MESSY MYA, the 22-year-old comedian and Internet sensation, was shot dead on Sunday (14th November 2010) shortly after attending the baby shower of his girlfriend, reports the Jack Times. At the present time, the motive of the murder is not yet known.
Mya was shot at around 8pm and lay dying in the street in New Orleans surrounded by a huge crowd. It has been reported that one onlooker took photos of Mya and circulated the images on the social networking site, Twitter. The photos have since been 're-tweeted' numerous times, and the YouTube star has now become one of the most mentioned names on the site. 22-year-old Mya, who'd gained a large fan-base after uploading his humorous videos onto the Internet, left a message on his own Twitter page early on Sunday that simply read, 'Finally the baby-shower today'.
Since the comedian's death, social networking sites have been awash with tributes to the youngster, and many have voiced their concerns over the photos of his body, with calls to remove the images.