associated Press and AOL. The pop star has come under fire this year (06) for...

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The Things They Say 3350

15th November 2006

"I don't rap - that's the kiss of death. I saw K-FED rapping on TV, and he's certainly no KANYE WEST." MICHAEL J FOX recently jammed on guitar with rocker SHERYL CROW at a charity...

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Fox Thanks Politicians For Stem Cell Support

11th November 2006

Actor-turned-advocate MICHAEL J FOX is thanking political candidates who supported stem cell research initiatives in the US midterm elections on Tuesday (07NOV06). The BACK TO THE FUTURE star campaigned for candidates who supported research and...

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Fox Stunned By Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis

4th November 2006

BACK TO THE FUTURE star MICHAEL J FOX was so staggered when he was first diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at 29, he didn't really understand what his doctor was talking about. The actor knew something...

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Fox Fears For The Future

4th November 2006

MICHAEL J FOX fears the worst if his Parkinson's Disease symptoms continue to take over his body. The actor has struggled with the degenerative disorder of the central nervous system for 15 years and admits...

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Fox Shows Full Effects Of Parkinson's Disease On Tv

3rd November 2006

Movie star MICHAEL J FOX showed the full extent of how his Parkinson's Disease medication affects his speech and movement on US TV last night (02NOV06) when he sat for an hour-long interview with talk...

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Caveziel Defends Stem Cell Views

2nd November 2006

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL has defended his opposition of MICHAEL J FOX's stem cell research pleas, insisting he wants the public to be better informed before voting on new measures. The...

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Couric Says Cbs Newscast Undergoing Adjustments

31st October 2006

Katie Couric is maintaining that neither she nor anyone else at CBS is disappointed with her current third-place ranking in the ratings. In an interview with today's (Tuesday) USA Today, Couric said, "Rome wasn't built...

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Fox: 'Parkinson's Disease Is A Gift'

31st October 2006

Actor MICHAEL J FOX is grateful for his Parkinson's Disease, calling it "a gift." The BACK TO THE FUTURE star has accepted his shaking will only get worse unless a cure is discovered, but he...

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The Things They Say 3230

31st October 2006

"I guess I'm not supposed to speak with you until my symptoms go away. Or maybe I'm just supposed to go away. But I'm not gonna go away." Actor MICHAEL J FOX pokes fun at...

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Actor Fox's Ads Hurting Gop, Says Study

27th October 2006

Michael J. Fox's political commercials supporting embryonic stem cell research may be harming Republicans according to a study conducted earlier this week and reported today (Friday) by, a unit of the conservative Media Research...

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Michael J Fox Attacks Limbaugh

27th October 2006

LATEST: MICHAEL J FOX went on the attack last night (26OCT06), attacking right-wing radio host RUSH LIMBAUGH's controversial comments that the actor used his Parkinson's Disease symptoms to make a political statement in a new...

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Politician Defends Fox Parkinson's Disease Shakes

27th October 2006

Missouri Democratic Senate candidate CLAIRE MCCASKILL has blasted Republican radio pundit RUSH LIMBAUGH for poking fun at MICHAEL J FOX's Parkinson's Disease shakes in her new campaign ad. The BACK TO THE FUTURE star agreed...

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Moby Slams Fox Parkinson Attack

27th October 2006

Dance star MOBY has launched a scathing attack on Republican RUSS LIMBAUGH after he poked fun at MICHAEL J FOX's Parkinson Disease symptoms - branding him and other right wing figures as "the most evil...

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Stars Battle One Another Over Embryonic Stem Cell Research

25th October 2006

Opponents of embryonic stem cell research have quickly enlisted the aid of James Caviezel, who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, and Patricia Heaton, who co-starred in Everybody Loves Raymond, to counter ads...

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