Cynic rockers Paul Masvidal and bandmate Sean Reinert have revealed they are gay.

While both have been openly gay within their circle of friends and families for years, they are just now opening up about their personal lives in a new interview with the Los Angeles Times.

Masvidal reveals he came out in 1991, but it took his grade school pal Reinert longer, citing that he was hesitant to be open about his sexuality since he "didn't have any masculine, metal role models who were gay".

And the musicians hope that by speaking out, they won't be stigmatised by the metal rock community.

Masvidal explains, "It's one thing to make out with your bandmates and just 'play gay' because it's edgy. It's another thing to actually live it.

"There's definitely going to be a reaction, but it's important that we be truthful."

Reinert adds, "Gay people are everywhere, doing every job, playing every kind of music and we always have been. It's taken me years to finally be brave enough to say, 'If you have a problem with that, then throw out our records. That's your problem, not mine.'"