Michael Jackson's Lawyer Calls Wade Robson A "Money-Grubbing, Publicity-Seeking Liar"

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Wade Robson, the man who, four years after Michael Jackson’s death, came forward to accuse the pop star of molestation, has come under fire again. This time it is from MJ’s lawyer, who represented the star during his 2005 molestation case, Tom Mesereau. After Robson appeared on the Today show yesterday (May 16) accusing Michael Jackson of being a pedophile, who abused and brainwashed him, some people were obviously compelled by his story. Not Mesereau though, who was quick to call BS.

"This is a pathetic and an obvious grab for publicity and an attempt to put pressure on [Michael Jackson's] Estate to pay him money," he said for TMZ. Mesereau objected to Robson’s claim that it wasn’t about the money, saying: "Why call yourself a creditor if it's not about money." That’s a valid objection, to be sure. Not only that, but Robson’s claim might be discredited by the fact that back then, in 2005 he testified in the molestation case and was adamant that MJ hadn’t done anything to him. And the claims of suppressed memories might be a bit more plausible, if Robson hadn’t claimed 7 years of them – the incidents allegedly happened when he was between 7 and 14.

As for the money he claims he's not after, the attorney isn’t buying it: "Everyone knows this Estate is well over a billion dollars and growing." The case is yet to be settled, however with all the media coverage it has been getting, it’s safe to say that it’s been decided in the court of public opinion. And it isn't looking good for Robson.

Michael Jackson, O2 Arena Press Conference
Jacko's final years certainly were troubling, but Robson's accusations are a bit iffy too.


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YANNI54's picture


You can't be molested at Neverland at 7 years old, when you didn't comes to this country until you were 9 years old. You are a liar when you can get sworn in under oath on the witness stand, and knowingly sing the praises of YOUR ABUSER at the age of 22. I think Wade knows what sexual abuse is by that age. Perjury is a serious situation. So either he lied on the stand back then or he is lying now, but either way HE IS A LIAR!

1 year 7 months ago
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rockin robin's picture

rockin robin

Couldn't have said it better myself Tom.....this little punk has just ruined any chance he ever had of having any kind of a career.....going on the Today show was pretty stupid and the show was pretty stupid for letting him come on there and tell his lies...I won't ever watch that show again, needless to say. I hope Michael knew how much his fans loved him and believed in him....MISS YOU MJ!!!!!!!!!

1 year 7 months ago
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