Aliens star Michael Biehn was so furious about failing to land a part in the 1992 sequel that he booed the film's trailer at cinemas.
The Terminator actor played Corporal Dwayne Hicks in James Cameron's classic 1986 science fiction film, which was a follow-up to Sir Ridley Scott's first installment, 1979's Alien.
He was expected to reprise his role in David Fincher's 1992 sequel Alien 3, but his character was eventually written out.
The seething star wasn't happy with the decision, and couldn't bring himself to watch promos of the movie while he was at the cinema.
He tells Total Film, "I quit watching Aliens after two. They cut me out of the Aliens sequel so I was like 'F**k you' to them, I'm not going to watch them again. I booed the Aliens sequels... Alien 3 - when the previews came on in the movie theatres I was booing that. People think that 'It's the Alien sequel so it'll just be great' but they forget it was Ridley Scott and James Cameron, y'know?
"You just don't follow those guys. You really don't. You've really got to be good to follow those those guys... And Fincher ended up being a great filmmaker but his Aliens was not, I don't think, as good as the rest of them."
Biehn also gave up watching Cameron's The Terminator franchise after starring in the first movie and landing a small role in the second film, which was removed from the theatrical version but restored in the director's cut.
He adds, "I don't know why I never got round to watching Terminator three or four... I actually saw a little bit of four in my hotel room once. I actually watched about 30 minutes of it and I just turned it off because I didn't know what was going on, bombs were blowing up all over the place, there was no dialogue, everybody was shooting everybody... I was like, 'Ah man, this is not for me'."