Margaret Thatcher - Meryl Streep Slammed For Forgetting Margaret Thatcher In Acceptance Speech

One of Margaret Thatcher's former aides has criticised Meryl Streep for failing to mention the ex-British Prime Minister in her Oscars acceptance speech.
The Hollywood icon walked away with her third Academy Award after winning the Best Actress prize at Sunday's (26Feb12) ceremony for her portrayal of the U.K.'s first female leader in The Iron Lady.
Streep thanked her husband, Don, and her Hollywood pals, but did not remember Thatcher in her emotional speech, and Lord Norman Tebbit, who served with Thatcher in government for six years, has been left fuming by the exclusion.
He tells Britain's The Sun, "I'm not at all surprised she didn't mention her.
"The film was about Meryl Streep, not Lady Thatcher. If Margaret Thatcher had been like the woman portrayed by Meryl Streep, she wouldn't have lasted six months as Prime Minister."
Meanwhile, Thatcher's former press spokesperson Sir Bernard Ingham also slammed the movie for focusing on her deteriorating health and battle with dementia.
He adds, "I don't propose to see somebody making money out of somebody's age. I think it demonstrates poor taste."


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Forget Margaret Thatcher and the damage she did to the British workers with her Stalin tactics. If only we could! Maggie's boot boys directed by the 'iron lady' smashed our coal industry to death. Its a pity the old girl cant remember the damage and pain she caused. It should keep her awake in terror, if there was a god he would punish her for the crimes she did. A once proud nation with world re known industry and commerce, smashed into subservience through a P.M.T. driven old witch. Curse her old bones!
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