'The Walking Dead' fans were left shocked during the show's season 7 premiere when new Big Bad, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) took the life of not only Glenn (Steven Yeun), but Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) in hugely violent and emotional scenes.

Michael Cudlitz starred as Abraham in 'The Walking Dead'Michael Cudlitz starred as Abraham in 'The Walking Dead'

In the past, viewers had seen Abraham trying to transport Eugene (Josh McDermitt) across the country after the character claimed he had the knowledge to come up with a cure to the zombies now plaguing the planet. When it came out that Eugene was lying simply for protection however, Abraham let his temper get the better of him and landed a punch square on Eugene's face.

Still, the two stayed together with the rest of the group and had continued to work together to survive in a world where the odds were stacked against them. Now without Abraham by his side however, Eugene has gone elsewhere for protection. Now with Negan's camp and working alongside the Saviors, he seems to have completely switched sides.

Asked how he thinks Abraham would have responded to Eugene's betrayal, Cudlitz said at Walker Stalker Con over the weekend: "I think he's being very, very true to character."

"This is exactly the guy I punched in the face at the fire truck," Cudlitz adds. "He's staying alive. Especially if somebody he's looking for me in protection, and he sees the person that he felt could protect him from anything gets killed, what the hell kind of chance does he think he stands in his own head? He's gonna say no? He's gonna defy them [The Saviors]? He's gonna somehow beat Negan? He may ultimately poison their entire food supply and kill them all but not today! He's staying alive!"

Whether or not Eugene has a plan for the greater good in mind remains to be seen, but with his cowardly track record, we wouldn't be surprised if he was simply taking the option that looked better for his own good, screwing everybody else in the process.

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'The Walking Dead' is expected to return for its eighth season premiere this October on AMC in the US and FOX in the UK.