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Suvari's Image Used To Sell Chinese Condoms

11th March 2009

AMERICAN BEAUTY actress MENA SUVARI has become the latest unwitting star of a Chinese advertisement - in which she appears to promote condoms. Suvari is pictured wearing a backless dress and posing seductively on the contraceptive...

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Suvari + Rea Re-enact Hit + Run Windshield Death Drama

28th May 2008

MENA SUVARI and STEPHEN REA are retelling the gruesome real-life story of a woman who left a homeless man stuck in the windshield of her car after a hit and run accident in a new...

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Suvari 'Does A Britney'

4th August 2007

Actress MENA SUVARI has followed in the footsteps of troubled star BRITNEY SPEARS - she's shaved off her long blonde locks. The American Beauty star unveiled her new look while dining with friends at a...

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Dunst Explains Spacey Snub

11th October 2006

KIRSTEN DUNST insists the thought of kissing KEVIN SPACEY put her off a part in Oscar winning movie AMERICAN BEAUTY. The actress was originally tipped to play Spacey's teenage lust interest in the 1999 film,...

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Suvari Sees Ex On Red Carpet

14th April 2006

Hollywood beauty MENA SUVARI had an awkward time at the US premiere of her latest movie STANDING STILL on Monday (10APR06) - her estranged husband ROBERT BRINKMANN was also on the red carpet. The AMERICAN...

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Suvari Finds Long Distance Love Challenging

16th February 2006

Actress MENA SUVARI is already finding her new relationship with MIKE 'MURDA' CARRASCO challenging, because the two live in different cities. The AMERICAN BEAUTY star is based in Los Angeles, while her new beau...

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Suvari Finds Love

10th February 2006

Actress MENA SUVARI has found love with a breakdancer, following her split from cinematographer husband ROBERT BRINKMANN in May (05). The AMERICAN BEAUTY star, 26, and MIKE 'MURDA' CARRASCO, 23, have been dating for...

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Mena Can't Wait To Be 27

15th December 2005

Actress MENA SUVARI can't wait to turn 27 in February (06) because she's convinced her 26th year is cursed. The AMERICAN BEAUTY star has nothing but "bad memories" about 2005 after splitting from husband...

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Klein: 'I Hate Fat Girlfriends'

22nd November 2005

AMERICAN PIE star CHRIS KLEIN has hinted at why KATIE HOLMES ended their engagement at the beginning of the year (05) and found love with TOM CRUISE - he has a mean streak. The...

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Katie Hides Her Bump At Fashion Show

21st October 2005

Pregnant KATIE HOLMES dressed all in black in a bid to cover up her growing bump when she joined new pal VICTORIA BECKHAM at a Los Angeles fashion show on Wednesday (19OCT05). The pair...

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Suvari's Innocent Looks Haven't Done Her Any Favours

12th October 2005

American actress MENA SUVARI is angered by people who assume she lacks depth because of her innocent and delicate appearance. The petite blonde has spent years proving she is a talented and intelligent character...

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Suvari's Ex Fumes At Publicists' Behaviour

20th September 2005

MENA SUVARI's estranged husband ROBERT BRINKMANN has blasted the actress' publicists for being insensitive to him in the weeks following the couple's shock split. The AMERICAN BEAUTY star, 26, ended her five year marriage...

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Love Lusts After Weinstein's Girl

30th August 2005

British director NICK LOVE has rubbished suspicions he was forced to hire Hollywood boss HARVEY WEINSTEIN's girlfriend GEORGINA CHAPMAN - he insists he cast her for her sex appeal because he had no idea about...

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Suvari Offers Help To Smoking Teens Trying To Quit

23rd August 2005

Former smoker MENA SUVARI is now so anti-tobacco she has agreed to front a new campaigned aimed at urging young women to quit. The AMERICAN BEAUTY star has signed up as a spokeswoman for...

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Mena Gets Serious With New Man

8th July 2005

AMERICAN BEAUTY star MENA SUVARI's whirlwind romance with Hollywood fitness trainer JAY BULLOCH has become serious - she has jetted off to Australia to meet his parents. The actress, who filed for divorce from...

