Michael Fassbender - Michael Fassbender Wants To Go Into Space

Michael Fassbender wants to go into space.

The 'Shame' actor would ''definitely'' accept any opportunities to explore outside of Earth but it is not on his list of short-term ambitions.

He said: ''If I had a chance to go into space, I'd definitely take it, but it's never been a priority for me.''

Unlike Michael, his 'Prometheus' co-star Charlize Theron doesn't think she has what it takes to cope in space because her fear of the unknown meant she was even left terrified at a screening of their movie.

In a joint interview with W magazine, she said: ''If space is not the world of Ridley Scott, I'd go. When I watched 'Prometheus' at a screening, I got so scared, I elbowed the metal chair next to me. I still have a little scar from it. That says a lot about how pathetic I am. I don't think I'm made of the right stuff for space.''

One thing the actress isn't scared of is baring all, and she admits she has no problem with sex scenes because she is comfortable with her body.

Asked if death scenes are harder than sex scenes, she said: ''It depends on who you're doing the sex scene with. I don't have issues being naked. That sounds very s***ty.

''What I mean is, I'm not hung up on my body, and I've been lucky to work with people I've been really comfortable with. I've had maybe two occasions where [it's been uncomfortable].''

Meanwhile, Michael is more comfortable acting out his death, but he thinks that is because it is something he is used to filming.

He said: ''Sex scenes sound like more fun than they are. Death scenes are easier, really. Maybe because I've died so many times. I've had a lot of practice. In my movies, I'm often naked or dying.

''I try to die in most films I do. In '300' I was killed by arrows. In 'Inglourious Basterds' I got my testicles blown off through my ass. It was a great death.''


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