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Michael Caton Defends Controversial Carbon Campaign

30th May 2011

Australian actor Michael Caton has defended his decision to sign up to promote a controversial new environmental tax scheme in his native country, following widespread criticism of the initiative.The star has teamed up with Cate...

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Schneider Slams Caton

29th August 2007

American comedian ROB SCHNEIDER has launched a scathing attack on Australian actor MICHAEL CATON, branding him "bitter". In a letter to a Australian newspaper, Schneider rejected claims made by Caton that his 2004 movie Strange...

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Sandler Keen To Revive Gilligan

26th September 2005

ADAM SANDLER is hoping to bring beloved US TV show GILLIGAN'S ISLAND back into vogue as a new big screen project. The funnyman has roped BRIAN DENNEHY, ROB SCHNEIDER, Australian actor MICHAEL CATON and...

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'Crocodile Dundee' In New Gay Role

14th May 2003

CROCODILE DUNDEE star PAUL HOGAN is to abandon his tough-guy image to play a straight man who pretends to be gay - in new Australian comedy STRANGE BEDFELLOWS. Hogan and fellow Aussie MICHAEL CATON...

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