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Suvari Meets The Parents

23rd June 2005

Actress MENA SUVARI has jetted to Australia to meet the parents of her new love JAY BULLOCH. The 26-year-old AMERICAN BEAUTY star reportedly dumped her cinematographer husband ROBERT BRINKMANN after becoming smitten with the...

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Suvari Has A Fit New Guy

12th June 2005

LATEST: AMERICAN BEAUTY star MENA SUVARI has found love again, less than a month after filing for divorce from cinematographer ROBERT BRINKMANN. The actress was spotted "making out" with Hollywood fitness trainer JAY BULLOCH...

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Silverstone Struggles With Beauty Shop Training

10th April 2005

ALICIA SILVERSTONE struggled to prepare for her latest role in BEAUTY SHOP because she lacks the necessary flair to work in a real-life salon. The 28-year-old blonde star trained alongside actresses QUEEN LATIFAH and...

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Suvari's 'Anal' Diet

29th March 2005

AMERICAN PIE star MENA SUVARI believes she's an annoying addition to many film sets - because she's extremely fussy about her food. The 26-year-old actress, married to cinematographer ROBERT BRINKMAN, embarked on her fussy...

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Keira Chops Off Her Hair For Domino Effect

19th October 2004

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has chopped off her shoulder-length hair to play a real-life bounty hunter. The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star has just started filming DOMINO, which follows the...

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Aniston's Movie Back On Track

5th October 2004

The cast and crew on JENNIFER ANISTON's upcoming movie are finally in a pleasant working environment, after a string of controversies affecting production. The movie began production in July (04) with OCEAN'S ELEVEN writer...

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Suvari: I Wish I Looked Older

27th August 2004

Hollywood beauty MENA SUVARI resents looking so young and is willing to resort to desperate measures to make herself look older. The 25-year-old star detests her teenage image in movies like AMERICAN PIE and...

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Mena Suvari Snubs High School Films

26th August 2004

Hollywood actress MENA SUVARI is refusing to star in anymore immature "high school" movies. The sexy 25-year-old actress - who has previously starred in teenage comedies like AMERICAN PIE, LOSER and SUGAR AND SPICE...

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Costner Behind Director Firing

18th August 2004

Director TED GRIFFIN was fired from his new movie by WARNER BROS after clashing with star KEVIN COSTNER, according to insiders. The OSCAR-winning star, who is shooting a 'sort-of-sequel' to the 1969 movie...

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Aniston's Graduate Update Gets A New Director

11th August 2004

Former FRIENDS star JENNIFER ANISTON is returning to the studio once again for her update of THE GRADUATE, after a new director was found for the project. Veteran movie maker ROB REINER is stepping...

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Suvari's Spider Swallowing Double

10th August 2004

Hollywood beauty MENA SUVARI used a mouth double for her new movie TRAUMA, because she refused to swallow a poisonous spider. The actress, 25, allowed co-star COLIN FIRTH to drop the arachnid on her...

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Suvari: Fame Is 'Who Knows Who'

10th August 2004

AMERICAN BEAUTY star MENA SUVARI found her initial burst of fame difficult to deal with, because she detested competing to be "somebody else". The 25-year-old actress was surprised at how much pressure she encountered...

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Mena Suvari: 'I Look 15'

3rd August 2004

Actress MENA SUVARI is resigned to the fact she looks like a teenager, and instead tries to make the most of her youthful looks. Suvari, who shot to fame playing the schoolgirl object of...

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Stone Shocked By 'Rabbit' Chat-up Line

23rd July 2004

SHARON STONE had a taste of her own medicine last night (22JUL04) when she appeared on chat show THE GRAHAM NORTON EFFECT and was shocked to the core by saucy fans' chat-up lines. The...

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Mena's Movie Breast Enhancement

22nd July 2004

AMERICAN BEAUTY star MENA SUVARI got a taste of being big breasted on the set of new movie comedy BEAUTY SHOP - she had to wear fake 36DD boobs throughout the shoot. The petite...

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